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    Welcome In this event i will be giving away an item i bought 2 weeks ago. This was a bought item from the donation shop. Worth $200, it is the Attacker level 1 icon. It's an amazing item for fashion etc. I hope to give it to someone, that will cherish it as i do. There can only be 1 winner in this event! I hope you all enter and best of luck to you. However, since there will only be one winner, i do not want to be asked if ill give free stuff because you did not win. This is an event where everyone has equal chances to win, i do not select the name myself a bot does. So please refrain from pming me to receive free items. With all that said please read below on how to enter, Please follow the rules, i do not want to have to close this event because players will not follow the rules. However will if needed. Below you will see the rules on how to enter this event, everyone please follow the rules or you will be disqualified. No acceptions. To enter first go to my channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag Second, all you have to do is LIKE the most recent video, and SUBSCRIBE. Lastly, the final step is to comment your in-game name in the comments on this thread. (you can comment on the video if you would like, but the comment on the video doesn't count as entering) Once you have all these steps done you are set, and have entered the event! THE WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN ONCE I HIT 450 SUBSCRIBERS!
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    Hc Jessie

    Attacker Lvl 1 Winner!!!

    Welcome everyone to the event winner announcement! I want to begin by saying thank you to everyone that has subbed and that again thank you, to the people and amazing players that always support me. I want to conclude this by saying i hope you stay subbed cause there's, way more to come! once i hit 500 subs there will be another event! Furthermore every name was counted and trust me it was a long list! Every name was added and have equal chances! I took screen shot proof of who won the event. SO WITH OUT ANY MORE ANTICIPATION PLEASE LOOK BELOW CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND! You have won the $200 donation of a Lvl 1 Attacker!! @Zaro Be sure to pm me in-game to receive this item!!
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    Attacker Lvl 1 Winner!!!

    Ayy congratz @Zaro on winning :D
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    Le Deathwish

    Attacker Lvl 1 Winner!!!

    Gz Zaro
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    Siktir's application for Plantation.

    I myself would say yes to this application, You showed me your reasonings on what your goals are and I do believe that we could help you in other ways. Example: Farming strategies and ways to improve your money making better. Thank you for your application. Welcome to The Plantation. //ACCEPTED
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    Best monsters.

    The best NPC(s) to kill for new players, I'd suggest going to ::starterboss as you can get a royal sicle drop or a brutal whip. Also you can try to kill the not so hard bosses such as barrelchest, on the boss teleport. Alternatively you can try to kill the harder bosses such as: shadow king, bork boss, sea troll queen. Good luck @Kai Parker, if you need any help feel free to message me or any member of staff.
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