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    DreamScape Rules

    Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, & Other Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. This includes things such as swearing, spamming, harassment of any kind, or the use of pornography, racism, etc. This includes in yell, chat, clan chat and pm and players doing so will be punished accordingly. Furthermore, accounts created with names deemed to be offensive will not be tolerated. Players are not allowed to disrespect staff or the server or engage in behaviour that may be deemed disrespectful. Rule 2. Discrimination Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age, etc., that may make another player feel uncomfortable, isolated, or unwanted on Dreamscape. This is seen as unjust or prejudice treatment and is considered highly offensive. Rule 3. Multi Logging Players of the DreamScape community are allowed to have up to 2 accounts online for the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time. Along with that, your accounts can not be doing the same Multi Combat boss or minigame. These include; World Bosses, Raids, Arcade, Battlegrounds, Castle Wars, Revenants, Corporeal Beast, or any instanced events. Rule 4. Use of Cheat Clients or 3rd Party Software Player of the DreamScape community are not allowed to use any software that will render in a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, auto-typers, etc. Don't Spam in yell over 10 seconds. Botting or autoclicking: You are allowed to use bots/autoclicking for skilling. However, using 3rd party software, bots or autoclickers for anything other then skilling can get your account banned without warning (including but not limited to: PvM and 55x2). Multiple instances will be a full ban from the server. It will not be tolerated. Rule 5. PvP Farming, PvP Cheating, or Luring Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in the unfair gain of Dreamscape items and/or points. This includes actions such as farming (such as using alt's at battlegrounds), leeching or boosting, (player intentionally allows another player to kill them repeatedly for dreamscape point and/or killstreak), luring (tricking players into wilderness with PKP/Items or false information), and cheating of any kind that allows an unfair advantage towards gaining or obtaining PKP. Ragging and Griefing (the consistent PKing of another) are against our rules. Players who repeatedly kill the same player and/or charge fees to use PVP content will be punished. Rule 6. Hacking & Account/Password/Item Scamming Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way. This includes things such as knowingly lying about an items' price or use through trading, staking, or risk fighting, gaining access and/or tampering with another player's network or account(s) without consent, etc. Rule 7. Deleterious Bug Abuse or Exploitation Player of the DreamScape community are not allowed to abuse or exploit any bugs or glitches that may cause an unfair advantage against other players. This includes but is not limited to actions such as noclipping, using glitched items to become invisible, gaining an unfair advantage during combat and/or duels, and so on. All bugs found should be reported to staff immediately to avoid punishment. Bug bounties may be offered depending on the severity of the bug however should not be requested or used as leverage. Rule 8. Real World Trading and Account Sharing Player of the DreamScape community are not allowed to sell DreamScape wealth, accounts, or items for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment/and or other virtual games. Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to sell, buy, or trade RuneScape wealth or accounts. Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to trade, sell, or share their dreamscape accounts in any form or way. Trading or selling accounts will result in an immediate ban or permanent mute on your account. Failure to comply with our rules on Real World Trading will result in all accounts associated being banned. While the selling and buying of DS GFX for DS items/currency is allowed, you must gain staff permission before going through with a transaction. Rule 9. Advertising Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to advertise for another server or website (including advertising youtube videos ingame). Advertised sites may be malicious software and is highly recommended against visiting. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game, nor on forums will result in an immediate IPMute or IPBan. Rule 10. Staff Positions Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to ask for staff positions. Players are chosen based on maturity and previous account history, regarding punishments and the seriousness of those punishments. Staff members are chosen by the Staff Manager. Rule 11. Impersonation of Others Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. This includes but is not limited to, usernames similar to staff members, using icons in yell/cc/pm/chat or falsely purporting to be a staff member. Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. In addition, those who impersonate others in attempts to get another player punished will be severely punished. Rule 12. Privacy Rights Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to release the personal information of another player without their explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, DDOS threats etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication. Rule 13. Begging Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to beg. This included asking for "free items", "loans", "events" or “rebuilds” or by spam trading other players/staff. Rule 14. Dicezone Rules. All players must accept the dicezone rules before gambling and these must be followed without exception. Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in planting flower's when another ongoing flower poker on around them. Unless you're Flower Pokering someone. Also you are not allowed to Stand on another's flower when people are Flower Pokering. You Also may Not Spam Another if they tell you please Refrain From Dice Dueling or trying to Continue to Flower Poker after Multiple time's telling the person they don't want to. Pots must be specified before gambling to avoid confusion. You are not allowed to plant/gamble for others. Always confirm FP pots in trade (Each player has to show what they are offering.) You are not allowed to place bets over the middleman's dice cc rank Rule 15. Safe Spotting Bosses Players of the Dreamscape community are not allowed to safe spot the following bosses. - Vorago - MageGray - Dream Kings - Chaos Elemental - Gio's hoes - Shadow Kings - Phoenix - Sea Troll Queen - Tormented Demons - Party Pete Boss - Minibosses - Icy Skeleton - Necromancer - Oblivion dragon - Olaf - All Raid Bosses Rule 16. AFKing bosses Players of the Dreamscape community are prohibited from AFKing while PVMing (including raids). We have a limited number of bosses for all the players and using up a spot while not actually being there can result in a jail. Rule 17. Loyalty Point Farming and being AFK Players of the Dreamscape community are prohibited from farming loyalty points. If you are going to be away from your keyboard for a substantial amount of time, please log out. Rule 18. Doing Free Giveaways Doing giveaway events or giving free items away without staff consent is strictly forbidden and punishable. Any player wishing to run a giveaway (regardless of value) or give items to other players for free must be receive permission from a staff member before advertising/running it. Rule 19. Loans, lending, donations and trust Trades Players are not allowed to offer loans or lend items. Staff will not insure loans, lent items or trust trades. All donations bought in game should be done with a staff MM without exception regardless of ‘trust’ between players. Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced trades/gambles on the promise of a future donation. Rule 20. Help CC The help cc is for players to receive answers on questions on in game content. Do not buy/sell/trade, roll dice, run giveaways, use block capitals or discuss support tickets in the Help CC. All rules apply in the help cc, hence flaming, offensive language, begging are equally forbidden in the Help cc. Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, and or Pornographic Material Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. This includes things such as excessive swearing, spamming, or harassment through posts, pms or threads directed to a member. Pornographic Material is also strictly prohibited such as pictures/video's/abbreviations and or other relations anywhere on the forums. Rule 2. Discrimination Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age, etc., that may make another player feel uncomfortable, isolated, or unwanted on Dreamscape. This is seen as unjust or prejudice treatment and is considered highly offensive. Rule 3. Spamming Posts that do not contribute to the thread is considered spam also known as 'off topic' and will be dealt by a staff member. Such as one word sentences/comments, "That's awesome, nice, cool, good one". Etc. Rule 4. Real World Trading Player of the DreamScape community are not allowed to sell DreamScape wealth, accounts, or items for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment/and or other virtual games. It is highly recommended against and is punishable. Issues resulting from doing so will not be dealt by the Dreamscape Staff Team. Account Trading, Selling, or Sharing Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to trade, sell, or share accounts in any forum or way. Trading or selling accounts will result in an immediate ban or permanent mute on your account. Account sharing is highly recommended against, but if you insist, any issues regarding sharing of accounts will not be dealt by the DreamScape Staff Team. RuneScape Wealth/Account Transactions Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to sell, buy, or trade RuneScape wealth or accounts. It is highly recommended against and is punishable. Scams resulting from breaking this rule is your own fault and will not be dealt by the Dreamscape Staff Team. Selling Graphics/Videos You are not permitted to buy/sell any Graphics or Videos with real money, however you ARE permitted to sell Graphics and Videos with DreamScape currency. Rule 5. Advertising Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to advertise for another server or website. Advertised sites may be malicious software and is highly recommended against visiting. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game, nor on forums will result in an immediate IPMute or IPBan. Rule 6. Staff Positions Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to ask for staff positions. Players are chosen based on maturity and previous account history, regarding punishments and the seriousness of those punishments. Staff members are chosen by the Staff Manager. Rule 7. Impersonation of Others Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an autommatic ban. In addition, those who impersonate others in attempts to get another player punished will be severely punished. Rule 8. Privacy Rights Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to release the personal information of another player without their explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, DDOS threats etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication. These are the new official rules of the Discord rules. 1. Must use “Push-to-Talk”. 2. Stay in the proper channel. Do not clutter a channel because you want to chat with someone. 3. No music without a staff member’s permission. 4. No sounds of annoyance on the mic. 5. Be kind to others and treat everyone as if they are your friend. Otherwise, mute/ignore them. 6. No excessive use of profane or offensive language. 7. Do not flame or argue with the other members of the Discord. 8. No excessive spam with the use of messaging. 9. If you are asked by a staff member to leave a channel for personal meeting purposes, you must comply. 10. Do not impersonate by giving yourself a false rank ( example : Mod Chuck ) 11. You must use your in-game name as your nickname. If you are not in-game, use your forums name or otherwise identify who you are. 12. You may not use tasteless or vulgar images on your avatar picture.
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    CJBear's All In One Guide for Everyone!

    Note that this guide is Iron man friendly as well! Before you make a new account it's best you read this guide before regretting your choice of game mode in the later stages of the game! Veteran or current players can still read this guide for their knowledge, of course! There are 4 game modes to choose from: Normal Mode: Fastest exp rates , no special benefits. Hardcore Mode (popular for PVMers!) : Slow exp rates (similar to iron man), permanent 15% drop rate bonus. note: you can type ::removehardcore to turn to a normal mode account. This is irreversible . Iron Man Mode (Best to play to avoid gambling) : Slow exp rates (similar to hardcore), permanent 25% drop rate bonus. You cannot trade or use Player Owned Shops. You cannot remove Iron man once chosen. Competitive Mode: Slow exp rates (similar to hardcore & iron man), permanent 25% drop rate bonus. As the name suggests, competitive mode accounts compete with one another. These competitions (or seasons) are run monthly, and are announced on the forums. Specific rules vary with each season, so keep your eyes peeled for the forum thread! Each season has a set of categories in which accounts compete. The prizes vary each season but can include things such as: A free custom textured 1 in game item from a selection (Custom Set, Glaive, BFG, Khiones or Sword), or some store credit which can be used in the DreamScape Web Store or on a custom item of your choosing! It's best to start a competitive account right at the beginning of a season, so watch out for those threads! When you first log in, you will be greeted with this screen! This is self explanatory. If you are new its better to go for the server tour Starting Point When starting off, complete the starter tasks! Follow them step by step to receive a ring which triples rare cash drops for 24 hours after you receive it! Here are some tasks that players usually have troubles with: Certain Items will have this option to " Get Info " when right-clicked. Lost your Tutorial Book? You can click the " ? " on the top right of your mini map to obtain another book! When you start off you are given 20 Crystal keys & 3 Mystery boxes (mboxes, as they are commonly abbreviated to). Don't bother trying to sell the mboxes as really no one buys them... they're for starters like you guys to use! Drop table for Mystery Boxes Drop table for the Crystal Chest Here's what you are looking for from these boxes / chests as a beginner: Flame Torva / Pernix Dream Wing Boots Flame Gloves Ice Katana Dragonbone (U) Gold Chain Assault Rifle Mystery Box Pet Double Xp Ring White Glass Wings Ran out of mystery boxes to open? Ran out of crystal keys to use? Have yet to complete your starting items? You can always go to ::mbox / ::train Penguins drops mboxes and crystal keys quite often, and you also get penguin bones which are stack-able! Great for training prayer for newcomers! Sonic and thugbob in ::train drop crystal keys often too, and when u get a crystal key drop its always 3 crystal keys per drop! You should collect crystal keys and mystery boxes until your equips look something like this: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Gear Progression is split into multiple parts. Healing Pets useful for PVM (doesn't matter what style of combat you use, its universal) Guthan the Infested Pet Soulsplit healing effect Necromancer Jr Soulsplit healing effect 5% drop rate bonus Diablo Jr Soulsplit healing effect 15% drop rate bonus Helicopter Pet Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point Restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 10% luck Puffer fish pet [Untradable] Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 15% luck Thanos Pet [Untradable] 1 in 5 chance to deal 2.5x your damage Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point Restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 10% luck RING Accessories (doesn't matter what style of combat you use, its universal) Starter Ring -> Ring of Wealth -> Epic Archers/Seers/Berserker Ring -> Ring of Wealth (i) -> Avery's Ring -> Avery's Ring(i) -> Emperor's Ring Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot [Starter Ring]--> <--[Ring of Wealth] [Epic Rings]--> <--[Ring of Wealth (i)] [Avery's Ring]--> <--[Avery's Ring (i)] [Emperor's Ring]--> ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NECKLACE Accessories (doesn't matter what kind of combat you use, its universal) Gold Chain -> Nocturnal Chain -> Collector's Necklace -> Amulet of Blood -> Nax / Tam / Yix Amulet -> Trix Amulet -> Trix Amulet (i) -> Emperor's Necklace Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot <--[Gold Chain] [Nocturnal Chain]--> <--[Collector's Necklace] [Amulet of Blood]--> <--[Nax/Tam/Yix Amulet] [Trix Amulet/Trix Amulet (i)]--> <--[Emperor's Necklace] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Capes (doesn't matter what kind of combat you use, its universal) ________________________________________________________ [White Glass Wings] ________________________________________________________ [Fallen Death Cape] ________________________________________________________ [Blue Death Cape] ________________________________________________________ [Infernal Cape] ________________________________________________________ [Tribrid Infernal Cape] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Combat Triangle Melee Range Mage Each section i will explain from the lowest tiers to highest tiers base on stats, usage and accessibility. Melee is actually outclassed by range and mage in the later stages of the game. But don't get discouraged! melee is actually great in the middle stages of the game. Don't get me wrong, there are end game items with melee however they are either too expensive or outclassed by the other 2 forms of combat, mage and range. Melee Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Ice Katana -> Golden Katana -> Ultimate Dream Katana -> Long Claw / Sword of the protectorate -> Scythe of Virtur Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot ________________________________________________________ [Ice Katana] __________________________________________________________ [Golden Katana] __________________________________________________________ [Electronic Katana] __________________________________________________________ [Longclaw] __________________________________________________________ [Ultimate Dream Katana] __________________________________________________________ [Sword of the Protectorate] __________________________________________________________ [Scythe of Vitur] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Melee Armour (In Order of Value and Usage) Flame Torva -> American Torva -> Olaf set -> Am'orth Set Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot __________________________________________________________ [Flame Torva] __________________________________________________________ [American Torva] __________________________________________________________ [Olaf Set] __________________________________________________________ [Am'orth Set] __________________________________________________________ There are honorable mentions like the Centurion Set and Dream Melee Set. The Centurion set is too expensive as there are currently only 10 known sets to be owned. The Dream Melee set has lower stats than the Am'orth set however it is still more expensive than the Am'orth set, due to its rarity. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranged Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Assault Rifle -> Scoped Rifle (u) -> Ascension Crossbows -> Minigun -> M4A4 Asiimov -> AK-47 Asiimov -> BFG9000 Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot __________________________________________________________ [Assault Rifle] __________________________________________________________ [Scoped Rifle (u)] __________________________________________________________ [Ascension Crossbows] __________________________________________________________ [Minigun] __________________________________________________________ [M4A4 Asiimov] __________________________________________________________ [AK-47 Asiimov] __________________________________________________________ [BFG9000] Ranged Armor (In Order of Value and Usage) __________________________________________________________ [Flame Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [Elite Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [American Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [Devious set] __________________________________________________________ [Dream Range Set] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mage Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Soulflare(u) > FrostBite Staff > Oblivion Scythe > Eterenal Khione Staff > Infinity Gauntlet(Charged) __________________________________________________________ [Soulflare(u)] __________________________________________________________ [Frostbite Staff] __________________________________________________________ [Oblivion Scythe] __________________________________________________________ [Eternal Khione Staff] __________________________________________________________ [Infinity Gauntlet(Charged)] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mage Armor (In Order of Value and Usage) Elite Virtus set -> American Virtus set -> Inga Set -> Infernal Mage Set -> Crystal set -> Eternal Crystal Set -> Space Virtus Set __________________________________________________________ [Elite Virtus Set] __________________________________________________________ [American Virtus set] __________________________________________________________ [Inga set] __________________________________________________________ [Infernal Mage Set] __________________________________________________________ [Crystal Set / Eternal Crystal Set] __________________________________________________________ [Space Virtus Set] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Use a Double Exp Ring and the Penguin bones you have farmed on the altar at home: Note : Different game modes have different exp rates. While its easy to get 99 prayer on normal accounts , it takes about 225-270 penguin bones to get 95 prayer on a hardcore/ironman/competitive account. You don't need 99 but 92/95 are necessary milestones to aim for. Now you are all set for PVM / Money Making! There are many ways to make money in this game. The method which is best for you is dependent on your equipment and knowledge of the game. Hopefully this guide will help with the knowledge part! Legend : $ - Slow $$- Average $$$ - Fast First and the Easiest money maker AFK Island $ How to get there? ::afk Requirements? Any axe What do i do ? Just chop the afk tree _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Farming penguins at ::mbox for elite / dream clue scrolls, xebos invitations, and infinity keys without aoe weapon $ with aoe weapon $$$ How to get there? ::mbox Requirements? This money making is dependent on gears, which is why there are 2 ratings for this method. Penguins can be farmed with any gear, but an AoE weapon is preferred. What's an aoe weapon? Its an Area of Effect weapon. AoE weapons hit a large area at once, rather than a single target e.g , Oblivion Scythe, Frostbite Staff, BFG 9000 etc. What do i do? Kill the penguins for a chance to get clue scrolls , invitations, or infinity keys. There is a portal in the center of the map, use it if the first map is crowded. There are 6 floors of penguins all having the same layout Xebos invitations - 700k - 1m ds coins Infinity keys - 20k - 30k ds coins Clue scroll guide and rewards It is recommended that new players sell the invitations and keys for money rather than using them, and use the cash to get better gear! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Revenants in the Wilderness $$ - $$$ How to get there? Boss teleport > Look for revenants Take note : The wilderness is safe, meaning you do not lose items on death. You cannot bring pets. You cannot use donor prayers. Requirements? It is advisable to use AOE weapons at Revs since they are in mutli combat and they are all well stacked together giving you the best kills per hour. YOU NEED A BRACELET OF ETHEREUM If you do not have it , you will not be able to survive without top tier gear and soulsplit. Recommended cheap gear setups for the best farming experience: Note: Golden AK is not an AoE weapon. The only AoE weapons for rangeare the Bazooka , Ak-47 Asiimov and BFG9000, so its better to get mage to begin with as it has far cheaper AoE weapons available, such as the Oblivion Scythe and Frostbite Staff. Of course you can mix and match this setup, you don't have to follow it strictly. The following are images of the rewards available from the wilderness shop: NOTE: DROP RATES / DOUBLE DROP RATES do not affect emblems. You need to collect the tiers progressively. It is advisable to collect to Tier 3 and selling them, then recollect to Tier 3 and repeat. This results in the highest number of points per hour due to how steeply the drop rates fall off after Tier 3. What you are aiming for in the shops are a few stuffs. Donor ticket - 10k Wilderness points (Give you Regular Donor status) Scroll of protection - 20k Wilderness points (Gives you protection from PKERS) Tactical Boxes - 1.5k Wilderness points (750k-850k dscoins) Collector's Necklace - 6k Wilderness points (3m-4m dscoins) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 11 Raids in this game! Voldermot Vendura O.G Dragon Diablo Raiden Arcade Avengers Trinity Raid King Kong Vs Godzilla Falador massacre Ninja Turtles ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to get there? ( this list correspond to the list above ) Teleports > Raids > Choose Some useful commands for raids ::joinraid1-5 takes you to Voldermot -1 Vendura -2 O.G Dragon -3 Diablo -4 Raiden -5 ::raiden / ::diablo / ::turtles Raid Hub , Raid Information You can also type ::raidhub To Enter Raids How do i get a drop? You will need to be the top 3 damage dealer in the raid no matter how much damage you have done. Rewards items will be sent to your inventory, if your inventory is full it will be sent to your bank instead! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voldermort ::joinraid1 Easy boss to do, Rewards are really not worth it. [ needs a rework ] Vendura ::joinraid2 Fairly Easy to do, It is quite a popular raid to do as Vendura has a chance to drop Avery's Ring ( 2nd BiS Ring) (20-25m) O.G Dragon ::joinraid3 Easy boss to do, ultra rare drops are outdated, not worth the time doing [ needs a rework ] Diablo ::joinraid4 ::diablo Take note that this boss Drains prayer , Bring prayer pots incase if you do not have prayer restore pets or healing pets. This boss is popular for it's Devious Armor Drop ( 2nd BiS for Range ) (30-45m per set) Raiden ::joinraid5 ::raiden This boss has an annoying special attack where it rains on you , dealing 10 damage per hit while draining your prayer Healing pet or prayer restore pets are recommended ( Necromancer Jr / Diablo Jr / Helicopter Pet) Turtles ::joinraid6 ::turtles One of the most Lengthy raids, takes about 20 minutes to solo, best done in a group You shouldn't bring any food inside as it will turn them to rotten food. You must be decently geared. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Avenger's Arcade Avenger's Arcade Guide _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trinity Raid is Sponsor's Raid how to get there? ::ownercape Once you have entered, You have to give the boss a while before they spawn! Requirements Decent gear if you do not have Ownercape There will be 3 Bosses spawned in Verdani : You have to use Range against it. Skuld : You have to use mage against it. Urd : You have to use Melee against it. The fight is pretty simple, just soul split and change to the respective style. Rewards : Trinity Chest Reward List -Raids there were not mentioned on this guide are too time consuming or not worth doing- Feel free to explore on your own and check out ::wiki <raid name> _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guide is for Normal and Extreme! Normal has 50 waves , Extreme has 55 waves First 50 waves of extreme is the same, The last 5 waves are extremely difficult. Goal of Arcade is to get the highly sort after Infernal Cape 2nd best in slot item Goal of Extreme Arcade is Extreme Infernal Cape ( Melee , Mage , Range ) You can combine this 3 Extreme capes into a Tribrid cape (Best in slot Cape for all combat) Last of all of course you will get tokens depending on the amount of waves you have cleared. Number of tokens can be multiplied by your Donator's Rank Multiplier rates Sponsor's : 1.5x tokens Executive : 2x tokens Platinum : 3x tokens Reccomended Gears ( you do not need to follow this entirely, use what fits you! ) Note the i did not include a melee setup because its not efficient in the arcade as you need to run to your target to land a hit, by the time that happens you probably can't heal back in time. Healing pets and Healing Rings are recommended E.G if you Avery's Ring, you don't need a healing pet already you can opt for slimer pet or corp egg Platinum skin aura is recommended in surviving the last few waves of the arcade to prevent yourself from getting combo-ed out Range setup Devious set Avery's Ring American Boxing Gloves Blue Death Cape Ak-47 Asiimov Archer's Boots Tam Amulet Mage setup Crystal set Avery's Ring American Boxing gloves Blue Death Cape Eternal Khione Staff Aqua Spirit Shield Seer's Boots Yix Amulet Inventory Setup (Setup is based on Preferences, You can do your own) List of Monsters from Wave 1 - 50 / 55 How to get there? ::arcade / East of Home If you are doing Duo mode you will need to make your own CC and have the Partner who is entering with you to be in the same CC Leader of the CC have to enter the arcade. If any of you die in the arcade , the Round will end immediately. You do not get the infernal cape if you attempt as a duo Waves 1 - 30 Positioning for this waves are fairly simple , The Mobs are all Scattered and Spread out from the Center. Just stand in the middle of the map and have them run towards you. Waves 30 - 55 Ideally for wave 30 - 55 Position yourself in the top North East of the map this is so that when those hard waves spawn, you do not get stacked out easily and you can clear out the ones nearer to you From wave 30 - 55 its advised that you hit at least 2 Npc with your AOE weapon to increase your survival rate Waves to take careful! Wave 40 onward are the tough npcs Lara Croft Which explains why you need to bring prayer potion or restores as she drains prayer. Diablo Easy to deal with just usually smacks a 30 Pray melee if you have to Raiden and Dark Raiden Pray Range when you are Dealing with them, They can easily combo you out as they hit high 30's and 40. Link Pray Melee when facing him, He can easily dish out 70-80 damage. Always priorities him to take out first Tips when faced in a group of 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo, 1x Dark Raiden, & 1x Raiden in wave 50 Try to stack most of them together and prioritizing Link or Lora Croft. The lesser npc there are, the chances of you getting combo-ed out is lesser. If you die at wave 50, DO NOT GIVE UP There is always a chance where RNG is in your favor, you don't get combo-ed out and you manage to kill them off Even if you fail to complete the arcade, you will still receive some tokens based on the number of waves you have cleared. Above wave 30 you will earn yourself an announcement in game of your achievement! The Extreme Infernal Cape you get is Random. Either Melee, Range or Mage. Hope this guide is useful so that players can attempt on the arcade with better understanding! I wish you dreamers good luck and go get that infernal cape! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Commands to know! ::wiki <whatever it is related to dreamscape> this will help you search for things related to DS! Example "::wiki gear" will open up a DreamScape wiki page with all information on tiers of gear etc. ::prices This will bring up an interface similar to POS search, however it will show you a estimated price of any item you search if there is enough data on it. ::elo To put it simply it's like your dailies, but you get benefits. What kind of benefits? A 1% boost to your stats for every single day that you complete you ELO kills! ::treasurehunter I'll let the pictures do the talking: Note this is from a Level 8 Box Potential Rewards! If you are willing to spend some form of money in this game, I would advise you look at deals! ::deals Always look out for Staff's announcements on deals! Always check them deals before you donate! I will add in more items when i see fit. I wish all you dreamers a good start and good luck ahead! If you see me in game feel free to say Hi or Ask me Questions! - Your One and only Teddy Bear - CJBear Credits : https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki Special Thanks to : HC Canada and Steroids for helping me and motivating me ! Appreciate : HC Canada for taking his own time to help me on his own accord ! thank you twitchu for suggesting some ideas and feedbacks! Everyone else who has supported me!
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    Announcement on Tradability

    Announcement on Tradability What's up dreamers! Today we are announcing a change we are intending to make to a number of items on dreamscape. We have spent a long time evaluating certain items and their value in the economy as well as the effect of gambling and the culture and approach of players towards certain items. We are hoping that this addresses a small number of players hoarding high value items to increase the price and decrease the ability for others to obtain these items. As well as making sure that your donations retain their value and you don't lose and then regret gambling/dumping items that you paid a lot of money for! We have come to the decision to make a number of existing items untradeable. We are announcing this today to be as open and transparent about these changes as well as being able to offer you as much time as possible to ensure you are able to collect these items before they become untradeable should you wish. Following next update the following items will become untradeable: 1. Emperor's Necklace 2. Emperor's Ring 3. Lava Minigun 4. Helicopter Pet 5. BFG9000 Offhand 6. All Auras 7. All Dream Armour We have however decided to make a number of other changes to go alongside the tradability modifications to ensure that these items are still able to be obtained and do not lose any non-wealth based value assigned to them by the community. 1. We are lowering the rate on Lava MG, Helicopter Pet and all aura upgrades 2. We are re-releasing the Box of Wisdom with new improved rates and a new lower price! 3. We are giving staff more autonomy to give these super juicy items away in our daily events 4. We are improving our goodie bag prizes to include a lot more of these extremely OP items (lower number ranges and higher numbers of top prizes to be won!) 5. We are encouraging flexibility in our staff to offer item transfers between your owned accounts on untradeable items 6. We will be adding a number of these items to different drops / minigames / skills so they can be earned in game Regards, Chuck, Drax and the Dreamscape Staff Team
  4. 5 points

    Let’s give Drax a round of applause !

    Thank you so much for all your kind words! It's always so exciting when it gets to doing updates and it's a pleasure to keep putting out new content, even when circumstances are against you 😄 Nothing will stop us moving forwards, come rain shine or a broken MacBook we will continue to move Dreamscape forwards in the direction the players dictate! #DSGANG Drax
  5. 4 points

    Server Down Time (UPDATED)

    What's up Dreamers! We wanted to apologise for any inconvenience caused by todays down time. There is an issue with the company that hosts our server, who have had a large number of problems with their clients servers/systems today. We have managed to get in contact with them and while the issue was initially seemingly fixed, the problems continued after a short period of time. When we are back up and running, we will be running a large number of events to make up for any lost time. Best wishes, Drax, Chuck and the Dreamscape Staff Team UPDATE - 23rd June 2019 19:58 (GMT) Our communication with the hosts is ongoing. We will continue to update you with progress as things continue to progress. (Names blurred to protect individuals privacy) Update - 24/06/19 - 14:15 (GMT)
  6. 4 points
    I just want to say thank you for doing up the patch notes even though you don’t have your laptop, amazing thing is you did it all on your phone! It must have been painful thank you and have a nice day everyone! 😎
  7. 3 points
    We are pleased to hit you with the second update in less then a week! Patching a few necessary bugs as well as bringing you some new content! Introducing the arcade's most requested game mode! With huge rewards at waves 75, 100, 125 and beyond you cannot miss out on the Grind! Featuring a cross over between normal arcade and avengers arcade npc's this minigame is not for the faint hearted! You can start the Arcade Endless at the ::arcade machine at home, you must sacrifice an infernal cape to enter Arcade Endless You will require the top gear, tactics and flawless techniques to even get close to waves in the 3 figure range! Waves 1-55 - Same as extreme arcade Wave 65 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by 50% (every other hit) wave 70 - After this wave falling rocks will hit you as you progress hitting 20 damage each time Wave 75 - Reward - Tri-brid cape / Ability to start endless arcade at wave 50 Wave 80 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by another 50% (once every 4 hits) Wave 90 - After this wave you will get hit with poison each new wave Wave 95 - After this wave there are numerous explosions, if you are standing on the explosion you get 1 hit Wave 100 - If you complete this level you will receive a mystery prize. Introducing 3 new goodie boxes for you! The Thumper Goodiebox The Emperor's Necklace Goodiebox The Emperor's Ring Goodiebox These much requested new donation items give you a chance to make absolute bank without paying it! https://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.png We have revamped the Quantum boots to fit more appropriately with our Space texture denoting end game equipment theme! We have added an arrow to let you know where diglet is hiding! We have made it so you will not lose drop rate when you upgrade your Dream Armour Sets We have fixed an issue preventing the number 1 donators pos from displaying We have fixed an issue that prevented type challenges from displaying We have fixed a bug that prevented content that used the alert system from working We have made it so the abyssal sire will respawn (preventing you from teleporting in and out) We have fixed a bug that prevented Cerberus from hitting damage We have fixed a bug that prevented the abyssal sire's drops from appearing
  8. 3 points
    When r the results?
  9. 2 points
  10. 2 points

    Server Down Time - Event Schedule

    What's up dreamers! As I am sure you are aware due to issues with our server hosts out of our control we experienced downtime. This is a highly unusual event for Dreamscape and is the longest period of down time we have had in 5 years. While it was out of our control we want to do everything in our power to make this right and as such we are running a large number of events throughout the coming days! Total Prize Pool - 2B+++ in prizes Schedule (to be updated as we confirm with the people running them) 23rd June 2019 Karaoke Event (hosted by Dreamz40) - 500m in Prizes - 23/06/19 - 18:00 EST 24th June 2019 Hide and Seek Event (hosted by Dreamz40) - 250m Prize pool - 24/06/19 - 13:00 EST Hot and Cold Event (Hosted by C1) - 250m Prize pool - 24/06/19 - 14:00 EST 30 Pinatas - Run by Drax - 400 event boxes - 24/06/19 - Hourly 30 Type challenges - Run by Drax - 500m prize pool - 24/06/19 - Hourly 25th June 2019 BG EVENT (hosted by Jason) - 250m in prizes- 25/06/19 - 18:00 EST Random NPC drop Event (Hosted by Feeds) 250m Prize pool - 25/06/19 - 03:00 EST Type challenges (Hosted by Feeds) Prizes 200m Prize pool - 25/06/19 - 03:00 EST Finding Items for feeds (Hosted by Feeds) Prizes TBC - 25/06/19 - 03:00 EST 26th June 2019 KARAOKE EVENT! (Hosted by Jason) - PRIZES TBC - 26/06/19 - 18:00 EST TBC Trivia Event - (hosted by Lt Limes) - 250m Prize Pool - Time TBC (Asian Time Zone)
  11. 2 points

    Server Down Time (UPDATED)

    Thanks Staff for your attention to detail on this resolution and taking action! We shall see when the server comes back, and all the efforts with your host are greatly appreciative !!! Stay amazing as always!!!
  12. 2 points
    HC Canada

    Server Down Time (UPDATED)

    Just bad luck @hc perco, this is the first major downtime in a long, long while. Just down to how quickly the host can fix their physical issues now.
  13. 2 points
    You're such a nerd ❤️ But in all honesty, this is definitely a problem. I still think the easiest fix would be to allow the space invader pet in the wilderness (or, if that isn't an option, to remove the wilderness course from the wilderness) but forgoing that, I'd support this idea.
  14. 2 points

    Avenger's Raid Guide 10/6/2019

    Freezing them prevents them from using their abilities, as they only work if the boss is attacking you. While it’s not as useful for some, you won’t need to deal with: Black panther won’t unfreeze himself if he hasn’t attacked you. drax prayer drain ant man shrinking and healing captain America healing And high damage from Hulk. if you aren’t comfortable with the boss mechanics, why brute force them when you can play smarter.
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    I vouch for this. In my impression, buying a donation scroll in store is like buying a gift card. Say you're purchasing a $50 scroll. Purchasing it from the store gives you no benefits, has no fixed cost ($50 is $50) in game, and cannot be used for deals. It is only transactional such that the server gets $50 and the player gets a $50 scroll (or whatever we want to call it tbh). I think the difficulty (and confusion) in this discussion is actually in how to consume the scroll to buy customs or items in store. For that, there probably needs to be an entirely separate discussion; however, I imagine something like a pin/code/unique id that comes with the scroll that can be used in the "PROMO" line when making a purchase in store would be a good mechanism. Obviously, when buying customs it's already taken into consideration for specific deals. Buying those items in store or through customs WOULD count towards deals because that's driving the same behavior that staff encourage now. I do not see any way that this impacts current prices of donations or drives inflation as it is anchored to donor amount, and IN FACT I believe that it will actually provide a larger stream of donations to server as smaller donations now could trickle in and have value. Let's discuss.
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    Dreamers Monthly - May 2019

    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Cue @Englishlog Did YOU achieve an awesome achievement this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Cue @Englishlog DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram As we released recently a new Partnership called Platinum Donator! We are really grateful for your enormous support to Dreamscape, we'll everything in our reach to give everything back! Such as monthly platinum inventory filled of goodies! Not to forget to mention, you'll gain lots of perks and maybe more to come in the future! We have gained 4 new plats which are @hc spiderman, @Alpha01, @izuchi and @Hc ToLose, thank you for your enormous support! Do you wish to seek for more information about this Platinum Partnership? Click the diamond below;  We have 5 new Trusted Host's within community. They have been promoted because their dedication, motivation to bring order and joy to the dicezone making it a better place, more entertaining and most importantly a safe place! Congratulations and welcome on board @Dice N Stake, @karim8, @C O G N A C, @izuchi and @Iron Treat We have also had the privilege of seeing @Werwg get promoted from Player to Helper then to In-Game Moderator! So far he has been an absolute asset to the team and we congratulate him on his promotion. We look forward to seeing him in his new role. @Cue has been promoted to In-Game Administrator from Helper to Global Moderator. His constant work in-game on on the forums has proven to us he is capable of handling this role and and look forward to seeing what he can produce. He has also taken over @Bodhi as one of the News Team Managers along side @Englishlog. Hoping to rise all the way to the top, welcome to HC MAXIMUM! Next up, DreamScape's undisputed number 1 Singaporean chef, it's CJBEAR! A big welcome back to HC REDBULL, father of cats and giver of wings! Joining us from the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia, welcome to HC JINX! Next up, a warm welcome to 1chef! Looks like we may have some competition brewing! And lastly, coming in from Colorado, USA, a big welcome to the outdoorsman Flint Arrow! 1. How long have you been playing DreamScape? Around 5 amazing years - first started in the beginning of the server in 2014 on my alt! Then later down the line, I created my main to be... Dreamz40! 2. The new platinum zone has been out for a little over a week now, what are your thoughts on it and have you acquired any of the new juicy loot? The first day it was out- it felt like Xmas came early!!! I was a kid in the candy shop eyeballing all the choices, reading everything on Drax's update forum thread, and wondering of all the juicy PVM gainz to be made. Yes, there were even many dreamz dreamt in the days that followed lol, #dsgang. Now if I could pick one thing I like the most... Though the spawn of npcs are a true blast to power through, I am absolutely hooked on killing the Platinum dragon for all the top Loots (::mydrops goals). From this boss, I have already started a nice collection platinum spirit shields (x4 currently) and working on all the additional plat items (phat, icon, maul of omens, tenderiser needed now as drops). Overall, I send my thanks to Drax and team as this zone surpasses anything I have ever seen coded on a server. Amazing work fam! 3. I know you are a bit of a gambling man! What is the biggest pot you have ever done? Hmmmmm, I think the bravest pot I have ever done was 4quint+ against a great in-game friend Idupps (half cash + half in many amazing items). Nowadays, I go in and out of retirement from good ole gambling lolz! I especially like those big 1 or 2 gps bets, teehee! 4. What is your favourite custom in-game and why? I C Y T O R V A ...got ahead of myself there, let me re-read that question again LOL! By far, my favorite non-custom fashionscape item is the BFG, a strong OP range weapon, that looks fresh and smacks the ever living out of every npc in sight! Best weapon brought in game by far, and what most aspire to obtain late game! 5. What's one thing you would like to see added to DreamScape? ::zombies --- it is a terrific place to chill, but it once was to be a mini-game... or something much more! To be honest, it would be absolutely LIT if they could re-explore it into a Nazi Zombies wave mini-game (see how high you can go with multiple npcs at you)! 6. Any parting words for the DSGANG! #DSGANG--- Cherish those whom mean the most to you, and always embrace every opportunity in life! Be Positive, good moral character, and proactive mindset can take you endless places. Much love and respect! Stay amazing everyone! 1. How long have you been playing DreamScape? 3-4 Years now. 2. What first brought you to Dreamscape? Honestly stumbled upon a Sohan video back in 2015, been here ever since 3. If you could remodel one area of Dreamscape, what would it be and why? Personally I would remodel ::Ownercape, to me it just seems a bit outdated. 4. What is your favourite custom in-game and why? I think the Lava textured Santa hat is my favourite, just because it's badass that's why. 5. What are your main hobbies in Dreamscape? In real life? In Dreamscape I kill a lot of chaos elemental for no reason. IRL I work overnights so I don’t really get out much. 6. Any parting words for the DSGANG! Stay sexy! 1. Name and where are you from? My name is Kaiser, but I usually go by Kai, and I'm originally from Colorado, but recently moved to Oklahoma. 2. How long have you been playing DreamScape? I probably started playing Dreamscape around 2016-2017, and quit shortly after due, to other things going in life. 3. What first brought you to DreamScape? Honestly, I was brought to Dreamscape through RSPS videos on YouTube, I was just browsing as, I've played many other RSPS's and saw a video about this server and decided to give my first custom server a try, and it's been a grand time since playing Dreamscape. 4. What keeps bringing you back to DreamScape? The community in short. It's an awesome atmosphere as I mainly spend my time around Dice zone or Battlegrounds, just the people in general are all friendly and pretty awesome. The staff team are also very friendly and do the best that they can in order to support our community with various events and giveaways every once in a while. So, all in all I think that I'm always lured back by the community, because everyone is really laid back about everything. 5. I know you’re a gambling man, so what’s the biggest pot you’ve ever won? Ha-ha, yeah I do gamble every now and then, the biggest pot I have done and won was probably a 4 Quint pot. I won some juicy lootations. 6. What was the most important piece of advice you were given when you started playing Dreamscape? Hmm... honestly when I first started playing Dreamscape I really didn't lean on anyone for guidance, as I came on and just played the game to enjoy it all in it's own self. But, if I was someone trying to help somebody else who started the server the one piece of advice I'd give to them is just, Have fun. 7. If you could remodel one area of DreamScape, what would it be? Why? If I could pick a place to remodel within Dreamscape I think it would have to be, possibly Dice Zone, because of the fact that much of the area isn't used; the west side or the south side. Mainly its the centre and east side that just involve Flower poker and Dicing, however I'm not against it being the way it is, it's just that if I did have to pick a place to remodel it would be that area. 8. What’s your biggest pet peeve in real life? In DreamScape? My biggest pet peeve in real life would be not cleaning after yourself, and in dreamscape I'm not really sure I've had no issues really, maybe I guess if someone isn't listening, after telling them that what they're doing could cause an issue for the staff team. 9. What’s your favourite non-custom fashionscape item in DreamScape? I guess if we are talking about non-custom items in general I would have to say the 3rd Age Melee set is hands down the cleanest looking set in OSRS in my honest opinion. 10. Any parting words for the #DSGANG Keep on having fun and let’s keep on growing as a community! #DSGANG!!! Well done to @Phetish on achieving 2k Crystal Keys and thank you for showing us the loot obtained! Mr @808raptor managed to finish arcade over 1k times leaving many many Infernal Capes. Hard work and dedication has payed off for @Oola. They have managed to obtain a Glaive through daily merching. Well done! Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, Quantity over Quality Raid or Arcade? Arcade, because of new release of Avengers Ketchup or Mayo? Mayo, ketchup stinks, I don't like the smell of it Home cook or Fast food? Home cook, favourite dish is Steak, Peas and Fat Chips Summer or Winter? Summer, better time to get together with your friends and socialise Logitech or Razor? Razor, because of got Razor everything... except Logitech speakers Coffee or Tea? Coffee, Caffeine addict... Big Time Cash or Card? Card, cause I'm not a drug dealer Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, just prefer the more relaxed vibes. Cafes are filled with builders Dreamscape or Osrs? Dreamscape, Osrs was 2007 Shoutouts: Shoutout to Cue ❤️ Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, Not a fan of wine and not a fan of spirits Raid or Arcade? Arcade, arcade more fun, decent money around 8m an hour Ketchup or Mayo? Mayo, mayo is a pretty solid condiment, goes with everything Homecook or Fastfood? Homecook, Culenary art school for 8 months Summer or Winter? Summer, live in Calfornia, people forget how drive in the rain Logitech or Razor? Logitech, mouse is logitechG502, recommended to all Coffee or Tea? Coffee, I love coffee, was a barista for a year and a half Cash or Card? Card, never have cash on me, couldn't tell you why Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, nice 3 course meal.. although cafe would be good in a different situation Osrs or Rs3? Osrs, much better content, much more suited for myself Shoutouts? Shoutout to my mum cause she brought me into this world ❤️ Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, I don't drink but the few times I have it's been beer Raids or Arcade? Arcade, It's more relaxed Ketchup or Mayo? Ketchup, I couldn't choose both Homecook or Fastfood? Homecook, Healthier Summer or Winter? Winter, Cause I live in florida and it's too hot Logitech or Razor? Logitech, I got more Logitech Gear Coffee or Tea? Tea, coffee is a heavier drink Cash or Card? Cash, Stops me from spending to much Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, nicer vibe than a cafe Osrs or Rs3? Dreamscape Shoutouts: Shoutout to Karim getting demoted from new Exec rank and Rigged Englog How can we, as a community, bring more enjoyment and involvement to our forums? I reward my enemies most handsomely and leave only scraps for the rest; I wear my pride on the outside. What am I? Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy News Team Adviser - @Feeds Chief Editor & Manager - @Englishlog Chief Editor & Manager - @Cue Reporter - @HC Canada Reporter - @Werwg
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    Platinum Partner Vacation - Day One We were so lucky to be joined on this years platinum (summer) vacation! Dreamz40 and Big Oof joined Chuck, Jason, Alex (our lead developer) and myself in sunny Orlando! We met out of town at DS:HQ for a champagne reception and a chance to get to know each other before heading out for food and a few more drinks. Dreamz shared his knowledge of Executive Scotch and Jason exerted his masculinity by ordering a pina colada. We then headed over to the DS Mansion. Located in a 10 bed, 12-bath mansion we have booked the hottest venue possible to celebrate the success of the year! We have been bowling (the house has 2 lanes in the basement), and played some mad baskeball with Jason playing the role of ball boy (he sure can handle them well!). We brought in the evening by smoking Cubans in the pool and discussing Dreamscape past and present. Over the course of the days we are looking to discuss dreamscape’s future and develop ideas on future updates, community changes and quality of life we can bring. As well as getting the plats to test out Raid 7 (which has been under close wraps for the last 2 months). Highlight of the day: Chuck: Bowling alley… oh and the smart toilet worth 7 bands. Drax: Cubano Cubano Big Oof: Pool (Going full Aquaman) Dreamz40: Popping bottles at the reception… Champagne for days! Jason: being a subservient ball boy o Dreamz and oof Alex: The food (eating salmon that reminds me of the motherland)
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    As @HC Canada mentioned as long as this doesn't take to much dev time I fully vouch for this, would be a nice qol update.
  19. 1 point
    I do like this idea but its uses would be very very niche. I'll give it a vouch so long as it's a quick and easy thing for devs to take care of.
  20. 1 point


    Hi Alex! If you need some kind of help, feel free to message me in game. Good luck, and I hope u will stay with Dreamscape.
  21. 1 point
    HC Canada


    Howdy Alex, thanks for the intro! Don’t think I’ve run into ya yet but I look forward to seeing you around in game and on the forums! Welcome to DreamScape!
  22. 1 point

    Veteran Rank Request

    Rank Given! Congrats on unlocking Veteran Rank! Declined! Requirements 1. You need to have 6 Months (182 days)+ since the date of your Forum account being created. 2. You must be the player requesting the rank. 3. You have to have at least 100 Forums Posts. Rank Given! Congrats on unlocking Veteran Rank! Declined! Requirements 1. You need to have 6 Months (182 days)+ since the date of your Forum account being created. 2. You must be the player requesting the rank. 3. You have to have at least 100 Forums Posts.
  23. 1 point

    Donator Rank Request

    Rank Given! Congrats on Sponsor rank! Rank Given! Congrats on Executive rank!
  24. 1 point
    To summaries all of this, it’s just item grand lottery made accessible with ds coins, to introduce a money sink. It’s a good idea but it can’t happen regularly, as what u have stated that if this happens too often, no one would donate for those items but just wait for the lottery . Generally it’s a good idea however I don’t think the time base entry seems like a good idea, u have to consider that we have a huge time zone of players, so imagine players who are asleep and miss out on entering early. Overall, neutral for this but it’s a great suggestion
  25. 1 point
    Really great guide, @Cjbear! Great starter package for new players!
  26. 1 point

    [New Concept] 5K of each!

    IGN - 2rich 2die I think you should kill 5k abyssal sire's do it, and you get 50m cash from me, you have my word. Although this would take you weeks and months of grinding, i'd like to see you get a bugatti or lambo drop.
  27. 1 point
    HC Canada

    can i please get unmuted

    Hi @rangepure069! Please open a support ticket via the tab at the top of the forums if you would like to appeal your mute. A support agent will help you out as soon as they can!
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    IMO this is a great suggestion, instead of using third eye aura, double exp ring and space invader jr , why not combine all into one item, a ring 4x exp or 6x exp however the fear of overstacking this 6x with third eye and space invader is this issue so why not cap the equippable exp multiplier to a cap of 6x ( so that your dream exp potion still stacks ) so u still get a max of 6x which is equivalent to wearing third eye, double exp ring and space invader pet. Instead of 3 items u are only equipping one.
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    Volume 1: Why are drop rates so low? One of the first things you'll notice as a DreamScape player is that bossing sucks. The drop rates are objectively terrible, and as a new player, you probably have no hope of ever receiving a drop: Figure 1: One drop worth 500k in 1400 kills??? So what's going on here? Well here's the thing: DreamScape has some very unique mechanics which really toss a wrench into the economic cogs. The first of these worth talking about are 1-hit items. There are three different varieties of one-hit items (Ownercape stats, glaive stats, and exec stats), and they all have the sane goal in mind: to decimate as many enemies as possible in as short of a time as possible. The reason for the terrible drop rates? These very items. If the drop rates were reasonable, the DreamScape economy would be a wreck. One-hit items are a necessary end result of power creep on a custom server. They are also the main mechanism by which boss drops enter the DreamScape economy. Volume 2: So what if I don't want to donate all that money? So what's in store for the majority of players who can't donate hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to obtain these items? Well luckily, the game designers are well ahead of you: the average player isn't meant to get boss drops. Instead, drops enter the game through a small number of top-tier players. As in the real world, in order to obtain these desirable items, you must yourself obtain items that the top tier desire. In DreamScape, there are a variety ways to make money without boss drops. There are minigames such as the arcade, and monsters like revenants and penguins, where the player can obtain items not obtainable from bosses such as different varieties of mystery boxes and other luck-based items. There are also always community events with fantastic prizes, which are well worth participating in and can offer you a great head-start in your DreamScape career. On top of that, players can take advantage of the strange economy in the same ways that you can in any other mmo; merching and flipping. Volume 3: Concluding remarks. This guide exists because drop rates are one of the biggest grievances that new players have about the game AND because without knowing the information in this guide, the grievances can seem legitimate. DreamScape is a super unique RSPS, and its mechanics can be confusing at first. There is a lot to explore in this game, and I hope this guide serves to ensure that you don't get disheartened when you can't seem to get any drops.
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    entered, nice vid homie
  31. 1 point
    Guide updated! Added in Raids and Deals! More updates incoming! Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions into this guide!
  32. 1 point
    Glad to see it done and glad I could help, we've been in need of a new starter guide for a while now and this is great!! Awesome work CJ!! ❤️
  33. 1 point
    Finally an updated starter guide Great work m8, keep it up
  34. 1 point

    Avenger's Raid Guide 10/6/2019

    Edited in your idea Regis thank you! Its below rings/amulet and pets
  35. 1 point

    Quantum Boots Re-texture

    I'm for the retexture, it would only make sense to match it with the space gloves for combining all 3 of the attack styles.
  36. 1 point
    I'll extend that by a couple of steps and say thank you not only to @DRAX for his perseverance and dedication to the community, but also to the whole staff team who don't get enough thanks for all their work in-game and elsewhere as well as a thanks to the entire #DSGANG for their patience through thick and thin and their support for the server!!! This community just fills me with joy every day, there's nothing quite like it in the rsps scene. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!
  37. 1 point

    Ownercape Goodiebag

    I mean I have the haze exexutive cape but I'm only an extreme donator, kinda sucks but I can see why it's done in a way. I don't think the rank should be necissarily given with the cape. Maybe with the ownercape you should get sponser because the oc is next to useless without the rank. But the exec cape still has a fair few uses without the executive rank. I would agree however there needs to be a standard with all ways to get the cape if you get the rank too or not. That being said if I could get the exec rank or even sponser rank because I have the cape I would not turn it down!
  38. 1 point

    Signature Requests

  39. 1 point
    Thank you for sharing your goals with us @IAmGoalieHC! I really hope all of those objectives become ticked off really soon. You have my support with anything you may need, keep grinding, we believe in you ❤️ if you need help with duo arcade, hit me up anytime I will do my best to help. Currently got a twin bfg setup with dream range etc etc.
  40. 1 point
    C h r i s


    Yo welcome back my man, haven't seen you in what feels like a year or so 😛 - Cjr
  41. 1 point
    This is such an obvious and simple idea, I don't know how nobody else came up with it. This is a brilliant & easy way to deal with all the complaints and controversy surrounding the ::mbox area, so it gets a massive vouch from me!!
  42. 1 point
    Might be able to make it! IGN: Steroids Discord: Steroids#4139
  43. 1 point
    Flint Arrow

    Flint Arrow's Introduction

    Hey DSGANG, My name is Zac, or Flint Arrow, and I've been here for a little over two weeks now. I'm sure some of you have seen me in-game, and if not, don't hesitate to say hi, I'm very friendly! I haven't been active at all on the forums yet, but that changes NOW! So far the community has been very welcoming and helpful. It looks like I will be staying A little bit about myself... I'm 21 years old. I live in Colorado, USA. I work a full-time job as a Front End Manager at a grocery store. My hobbies include hiking, climbing, fishing, snowboarding, rafting, and anything else you can enjoy outside. But I am also a HUGE fan of video games. I've been playing RuneScape sense I was just 10 years old. I even still have my original account haha. But once EOC hit, like most, I quit and moved to private servers. Sense then, I've been a part of more servers than I can count. I've been a global moderator on 4 of them, global admin on 3, forums admin on 1, and co-owned 2 of the 3 that i administrated. I've also been a part of countless help teams/forum moderator teams, and know my way around a forum extremely well. I used to know a handful of java and HTML coding, and even helped with a few updates on one of the servers I co-owned. I don't remember much though, I was learning it through high school and when I started working full time, I had to cut back on coding and video games in general. The reason I tell you all of this, is because this server excels in every single aspect compared to any server out there (that I have tried at least). The community is friendly and active, the staff is attentive and helpful, and the gameplay itself is so unique in the fact that even our MONEY is custom. This server steps away from the cookie cutter osrs items and flourishes in a display of art and power with more customs than I care to count. Even just the player count is enough to make me stick around. I'm here for the long run guys and gals, see ya in-game P.S. I did make my signatures, I used to dabble in graphic design through high school as well, that also went out the window when all my free time went to working. It's something I would very much like to get back into, especially after scrolling through and seeing some of your guys' KICK A$$ signatures. They make mine look extremely amateur hahaha
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    HC Canada

    Some QoL suggestions

    The bank shortcut would definitely be nice, those mice with programmable keys are kinda pricey. As for lamps, I'm definitely going with no support. I think lamps are pretty perfectly balanced as is; they are the best method for training a few skills but not for all. Most skills are already extremely fast even on hardcore (most are under an hour to 99), and I don't see the need for them to be buffed. The current rates exist due to the fact that they were overpowered in the past. Even the "use X" option would massively increase the potency of lamps, too much so in my opinion.
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    Platinum Vacation - Blog - Day 1

    Thats so sick holy! man i if i was there the bowling alley is where i'd stay showing y'all how its done!
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    Start Of Game :)

    Take my comments with a pinch of salt. your guide is very wordy.. it needs more pictures to give new comers a visual of the game before they start. yes it’s very informative but if you include pictures of the places to train, where to open the crystal keys and etc it would be very helpful. but overall your guide did delivery. Just need to work on the layout and paragraphing. I’m not perfect but I’m sure a guide with pictures will definitely be more easy to understand and whoever is reading it will have a easier time. Cheers! CJBear
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    I've sent a bug report today about this. I cannot toggle the autopickup for "Every drop" and disable the messages, it's either one of them. When I have enabled "Every Drop" it works, but the messages still show (even when disabled), and the other way around.
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    Discord suggestion

    A donation channel would seem nice.. however for the suggestion channel, let’s tweak it into brainstorm channel where maybe someone comes up with an idea and people all gather together to give their say or share their ideas too?
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    IronMan guide day 1

    After seeing how much i was helping other people with my last i decided to come back and document as well as record in the form of a guide of my time as an ironman so here goes. Starting off: You got 2 options, either Mbox to grind mystery boxes or train to grind crystal keys. What you are going to be aiming for is a decent fast hitting wep. You can get a ice katana from both crystal key and mystery boxes but Mbox also have other weps such as royal sicle, ak47, Drygore offhand, assault rifle, gold chain, as well as sum other good gear. Downside to Mbox is you dont get them asoften and they have alot of other BS items as well. so pick your poison. you can also get crystal keys from Mbox but not as frequent. Be sure to do any Clue Scrolls you can as these can greatly speed up the production of your account if you can score sum good gear. google the dreamscape wiki Clue Scroll for the complete clue scroll guide. Surok Magis in the Home shop area has all the equip and Emote equipment for clue scrolls i believe. Once you get a fast hitting wep, start to train your slayer, until you start getting task that are out of your range. such as mini bosses, or high powered bosses, magegray phoenix. now back to get either mbox or train. At this point mbox is recommended as with the penguins you can turn your auto retailiate off, take off your wep, and then aggro the penguins into stacks of 5-7 depending on how fast you can kill them. Then switch back on your auto retail. and reequip your wep and let your character goto work. Use this method to train your combat stats to 99 as well as stack up penguin bones to train your prayer to 99 (at least 92 for soulsplit). This will be your first real grind. Use your squeal of fortune chances to go for the flame torva, pernix and dragonbone mage gear. These will be your first real gear assuming you didnt get nothing OP from Mbox. Torva=Melee Pernix=Ranged Dragonbone Mage=Magic Ima Upload part 2 once i acquire these gears, and figure where to go next.
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    GFX Designer Handbook

        So I'm creating this since I feel like it could be useful for those amazing GFX'ers out there! This might help them find the courage to apply for the position and what tips on when and how you should make an application. This might not be regarded as necessary, but I personally think this could come in handy for some of you out there in the near future!     The GFX-Designer rank is often seen on different forums and RSPS's as well, and it's basically the same idea.    The GFX-Designers here on DreamScape does the exact same thing as on other forums; Make graphics for the community. Whether it'd be a new banner, logos, signatures, profile art and so on. The GFX-Designers here on DreamScape is here to help with any questions or requests regarding graphics. If you have any questions about how to get photoshop, resources or you simply have a request for some art, feel free to hit up any GFX Designer. After all, they are here to help the community with their skills.   As for appearances on forums an ingame with this rank, you would have your profile look like this on the forums   And ingame your yell tag will look along the lines of   And on the 'Staff List' panel your rank would be Graphical Artist   And of course the feather will also be infront of your name when you type ingame   The GFX-Designers have no powers whatsoever. Not ingame, on forums nor TeamSpeak. The rank isn't regarded as a staff position, and the same goes for example a youtuber.     If becoming a GFX Designer is your goal, this will hopefully give you some tips on how to increase your chances! Even though our team currently is small, we're always happy to welcome new members. :P   1. Be active in the GFX Section. You don't always have to post daily new work, tutorials or resources. Posting on people work and giving some constructive criticism is something that shows dedication and passion.   2. Create with some diversity. Surely some styles are very neat and looks amazing, but switching up things once in a while is something that could show how much skill and true passion you have for GFX and DreamScape.   3. Don't give up. If you open a shop and don't get any requests, don't make it keep you down! We all experience both good and bad days, and if you just keep going you'll surely be noticed for your dedication and good work.   4. Follow the requirements. Sometimes the Staff makes exceptions and promote some people to a rank even though they do not meet the requirements, but following the rules and guidelines is something I will HEAVILY advise on. This shows that you've fully read the application format, and that will in the long run, most likely be worth it.   Link for the requirements can be found HERE.           Sincerely, Wonder
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