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    hc nine

    Dreamscape Meme Event

    just wanted to post this ๐Ÿ˜› not entering event either
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    Hc Nut

    Filtered game chat

    Currently, the game chat, excluding everything that comes from Public, Private, Clan, etc is too spammy. This is especially bad with the new Immortal Stone event where everytime someone gets a drop it tells me. This is particularly annoying if i'm trying to keep up with a thread of conversation and I loose focus for a few seconds and have to scroll back up to see what people said. I think that either a filtered game chat option would be beneficial, or just removing unwanted spam in general would be great. The things that immedialty come to mind are as follows: Immortal Stone drops "Rare drops" like brutal whips and stuff like that that aren't worth anything, while they may still be rare - I think this also misleads new players who think they've gotten something good when infact it's junk. Welcome messages (?) I know people like to be welcomed by no one ever says anything as far as I know. Maybe it could be useful for helpers to be notified but other than that... Lvl 99 announcments? I know that people like that as well, bc usually it's an achievement but stats don't mean anything here but I see the usefulness for newer players. I'd love other people's thoughts on this. I think that an option for a filtered and unfiltered chat would be best because then we could choose, who knows, maybe folks like seeing the immortal stone messages. Cheers for reading.
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    Welcome top the Christmas themed Meme Event! This event will be one where you create a Meme centered around Christmas! This can include a wide range of things related to anything around Christmas or the feeling of them. Rules for entering and competing in the event: 1. All entries must not break any of the Dreamscape Rules 2. No memes aimed at any one specific individual/staff member. 3. All memes must be appropriate. Ex: Death memes not allowed. 4. Can not take content from other peoples posts, try to be original as possible. Failing to follow these very simple rules will get you eliminated from the event without warning. To enter the event: 1. Comment your in game name. 2. Post your image directly onto the forums, do not post a link to the image. 3. Wish everyone Happy Holidays. Prizes to be won First Prize: M4A4 Asiimov Second Prize: Oblivion Scythe Third Prize: Minigun Static prize for entering: Event Box (everyone who enters win this regardless) The winners for the event will be announced on the 15th of December! Good luck everyone who decides to enter, and remember creativity and be the best memer you can!
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    Today we celebrate Dreamscape's 100th Update with an expansive update addressing every element that makes Dreamscape the number one RSPS! From new bosses, a new skill, a new prayer book, custom content, huge IRL rewards, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and the usual executive handful of custom items... this update has it all! Today we introduce an RSPS first! A fully custom prayerbook with some of the juiciest new prayers open to different levels of donators! These prayers which we have dubbed blessings (thereby the opposite of curses) give you massive op bonuses that can be beneficial to you in different circumstances! We are super excited about our own custom prayer book and will be adding to the custom prayers as time goes by! New blessings: Normal Donator + Justice - 15% Attack boost, 15% Strength Boost, 5% Defence Legendary - Increase Range by 15% and defence by 5% Supreme - 15% Magic Boost and 5% defence bonus Super Donator + Justice - 20% Defence while in raids Extreme Donator+ Exile - 10% boosted damage while in raids Sponsor+ Affluence - Soulsplit effect (healing) and 5% drop rate Prosperity- Soulsplit effect (healing) and 5% double drop rate Fury - 1 in 50 chance of doing 2x max hit Executive Ancestral Recall- Soulsplit effect (healing) and 5% luck bonus Celestial blessing - Soulsplit effect and 5% drop rate + 5% double drop rate Cyclone - 1 in 10 chance of doing 2x max hit God Mode - 25% boosted damage while in raids https://i.gyazo.com/9a15c4dfc62e1ba99fd63a1c308725b7.pngWe listened to you! Today we introduce another Dreamscape 1st Our first custom skill! What could be a better first custom skill on Dreamscape then Gambling! Love it or hate it, Gambling has defined Dreamscape and we are known in the rsps community as one of the top gambling servers. What better way to celebrate this by giving you extra rewards and juicy content for all your gambling needs! You will notice upon logging in that the gambling skill has been added to the skills tab It is important to note that this skill cannot be leveled by lamping (and we intend to keep it that way! The only way to advance your gambling skill is by actively participating with the community and gambling! You don't have to be rich to enjoy the gambling skill - in fact you get the same exp on huge pots as you do on small bets! The most important thing is that you grind the dicezone! You can train Gambling skill in many ways and the exp rates vary from each gambling method: Dice Duel Win - 10,000 Exp Loss - 5,000 Exp Plant a Flower 100 Exp Roulette Win on black on red - 5,000 Loss on black or red - 1,000 Win on Green - 10,000 Loss on green - 7,500 exp Coinflip Win - 10,000 exp Loss - 5,000 exp 55x2 bot (kingvargas) Win - 1,000 exp Loss - 500 exp It is important to note that unlike in other skills where you become more successful as you level - your rate of wins to losses will not increase as you train gambling - this is all RNG (random number generator) based. However you will get a bunch of super juicy rewards as you level up! These can be obtained from the 'flower girls' at dicezone! include the new Gambling Skillcape with a fully custom skill cape emote!! To celebrate the introduction of the gambling skill we are also bringing in the gamble leaderboard! A new way of celebrating the big boi bets of Dreamscape! These bets will be added by Trusted hosts, Legacy Hosts and the gambling manager and will list Dreamscapes biggest pots! For FP's the pots will be added by the middleman! ForDiceduels and Coinflips - please submit a gif or video of the bet from beginning to the end to the Gambling manager The time has come for us to do some spring cleaning on our gfx and graphical looks of Dreamscape! We started with the ::wiki which got a full graphical rework and new theme and now we have decided to update the login screen bringing in new levels of functionality and getting rid of the old clunky gfx! The login screen now allows you to rembember up to 2 of your accounts login details and instantly login as well as giving access to a bunch of quick links and navigations. You will also notice we have added a register button that allows players who download the client for the first time a more step by step way of creating an account rather then being confused about where to register. We listened to you! Today we bring the Snakey venomous Zulrah to Dreamscape! This fearsome boss has multiple combat styles and combat dynamics and requires skill, tactics and OP gear to take down! We have taken time to ensure this boss is well balanced for our custom gear and presents a challenge even for the most skilled players! Zulrah can be accessed in the boss teleports! Zulrah features some epic new custom caskets for those who are brave enough to defeat her! New Zulrah Pet 10% drop rate and 10% double drop rate Trident of the Seas Please note: Zulrah is not safe - If you die at zulrah you will have to pay to regain your gear! You can do this by talking to death in the bank at home! Reclaiming your items will cost 250t so be extra careful when taking on the behemoth Zulrah! We listened to you! Today we introduce Cerberus to Dreamscape! This fearsome spawn of hellhounds packs a tri-brid punch and has been balanced for Dreamscapes OP Custom weapons! You can access cerberus in the boss teleports if you dare! Cerberus drops dreamscapes best in slot boots for their respective styles Beserker Boots - Melee Seers Boots - Magic Archer Boots - Range We listened to you! We are also introducing the Abyssal Sire a more complex boss with multiple different combat stages! First, you will have to take out his respiratory system. Then you must avoid his spawns and deadly Miasma Pools Fnally you must avoid his Overpowered AOE attacks! Should you successfully take out the Sire you will be rewarded greatly! You can access the Abyssal Sire in the boss teleports We have added in a new system to Dreamscape for giving you boosts and bonuses! Introducing Dreamscapes ELO System! This system rewards players for regular play and gives you a chance to wreak havok as your bonus increases. The ELO system increases every consecutive day that you play with a basic requirement of 100 npcs killed. After killing your 100 npcs you will be given a ELO adjuster. Your ELO increases by 1 point each day and as your ELO increases and this translates to 1% stat boost on your gear. In other words after you secure 100 ELO your gear will be twice as powerful! This crazy boosting system must be maintained daily! Be careful not to fall behind or your ELO will reset to 0. You can check your current ELO with the command ::ELO which will show your progress. As well in the equipment tab which now shows your stats adjusted by your ELO Multiplier As people earn ELO we will be adding in additional benefits in 4 teirs Bronze - 25 ELO Silver - 50 ELO Gold - 75 ELO Platinum - 100 ELO More tiers to be added (ELO potential is infinite - Beyond 100%) So Start earning your ELO today to get a headstart! You can also track other players ELO by using the ELO leaderboard at:: home! We have added the security stronghold to Dreamscape! Featuring a bunch of new npc's to help you train combat! As well as drawing attention to our security measures (2step is required to gain rewards!) New reward! Rainbow Dream Wing Boots! At the centre of our humble training area, a rift has opened up. The long told legend of Am'orth has begun to make its way onto Dreamscape. Am'orth is alternate world in which dark is light and dreams are nightmares. The land is run by the Tyranical Xeboz who has plagued his people for many years and runs his world under the might of his private army... the Guardians of Am'orth. In the first stage of a massive expansion, quest storyline and huge new content, you can now take on the fiendish guardians of Am'orth and claim their armour. These bosses can be located in the Boss teleports and due to the magical scism that caused the rift between Dreamscape and Am'orth no magic can be used in the area. You must fight the Guardians with range or melee and bring them down to carmour.laimtheir This armour set is one of the most OP armour sets on Dreamscape and brings a whole new level of OP to melee, the underdeveloped hypotenuse of our combat triangle. Please note: Guardian's cannot be 1hit with customs, ownercapes or 1 hit items, except in the private Guardians area accessed through the executive panel (see below) This is just the beginning of content set in the alternate land of Am'orth and we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on... be afraid... be very afraid. Introducing the brand new exclusive RAIDS KEY! Based on a user suggestion this reward will drop from all 5 of our standard raids ๐Ÿ™‚:joinraid1-5) This key is a random drop and can be redeemed at the ::soulroom for loot. It gives an easy drop rate of any of the rewards from the 5 raids. It will not necessarily give you the same drop from the raid it was obtained e.g. you could get an avery ring from a key obtained at Voldemort for example. To celebrate update 100 we have brought back the immortal stones! For those who don't know the immprtals stones rewards were added to celebrate Dreamscape's 2nd year! In the event, players had a chance to win a prize of a thousand dollars USD. YES !!! 1000 $ USD After a year and half of grinding and PVM kings It was won and paid out to Hc Zoot Today we bring it back!! That's right folks! Everyone's scavenger hunt is back and the stakes are higher then ever! Will you be the next person to walk away with 1000 USD CASH?! How to Play: You will have to obtain 1000 Immortal Stone Fragments. After obtaining these, you will have to try to convert it into the Immortal stone. You can do this by interacting with the Immortal stone altar at ::home! Once clicked on this altar, it will give you an option to attempt the merge. Be notified, this merging progress will have a chance to fail, or to succeed. the First player to obtain the Immortal stone, will win the 1000$! However, if the attempt fail..you'll still receive the Immortal Scimitar! Let the hunt Begin! We listened to you! The combat triangle has been a tricky thing to balance on Dreamscape. We reccently buffed magic and range and felt that melee lacked a little on the combat triangle so we have revamped a number of elements to increase melee's damage at end game levels (to match that of the new end game range and mage gear). Firstly we introduced three new OP melee sets Centurion torva - through donation or centurion box Am'orth set - Dropped by guardians of am'orth Lava/Pink/Lime Sets - only 1 can donate A new best in slot melee weapon The Sword of the Protectorate - See more info below We have also made some melee weapons AOE making them great alternatives to magic in end game combat or the arcade. Longclaw, Sword of the Protectorate and the Ultimate Dream Katana now attack with AOE in multi combat areas and combined with our new melee sets pack a huge Overpowered punch to rival that of range and mage gear! We have added 2 new channels to our discord! Grand-lottery channel allows you to check on the grandlottery even when offline Box-rewards - shows a log of all ultra rare, rare, dream and ultimate rewards from all boxes! To make things easier for our Executives Members we have released the ::executivepanel This will allow them to access there benefits more easily as well as adding in a few more cheeky boosts and benefits for the Executive Crew! To access this panel simply type ::Executivepanel Here you will be able to teleport to the Executive Zone, View the Pos, View your shop, morph into helicopter, Bugatti Veyron, Backflip, World Boss Info, Executive Skilling, Executive Raids. We have also added 3 additional benefits for executive members - Guardians teleports you to a private Guardians of Am'orth area where you can use your executive cape to 1 hit the Guardians (normal area cannot be 1 hit) - Refill prayer will allow you to stock up on prayer points (especially beneficial with our new custom prayer book) - The brand new Instant Boost! This can be redeemed once every 24 hours and gives you a 10 minute bonus! You can pick from the following options: This will give you 10% additional bonuses for 10 minutes. Furthermore, we have made the executive zones instanced! This means that there will be no more fighting for bosses and each executive gets their own private pvm zone! After the success of the Limited edition Halloween box we have decided to go 1 up and have released the Centurion Box! This box is limited to 100 users only! Once all 100 boxes have been sold they will not be replenished. This box will give you a whopping 4 rewards for every open! Upon Opening the Centurion box you will receive! You will receive: 50t-1Q cash! A Grandlottery book! This gives you 50 Grandlottery points! (this stacks on the points you get for donating for it (100 points total) A dream luck potion (4 hours or 12 hours or 24 hours) This potion boosts your luck by 5% for the allotted time And a VIP GIFT - Our most juiciest loot we have ever added: Full List of VIP GIFTS from centurion box: Golden Minigun Frostbite Staff 100 Code Keys Seers' Boots Archers' Boots' Beserker Boots' Beserker Gloves Anguish Gloves Mystic Gloves Extreme Donator Ticket Oblivion Scythe Centurion Torva Helm Centurion Torva Body Centurion Torva Legs Ultimate Dream Katana Eternal Khione Staff M4A4 Asiimov Centurion Torva is a limited edition torva! It can be obtained in 2 different ways! Either as a direct donation (limited to 10 sets only) Or pieces can be won from the Centurion Box! This set is EXTREMELY OP and marks the limit of the new Melee revamp (see below) Includes 10% drop rate and 10% luck! We have added in a new daily reward for sponsors! This can be claimed at:: ownercape by talking to the NPC You can claim this reward every 24 hours and win some super juicy loot! Loot includes: 5t cash Super mystery box Pet mystery box Invictus box Dream Drop Rate Potion (24h) Dream Double Drop Potion (24h) Dream Strength Potion (24h) Dream Range Potion (24h) Dream Magic Potion (24h) We have also removed the phoenix at Ownercape zones 1-3 and replaced with the more popular chaos elementals! We have made some changes to diglet to make it easier to play this content - We have made the area instanced so you will not have to fight with other players for loot! - We have made it so you can now use some commands while fighting Diglet (e.g. : :Yell) - We have added a boss counter for diglet as well as adding him to the:: bosslogs We have buffed the BFG! This weapon now has a 9x9 AOE - triple that of other AOE Weapons (e.g. Khione staff at 3x3) This will allow you to kill monsters in a much larger area with the BFG! We have also given the BFG9000 a cosmetic touch up - incorporating some of our Famous DS animated texturing! We have also added the following bonuses to the BFG9000 - 10% drop rate - 10% double drop rate - 10% luck We have also added a offhand BFG9000 The best in slot range offhand (please note this offhand will not function as a mainland weapon and must be combined with a mainland weapon) With the same stats as the BFG9000 this weapon allows you to dual wield BFG's and double your DPS You can now donate for the Grandlottery book! Once redeemed this will give you 50 Grandlottery entries! As well as getting this you get the original Grandlottery entries from the donation meaning you get 100 Grandlottery entries for this donation! Great for Donators wanting to stock up on grand lottery points! We have made a new Custom 1 in game Lava Mage Glaive! This thing packs an incredible punch is fully animated and textures and 1 hits most npc's on Dreamscape! 10% luck 10% drop rate 10% double drop rate Pick it up here! We have brought back the OG custom donation Pink lime and lava sets items!as re-released and buffed 1 in game donatable They each have 10% drop rate and 20% double drop rate are tradable 1 in games and have devastating best in slot stats! PICK THEM UP HERE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! Introducing the sword of the protectorate! A new best in slot melee weapon with a devastating special attack, AOE and incredibly fast hits! The special attack does a massive 4x max hit! Hit up to 95k Damage with this crazy new melee weapon! We have buffed the Ak47 Asiimov and the AWP Asiimov giving them CRAZY OP range stats to rival the M4A4 Asiimov. AK-47 Asiimov AK-47 is now super overpowered, fast and AOE AWP Asiimov AWP is now super strong and accurate (but a little slower then M4A4) We Listened to you! We have added 2 new KBD spawns to ::Dragonbone making it quicker to complete the KBD achievement or slayer task! You can quickly access the KBD by using the boss teleports interface or typing ::Bosses We listened to you! We have made some major improvements to Rev's to try and meet the needs of PvP and PVM alike! Fixes: - We have fixed a bug with Emblems being able to be banked and not redeemed - We have fixed a bug with players being able to trade Emblems - We have fixed a bug that allowed executives to use ::pos to store food and supplies to be used at revs - We have disabled pets from being used at Revs - We have disabled rainbow fish from being used at revs - We have adjusted the prices of some items in the wilderness store to maintain a fairer balance of rewards - We have added more revs spawns! - We have disabled Dream potions at Revs New Pet We have made the 2 Rev's Pets combinable You can now combine the dragon and ork pet to get the Revernant Demon Pet! This pet combines the drop rate and double drop rate bonuses of both pets! We have buffed the stats on the Dream Range Set to give 50% double drop bonus! This now matches the Dream Magic Set and will give you incredulous bonuses while PVM'ing. Slayer Drops We listened to you! You now have a 10% invisible drop rate booster while killing npc's on your slayer task! This means you are more likely to get drops while on task! Skipping tasks You can now skip a task for a cash amount rather then just with slayer points! This should prevent people getting stuck on a slayer task with no chance to skip it. Slayer Keys We have fixed a bug with slayer keys being able to be obtained after every kill and reworked the dropping system. To confirm some details, you are required to upgrade your slayer keys (similar to the way in which emblems from revs are obtained.) This starts with common key and once obtained you can upgrade the drop by continuing slaying without trading it in to go up the tiers. We have added in a new levelling message that shows on the bottom left hand corner of your camera so you can better see when you level up. This works on all skills and should enable you to better track your skill levelling. We have added a static Ironman Luck bonus! Ironmen now get a 2.5% luck bonus to stack with their 25% drop rate buffs This will help you with boxes, in raids and with a lot more non-drop rate RNG based content To learn more about luck click here Quills Pet A reward for Wiki Editors Jason's BFS9000 (Custom Donation) Terror of Blood Set (custom donation) Fallen Eclipse Set Custom Donation Purple God (custom donation) Irish's Eternal Khione Staff (Custom Donation) Custom title Thanatos Pet (custom donation) Reaper Set (custom donation) - We have fixed the drop rate on Longclaw ensuring that it has its op 10% drop rate bonuses to stack with the other bonuses - We have fixed the Extreme arcade rewards so that it gives all capes rather then a scroll of blood - We have added the command :lottery that will allow you to access the lottery and grandlottery anywhere in game : - We have fixed 2 broken acchievemnts, party pooper and death to dragonkin should now be 100% working - We have removed the h'ween event - The command - We have set it so that new users will get forwarded directly to the starter guide upon making a new account. - ::bosses now opens boss teleports rather then being a duplicate of ::npcteles - we have increased the minimum bets on roulette and king Vargas to 1t and 500b respectively
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    Sup noobs as some may or may of not know I had a little speed bump along life and was gone for 2-3 weeks because of living situation etc donโ€™t wanna get to much to detail but long story short daddy wiki manager is back and ready to tickle you noobs in game ever need help feel free to pm or check out the wiki page for insights on the game!
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    Achievement Store Revamp.

    Honestly you should mention every other shop in that corner of the home area too. The shops havent been updated in forever. Big support.
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    I mean yeah I got some skills I don't mind if anyone of y'all ask me for a signature, free or not free I don't mind just try my work
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    Dreamscape Meme Event

    L000000000000000000000l 1000% true
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    Bench Press

    Staff list [Updated]

    @Chuck @DRAX [Co-Owner] @DS Development Team [Game Developers] @Stuart [Web Developer] @MrUltimate [Game Developer] @alexdkk [Game Developer] [Ghost] [Game Developer] [Grant] [Game Developer] @Player own90 [Game Modeler] [Stan] [Game Developer] [Cjay0091] [Game Developer] @Lil Bowwow [Gambling Manager/Media Manager] @CylorV [Community Manager] @Feeds [Server Manager] @darklordrr [Wiki Manager] @DSRees [In-Game Administrator] @Apex [In-Game Administrator] @oma torva [In-Game Administrator] - @4 Real Irish @K 0 X D @Robin026 http://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Staff
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    Death Run Minigame

    Hey guys i came up with a cool idea to add into Dreamscape it's called ''Death Run'', so what is Death Run? Death Run is a populair game mode on a lot of games like Call of Duty, Garry's Mod, GTA etc, so how does it work: You have a team that needs to run through the whole map meanwhile one person can activate the traps (The person who activates them gets picked randomly) if you can survive all the traps you get the chance to kill the person that actives all the traps, if he kills you he will get 1 point if you kill the person who activates all the traps you get 4 points. Also when you start this minigame you can't bring anything with you when you start you will get a weapon i think dragon scimitar or something like that would be perfect and the activator maybe a extra ranged weapon like magic short bow?? I have those items in mind: - Bunny pet ( This pet will give you the perk to give X2 points and 5-10% Droprate Bonus.) 300-400 points. - Golden Tomahawk ( Works the same as the Grenade and the Battarang) 40-50 points each. - Gold Desert Eagle ( Same damage as Bazooka but no AoE) 150-200 points. - Rare/Golden/Dynamic Scratch Cards 20-30 points each. - Boxing Gloves 50-75 points. - A box that contains the Bunny pet, Tomahawk (x10) Gold Desert Eagle as very rare. 30-40 points. Here is a example how Death Run works in Call of Duty 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NsL77jALH4 Thanks for reading this! ๐Ÿ˜„
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    Papers Graphic Shop

    Hello everyone! As I mentioned in my previous post, this is where you can ask me to make you some graphics. Whether it be a background, avatar, signature, I can make it for you. I don't charge - you pay if you want, what you want. Please use this format to make a request on this thread: Main Text: Sub text: Font(s): Size: Render: Background: Style: Other information: Here's some of my work for other members of Dreamscape:
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    Name: Filth Age: 20 In-Game Name: True Temper How long have you been on Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums): Since 2015. How much content have you created for our community?: I am currently apart of the Wiki Team as a graphic designer. In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve this rank: I feel I deserve this rank because I am the most actively posting graphic designers here on DS. I am self taught, give great constructive criticism, and aspire to help others learn my craft. What are your plans for the future?: I don't know which context this is asking in (irl or dreamscape), but IRL I would like to go to school and actually pursue a career in Graphic Design so I can make my hobby a job. In DS I am really just trying to have fun, be helpful, and provide my knowledge. What is your previous experience with Graphics Design, before DreamScape?: I have an extensive 8-10 years self taught design experience. I have held the designer rank on various forums, as well. Have you been banned/muted before?: No If yes to above explain why: What could you contribute with to the GFX part of our community?: As I stated above, I am currently apart of the Wiki Team as a graphic designer. Apart from the wiki, I wish to help other designers and members learn their skill and host design related events here on the forum (if given the opportunity!) What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape GFX Designer?: 1. Honesty 2. Confidence 3. Helpful attitude 4. Willingness to learn 5. Task driven Link/Show 5 pieces of content created by you (Show variety): Do you meet the requirements for becoming a GFX Designer?: Yes
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    GFX Art - Maikul

    Wowwww, that's really nice!! I like it! O_o I'd love to have one aswell ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That's very impressive man. Goodjob on that
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    vorkath os dreamscape

    Introducing more boss into DS is what I would like to see, yay! But we need more worth thingy in the droptable, something veryrare that can be equal the other very rare drop. (Q's worth).
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    Distructive (Get to know me)

    Hey, welcome around the forum! As for Revenants, sorry to remind that it's Wildyyyyyy Dx .. I have seen you around Forum yet and DS in-game, wish you lot of fun! If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me here or in-game
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    Achievement Store Revamp.

    This is great and the prices was fair ! 100% would back this
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    Distructive colorful Signature

    Oh dang nice, if you got some time for a sign that would fit for me, it would be damn sweet.
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    Thanks for that nice guide!! its so good weโ€™re going to add this with the wiki Arcade page!! Keep up the good work
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    Great post, will help me a lot in the arcade. Keep it up
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    Really interesting concept, Distructive. Few things though. Although I can kinda tell what's going on there's WAY too much grey going on to support any depth. It really makes this image look extremely flat. I'd like to see this with color! Secondly, if you didn't tell me what the text said at the bottom, I would have a really hard time guessing what it was supposed to say. Especially in a piece that has so much going on, I believe you need work on making your text stand out. Definitely would like to see a second take at this applying what I've pointed out. Keep practicing! Look at all this color you could utilize!
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    IRL Picture Thread

    holy fuck you're actually good looking HMU QT
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    Billie Eilish - Img Manip

    hate posting my gfx as links, but the forums is being difficult and not letting me. pls fix. anyways here's some billie eilish.
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