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    Outbreak's Farewell.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let all of the DSGANG know I will be stepping away from DreamScape for the next few months. I haven't been around as much for the last few weeks because of a few unfortunate events that occurred in my personal life. My Dad had a major heart attack three weeks ago, he was revived after receiving CPR for 15 minutes. A few days ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, although they caught it early, it still shook me up. I've decided it would be best for me to step away for a while to take care of some things IRL. Ill still be hanging around on forums every once in a while. But will be resigning from my Trusted Dicer position. @DRAX @Chuck - The homies, thanks for everything you guys have done for the server and this awesome community. @MonoBeast - Running the media show and being understanding @lastchancer @Treyway @S7v7n @pkant18 @Lotus @akarev2 @hc b0wer- my dicing crew. thanks for always chillin with me at the zone. yall are the boys @I Willy I @mboxie @decipLe @pkant18 @Daut - my td boys. yall are the best. keep holdin it down @Greenrune113 @CylorV - a lot of potential, keep it up fellas. i expect to see yall at the top soon @Supreme - my splash brother Thank you to everyone for making my time on DS an awesome one. This community is the best I've experienced on an RSPS. You guys rock. Until next time. - Outbreak Edit - Facebook post explaining pretty much my Dad's situation. Blacked out personal stuff.
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    Tag for Treyway

    Another pending request is finished. Enjoy the new tag @Treyway
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    I Willy I

    [UPDATED] Drop Rate Boosters

    Currently Up to Date (7/16/18) Drop Rate Boosters Armour Rouge Set [Obtainable: Battlegrounds Store] Drop Rate Bonus : 2% Double Drop Bonus : 20% American Torva Set [Obtainable: Donation Store, Clue Scrolls, Dynamic Box, Mega Crate] Drop Rate Bonus : 5% American Torva (U) Set [Obtainable: Upgrading American Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 7% Shadow Torva (U) Set [Obtainable: Upgrading Shadow Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 9% Chaos Set [Obtainable: Upgrading Elemental Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Double Drop Bonus : 7.5% Devious Set [Obtainable: Drop by Diablo] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Double Drop Bonus : 25% Emperor's Set: [Obtainable: Emperor's Box or Forging 250 Emperor Souls] Emperor Boxes currently discontinued Drop rate bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 50% Link's Set: [Obtainable from Arcade] Drop Rate Bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 50% Weapons: Bazooka U [Obtainable: Using Camo Pack on Bazooka (Donation Store) ] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Golden Mini-Gun [Obtainable: Donation Store or Dynamic Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% M4A4 Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% AWP Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Ak47 Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Khione's / Eternal Khione's Staff [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Rings Ring of Wealth [Obtainable: Mystery Boxes, Crystal Keys, Minibosses] Droprate bonus : 3% Epic Rings (Seers, Archers, Berserker) [Obtainable: Drop by Dagannoth Kings] Droprate bonus : 5% Ring of Wealth (I) [Obtainable: Bird Nests, Eagles Nest, or Donation Store] Droprate bonus : 10% Avery's Ring (i) [Obtainable: Using Avery Incantation on Avery's Ring] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Ring of Fortune [Obtainable: Upgrading Row(I) ] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Pets Snowman Pet [Discontinued] Droprate bonus : 5% Double drop bonus : 3% M'Box Pet [Obtainable: Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Knuckles Pet [Obtainable: Arcade or Loyalty Shop] Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Pacman Jr [Obtainable: Arcade or Loyalty Shop] Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Phoenix Pet [Obtainable: Drop by Phoenix Boss] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Shadow King Pet [Obtainable: Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Chaos Elemental Pet [Obtainable: Drop by Chaos Elementals or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus : 15% Rick Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Bonus : 5% Morty Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus : 15% Double Drop Bonus : 5% Diablo Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Healing Per Hit Vorago Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Prayer Point Restore Corporal Beast Pet [Discontinued] Droprate bonus : 15% Damage increase : +15% Damage taken : -15% Yoda Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Helicopter Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Bonus: 15% Healing Per Hit Prayer Point Restore Auras: Fortune Aura lvl 1| [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store[ Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Fortune Aura Lvl 2 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdowm or Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Lucky Stars lvl 1 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Lucky Stars lvl 2 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Dream Potions: Dream Drop Rate Potion (4hr. 8hr. 24hr) [Obtainable: Dynamic Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 6% Dream Double Drop Rate Potion (4hr, 8hr, 24hr) [Obtainable: Dynamic Box] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 6% ::Poll Rewards Poll Reward [Obtainable: Participating in ::Poll] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Note: You have a chance of receiving Drop Rate, Double Drop, or Thieving Boosts These rewards last 1 hour Game Modes Hardcore Mode [Harder XP rates than Normal Mode] Droprate bonus : 15% Ironman Mode [Cant trade, Same XP rates as Hardcore Mode] Droprate bonus : 25% If I am missing any DR/DDR items please leave in the comments below Missing items will be added ASAP!
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    Whats going on Dreamers! Its yo boy bowwow! This thread will guide you on how to buy or sell donations in Dreamscape. This guide will help you get to know the price base on the donations for both buyer's and the sellers. RULES!!!!! Make sure that whenever you are buying the donations from the other players, it is STRICTLY only In-game cash/Items! If you happen to be guilty of RWT (Real World Trading) your account will be banned IMMEDIATELY from the servers. Always, use any Staff member from Helper to an Admin + for middleman for the donation transaction. Avoid using other players due to the fact that you may be scammed. Prices $1 to 10 Dollars Donations - 100T a dollar max (100T-1Q) $10 to 30 Dollars Donations - 150T a dollar max (1.5Q-4.5Q) $30 to 99 Dollars Donations - 175T a dollar max ( 5.25Q - 17.5Q) $100 to 399 Dollars Donations - 200T a dollar max (20-80q) Ownercape Donations ($400) - 100-120Q Max $401 to 600 Dollar Donations - 275T a dollar max (110-165Q) $601 to 1,000 Dollar Donations - 300T a dollar max (180-300Q) Remember! The bigger the donations, the amount of Trills will increase. As you can see above, 1-10 dollar small donations 100t, and bigger it gets it will increase the amount of price. So if you are buying the range of 10-30, all you have to do is to multiple the 150T with how much they seller is selling. Hope this will break it down a bit for better understanding. This guide will mainly help out those who are buying/selling donations from other players. If you have any further questions, always feel free to PM any of the staff members or myself. We will be more then happy to Middleman or help you out with the transaction.
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    Hey guys, I was just thinking about the pets we have in DS. It struck my mind of how cool and R2-D2 or C3PO pet would be? Anybody else think this is a good idea or just me haha? -kalleknud1
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    Rangezeze's Farewell

    Leaving for good now. Didn't get completely cleaned or anything, just don't have motivation to play anymore. I feel like there is nothing to do beside gambling. Enjoyed playing these 6 months but now it's time to move on. Ill open up my decision on quitting below. All "bosses" are just too easy, drink prayer once every min and grind,grind,grind without any good rewards. Im happy for new bosses coming almost every month, but they are all too easy. Just put soulsplit on and start watching youtube/netflix. After few days you might get one drop. Latest update gave some light to skilling, but i still think it's useless in Dreamscape. You can make absolutely zero cash with skilling. For example there is no need for fishing or any other foods, because only thing you need in pvming is prayer ( Thieving is only useful skill and that's only for starters). All you get for achieving 99 is 10m (!?) cash. Make harder gamemodes and skilling somehow more rewarding. Minigames. What minigames? We have no active minigames. Bg is fun, but it's active only if staff member does event there. Now for my favorite part, Gambling. Dreamscape is definitely number one gambling server. Im not sure if i like the new or old dicezone more. Developers had vision of flowers and dices being on different sides of the gambling area and that clearly failed. Cool idea, but we just don't have enough players for that. You can't divide 15-30 gamblers on two places, it makes dicezone graveyard. Im sorry to say this, but it was sad moment when @Chuck became Gambling Manager. Since then gambling in this server has gone downhill. When @Lil Bowwow was Gambling manager, dicezone was crowded. No hate towards current staff, but haven't seen too many events recently. I miss time when @Michigan & @Listy420 were on staffteam. They did events frequently and they were LIT. @Chuck Don't know what's your situation irl, but im pretty disappointed how rarely you log ingame. I saw in gambling tournaments that you are a good guy and you should be involved more with this nice DS community. If you are busy as it looks, please make somebody else gambling manager to keep DS #1 Gambling server. @DRAX Always fair guy. Working hard towards the community. Thanks for keeping gambling alive with tournaments. @Supreme Very helpful, always replies in all pm's immediately. @pkant18 My favorite staff member! Thanks for all help you have given to me bro, keep rocking! @Lil Bowwow Cleaned me 3-4 times but no hate man. I promise to come back if you manage to get cleaned some day @Feeds Haven't seen you much because of different timezones, but you have done good work in News Team & ::deals. @Stuart My favourite guy on ::deals! @MonoBeast Nice guy and very active with community. @YOda Is here Friendly spacemaniac. May the force be with you! @Greenrune113@Inject@CylorV Each of you fellas deserve mod, goodluck! Big thanks to all developers for awesome updates! And thanks to all my buddies @ dicezone ❤️ My favourite Td's @pkant18@mboxie@decipLe( You owe me 100q for all those merches )
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    Attention to detail

    This is just an absurd thing to even contemplate adding in. What's the point? It wouldn't benefit the server whatsoever as it wouldn't even follow under a QoL update. Besides this, I could get behind what @YCGamez said. Perhaps fixing 5-10 items per update would be a good goal to have.
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    I Willy I

    Avengers Raid Guide

    What is Avengers Raid: Avengers Raid is a safe mini-game that requires a team of 5 players to begin. The first step of the raid is to kill the nine bosses throughout the maze to then gain access to the final two bosses in the boss room; Ultron and Thanos. The raid is completed most efficiently with a balance of range and mage attack gear; Example: 3 players wear mage gear and 2 wear range. How to get to Avengers raid: ::avengers Requirements: Team of 5 Mid-Level/ High-Level Gear American Pernix / American Pernix U / Devious + Minigun / GMG / M4A4 American Virtus / Inga / Infernal / Crystal + Soulflare / Soulflare U / Oblivion Scythe / Khione's / Eternal Khione's Soulsplit Prayer Potions / Super Restores Not Required but helpful: Healing Pet Regain Aura Avery Ring Rewards: Successfully completing the raid will award the people who survived points based on the damage leader board as follows: 1st Place: 5 points 2nd Place: 4 points 3rd Place: 3 points 4th Place: 2 points 5th Place: 1 Point These points are used for the Avenger Store located north of home in the NPC Shops. All items except the Infinity Gauntlets (2,000) and the 250B (1) cost 1oo points. Avengers Walk-Through All Credits to Host Dean's for this video! Check out his youtube channel here Like and Subscribe to his channel! Pray Soulsplit during the entirity of the raid First Boss: Ant Man This boss has a healing effect; whenever this boss shrinks down to his miniature form DO NOT HIT HIM. When hitting him in his miniature form all of your hits will be blue hit markers and all damage will heal him instead. TIP: When he shrinks go kill the Vision nearby to save some time Second Boss: Vision Nothing special about this NPC; just kill it and move on to the next one. Third Boss: Iron Man Head North from Ant Man and you will find Iron Man in the corner; this is a single-target zone. Soloing Iron Man will require high-level gear and soulsplit to withstand the high damage from Iron Man. Tip: Lure Iron Man out to multi-level combat area so the rest of your team can help kill Fourth Boss: Dr Strange Nothing special about this boss; just kill it and continue down the path on to your next target Fifth Boss: Hulk Hulk is a heavy-hitting melee boss Trap him in the corner of the tunnel and you will be able to kill him without taking damage Sixth Boss: Spiderman This boss has high DPS and the team should send in the player with the best tank gear to try and survive his attacks while the rest of the team attacks. Seventh Boss: Captain America Nothing special with this boss, just mow it down with your team. Eighth Boss: Drax the Destroyer This is right around the bend on the southern path- no special effects Ninth Boss: Black Panther North from Drax you'll find Black Panther- nothing special about this boss either. BOSS TIME! Ultron: Kill Ultron first due to the fact there is no prayer protection. Thanos will sometimes drag you in but just run back out on the floor when this happens. Pray soulsplit during the entirety of the fight Thanos: Second step of the boss room is killing Thanos; He switches prayers frequently so having a mixed attack style team will benefit you here. (Range/Mage) When Thanos yells "MIND!" he will drag you towards him, no need to panic just run back out into the zone away from him and continue your attacks. Thanos will heal throughout the fight; outlast him and you complete the raid! Raid Map: Ant Man- 1st Kill Vision- 2nd Kill Iron Man- 3rd Kill Dr Strange- 4th Kill Hulk- 5th Kill Spiderman- 6th Kill Captain America- 7th kill Drax- 8th Kill Black Panther-9th Kill (Black Panther)
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    So basically how this would work ( Remember values could change and are up to the dev's ) is atm people grind and grind and sometime they get into the 10k's for KC with out getting a single drop. Is this a bad thing, no is it discouraging yes. Well here's a solution.... Say every 1k KC an event would pop. This event would act like or similar to the ultimate mystery boxes as seen in the picture. Now as you can see there is a lot of random Stuff I have on here INTRODUCING Item pieces. We are not that new to pieces as we do this with the Invictus Items. Having item pieces would not only create a new item eco but it would also help make this system no so OP and also it would give the player the satisfaction of getting "something" for their hard earned Kill count. *****Note : if you get something off the spin or get a drop within the 1k KC to trigger the event the KC event would reset to prevent massive drops.***** The Item pieces would have to go to a NPC maybe called the idk "RXG's PARTS MAN" 😛 Here it would cost you 1k souls to put pieces together. (again values are up to the dev's) Now you maybe wondering "whats that 15% DR" Well if you are lucky enough to land on that you would get buff for 10-30 mins of that DR % BUT as soon as you get a drop you would loose the set DR % or when the timer runs out. This is just an idea that needs work but it will help people not feel cheated in the journey's in dreamscape. Let me know what you guys think.
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    POTM - August 2018

     Dear Dreamers and Graphic Designers! With the Picture of the month event going so well and everyone participating I have decided to up the stakes on this months event! Meaning giving even bigger rewards for those that participate! I do want to mention we are looking for more Graphic Designers, if you would like read up on the requirements or you believe you meet them please check out the application and apply! ***Only if you meet the requirements*** Anybody can enter this event and anybody can win! So make sure to enter for your chance to win! We do have some requirements as well that must be met: - The picture must be your own work -Stock images are NOT acceptable - You must follow the monthly theme - The image cannot be larger than 1500x1500px or 10mb - You can only submit pictures taken in DreamScape - Do not show any form of inappropriate content in your entry - Voting for yourself is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant disqualification - Post your submission down in the comments below This Months theme is: "Live, Laugh, Love" We should all be familiar with this quote. The idea behind this is to incorporate this quote into your design that represents each word. This no doubt will be a challenge! So good luck!!  I want to wish every participant good luck. This thread will be open for entries until the 20th of August. The voting thread will be opened on the 20th, and it'll close on the 28th of August as many players may not be able to vote if the time limit is smaller. The winners will be announced on the 1st day of September. The Prizes will consist of 3 winners (as long as there are enough entries) Currently, we have these for the top 3 COMMUNITY rated Pictures! First Prize will be: 1 Minigun, AND Picture Of The Month (potm) + POTM Winner Second Prize: American Boxing Gloves + 1q Cash  Third Prize: Soulflare(u) + 500T Cash
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    Rare Drop From Every Boss

    I will be doing every boss till i get every rare drop from each and every single boss. And i am going to make it a challenge that i can only do 1 boss at a time no matter what till i get all the drops to make it fun since i 1 shot them all. I will be doing an update every time i finish all the drops from 1 boss. I will also be recording how long it took me and how many kills it took to do so wish me good luck boys i feel like this will take a while! Barrelchest Brutal Whip Ice Katana Bork Malevolent Helm Malevolent Platebody Malevolent Platelegs Callisto Angelic Sword Gold Ags Callisto Egg Corporeal Beast Fallen Deathcape Abyssal Tentacle Wizzy Torva Helm Wizzy Torva Body Wizzy Torva Legs Chaos elemental Elemental Helm Elemental Platebody Elemental Platelegs Elemental Boots Elemental Kiteshield Elemental Brutal Whip Chaos Elemental Pet Dagannoth Kings Epic Beserker Ring Epic Seers Ring Epic Archer Ring Dagannoth Kings Dragonbone Protector Dragonbone set ( theirs a lot of pieces i didnt want to copy n paste) Flame Pernix Flame pernix Set Flame Torva Flame Torva Set Forgotten Warrior Prime torva set Icy Skeleton Icy Boots Icy Kiteshield Icy Santa Icy Spirit Shield Icy Whip Staff of Ice Invictus Warriors Inga set King Black Dragon Black dragon shield King Dreamer Dream wing boots Mini Bosses Brutal Whip Flipper Mudskipper Party Pete Boss Pete Hat Rainbow Godsword Phoenix Phoenix eggling Scorpia Scorpia egg Sea Troll Queen Ice katana Rainbow Kiteshield Shadow King Shadow Set Tormented Demon Tormented demon pet Flame Gloves Venenatis Venenatis Pet Vet'ion Gold chain Vet'ion Pet Vorago Demoin wings Morphing ring maul of odems MageGray Soulflare Soulflare (U) (Since its easy to get SF gonna go and try to upgrade) Necromancer Infernal set trix,nax,tam, trix orb Olaf Olaf set seers,archer,berserker boots Ill be doing it by complete random number generator the task is to not do any other boss till the time of completing a full drop. Wish me luck bois ill be doing an update everytime i get a full set done of drops and if i am missing a boss that isnt a raid boss please let me know to add them! ontop of them i am not going to turn in the souls i get till i finish the whole task Current Kc are.. dont laugh at my kc i did a lot of dicing at the begging lmao 1Barrelchest -72 Bork-374 callisto-228 corp-30 chaos ele-4012 dbone-360 flame pern-598 flame king-679 forgotton warrior-119 icy skeleton-1251 invictus warrior-? kbd-63 king dream-1029 miniboss-2174 party pete boss-67 phoenix-190 scorpia-164 sea troll queen-495 shadowking-4946 tormented demons-1161 venenatis-387 vetion-1701 vorago-5 magegray-36753 Necromancer-18518 Olaf-26554 Tbh i might be missing some and just brainfarting them 1 at a time! ill be starting with a random number from 1-26 currently if i am missing ill just add Flame pernix being my first from this post on i will not be doing anything until i get the full americna pernix Set! post note if i already got all of another boss drops i can continue doing that boss as well as the new one ill be workign with
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    I’m out

    So yeah, Some of you may know who I am, I’ve played dreamscape on and off for the last 3 and a half years now and my ds journey has come to a end.. at least untill further notice. Thank you for those who’ve made my time excellent:3 (theres alot more but just a few I named below) @Potentials @Squishy @akarev2 - Mecha
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    I Willy I

    good bye again :(

    Take care Split, Hope you find your way back to DS! I never completely understand what you're saying to me but I'll miss that.
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    This is a small suggestion, but I think it'd be nice/helpful. I don't know how others feel about this , but I think it would be nice if either raid boss got there own teleport like bosses. Where it shows you how hard the raid boss, what style it hits, what it drops etc. There's a few teleports in spell book not being used or if anything add them to boss tab already. Maybe add avengers to the list too. I think it be helpful for people who wanna raid. I also think it will give a bit more professional look for raids too. Just an idea.
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    Following the success of Chuck's HUGE Gambling tournament, we will be doing a new DICE DUEL TOURNAMENT! To participate in this events, you will need to be DONATOR RANK + which means, if you are non-donator, you CANNOT participate in this event. If you happen to be interested in participating, leave your IGN below with your timezone, which will allow me to make a ladder table. The event will be held at: Friday 3rd August, 2018. 5:00 P.M ( 17:00 ) EST time. X2 REWARD SPECIAL REWARDS 3rd Place 10Q + Soulflare 2nd Place 15Q + Soulflare (u) 1st Place 20Q + Oblivion Scythe + CHuck's Luck Number's game will be on from ROUND ONE!! = MANY MORE PRiZES TO BE ONE!!! Lucky number is where a number is chosen by Chuck and the first person to roll that number wins a huge prize! This is reset each time someone wins! This can be 1 lucky number per round or up to 5 lucky numbers!!! Rules are very simple, One account per player are allowed to participate in this event. No complaning after a lose, foul language, lets show some sportsmanship! If fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified from the event. THE GAME PLAY DICE DUEL Two players will challenge eachother for FT3 (First to 3). Winner will climb up the ladder to 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes! Good luck all and hope to see you guy's register for this event! ----------------------------- Sign Up Below vvvvvvvvvvvvv
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    vorago jr pet giveaway!

    Hey guys its ya boy hachu. i will be starting a giveaway for a vorago pet. if i get 10 replies on this top post i will give it away to a random winner 😛 comment your ign bellow ! Goodluck to Everyone:P
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    love the server!

    Hey guys just stopping in. telling you guys I love the server. I see the dedication time and effort and its great! keep up the hard work Sincerely ya boy Hachu-
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    The chances on flower poker

    Flower Poker % OKAY NOTE THIS, this is according to math and probability For Flower poker and the odds of you planting one of these 5 plants theirs always RNG TO GET YOU THAT CUCK but its math. and math never fails :). Post. Note what i found out is quite interesting The White and Black flower are reshuffles think about it like this when you plant an white or black its like reshuffling your deck the deck being your color flower. you can also almost think about it like if a six-sided die is thrown. statistics and probability P(AÇB) = P(A)P(B) Now rainbow is an interesting you're more likely to plant a rainbow then any other flower. Dont ask why just trust after planting 100K flowers in 2 account to see the difference their arent really any big game changer. now the first row of numbers you see below are your odds of planting those(note. yes i know "oh rainbow isnt there why reeee" yeah i know that its because rainbow is treated as a white and black for some reason you have a 28%ish of planting a rainbow than any other flower white and black are 0.325...% of planting since their know as a reshuffle ill explain it later on.) 24% for planting 1 blue 13% for planting 1 purple 16% for 1 pastel 20% for orange 13% for red and 14% for 1 yellow. Now don't get to lost in my words and PRO math skills Those are your odds of planting 1 of those plants now here is where math becomes a big OOF now those where your odds of getting bust basically the chance of you get a pair of those is divided completely by half so it goes 12/6.5/8/10/6.5/7 to getting a single pair To get a 2P and a regular plant its more common than get a 3 of a kind (that is why oak beats 2P) its the same if you were to plant 2,1 pairs Now a 3 oak is 8%/4.333...%/5.333...%/6.666...%/4.333...%/4.666...% (#)/(3)=X% A full house is getting 3 pair and a 2 pair this beats anything except a 4 oak and a 5 oak (Since its not actual poker you cant get a straight or straight flush or royal flush) you have 4.0662% chance of getting a random 3 pair and a random 2 pair (#)+(%)/5=X (X=%) A 4 Oak is planting 4 of the same pair and a random 1 pair Note this is when you should question your luck that you actually managed to get a 4 oak and this is also the time to cry about the fact that you were test planting and ended planting a 4 oak 6%/3.25%/4%/5%/3.25%/3.5% (#)/4=X% Now to be a god and get a 5 Oak and get all the omegalul in the dicezone 4.8%/2.6%/3.2%/4%/2.6%/2.8% (#)/(5%)=X(%) So now you know your odds of getting anything in flower poker without counting rainbows..... now with rainbows all the number get decreased by A L O T ill cut it short since if you read this far you can understand that finding out the rates are easier than finding out the % of actually get a reg bust Rainbow is Rounded up 28% and it goes from Blue/purple/pastel/orange/red/yellow 28%/18%/8%/12%/15%/8%/11% 1p 14%/9%/4%/6%/7.5%/4%/5.5% 2p ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I got lost whit 2 p tbh sorry it was 2:30Am when i was doing this 3Oak 9.3%/6%/2.667%/4%/5%/2.667%/3.667% Fh 3.66% 4Oak 7%/4.5%/2%/3%/3.750%/2%/2.75% 5Oak 5.6%/3.6%/1.6%/2.4%/3%/1.6%/2.2% Um those are you chances of getting anything YES i know "RNG IS A THING" well so is math you either win sometimes or you get got Now here is all the numbers its not hard to know what they mean if not google. I might of skipped some words mainly cause i think and type at the same time and mid type i skip words cause i thought of it and didnt end up typing it. iF YOU DO have any questions how i pulled most these number outta of my bum you can PM in game or via discord im always on at home and at work and yeah i can edit this to be 100X prettier But bare with me lol. ON that note Goodluck ON FLOWER POKER BOIS!!! P.S MATH=<3 Blue Purple Pastel Orange Red Yellow Total Plants Percent expected 24% 13% 16% 20% 13% 14% -––– Percent observed 18.36% 14.16% 18.44% 20.76% 14.20% 14.08% -––– Qty. expected 629 341 419 524 341 367 -––– Qty. observed 481 371 483 544 372 369 2620 Difference -148 +30 +64 +20 +31 +2 –––- Average per seeds 10.02 7.73 10.06 11.33 7.75 7.69 54.58 Maximum in seeds 16 12 17 17 12 14 57 Minimum in seeds 5 3 5 7 2 2 52 Std. deviation 2.82 2.19 2.59 2.54 2.62 2.65 1.32 Variance 1.74 7.98 4.80 6.70 6.44 6.87 7.03
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    I Willy I


    Hulk ring is strictly cosmetic and has absolute zero use, that item will crash to 1T eventually. As for the Avery ring, I highly highly doubt that there are that many coming into the game via bots. If the item is crashing it’s from people undercutting each other because cash is hard to come by at the moment, that goes for tons of items. That being said, I 100% agree that the bots gotta go. There’s nothing from stopping people from 24/7 botting and that’s just ridiculously stupid as more skilling updates are added into the server. Prior to the mystic woods update, botting was whatever, but now with lots of money that can be potentially made I’d like to save those drops for the people trying. Maybe add a 3-4 hour log out timer or something to fix this and remove the legality of botting.
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    How are we bois

    How are we bois
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    Tag for Slicin

    Another sexy tag was made, for my man @Slicin and a fair payment! Enjoy Slicin
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    Tag for Slicin

    That looks absolutely insane! 😮 Nicely done once again!
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    All Rare W'cing Drops

    Lamped wcing from 87 to 110 today and decided to start wcing mystic woods and to not lamp the rest of it. Just got beaver pet at 500k exp left to 111. So... I figured that I'd post a goal thread, progressing toward getting all the rare drops from wcing/nests. I won't be doing this consistently 24/7, but I'll def be grinding for it and will update this thread as things come together. Loots ATM: Eagle Nests Searched So Far: 44 Current Wcing Level: 112/150 Drops: Beaver Pet Obtained 7/18/2018 Row (i) Obtained on 40th Nest Searched 7/20/2018 Eagle Pet Hulk Ring Avery's Ring Updated 7/20/2018
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