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    Drax's Picture Contest

    Nothing worst then being killed in the air
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    Staff Feedback for Drax

    New Staff Feedback: Drax has been such a pleasure to work with, he was able to asses and help rectify the problem quickly and efficiently. Another great staff member here on DreamScape, and the type of people that keep me coming back. Keep up the good work guys, you are doing an amazing job! Kake166
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    Holiday Vacations

    Dreamers! I'm both excited and sorry to anounce that I will be much less active from today to the 4th of January. I will be going on vacations with my family! 'Tis the season. I will still be very active on forums and discord, so you will still hear from me. I will miss all of you very much! Have a very very merry christmas and a very happy and exciting new years, @Papers
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    Holiday Vacations

    It is the busy time mate! Fully understandable! I will miss you in game & hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas time with your family & a happy new year! much love!
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    I never tied a bust
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