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    Hey #DSGANG! I need to bring up a topic with you and make you try to understand it in this topic. So if you gamble, please take 5 minutes of your time to give this a read. I spend 99.9% of my time in the dicing area & on a daily basis I see people flaming, going crazy about the game or begging for items. The reason for this is losing bank at the dicezone. People need to be 100% aware of the risks you are taking when gambling. So I ask you to please have a serious think about what you're about to gamble. If you lose bank, please refrain from flaming others who are simply there to enjoy the game aswel. The dice zone can be a really enjoyable place to be but it can also be a really sad place, so please understand and think about it next time you fancy a gamble. Any questions on the matter please feel free to either PM me ingame 'Bowks' or just reply to this thread and i'll get back to you. Thankyou for reading. -BOWKS
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    Seasonal Goodiebox Update

    What's up dreamers! As some of you know, Winter51 won the Blood Khione from the seasonal goodiebox! As we want to ensure that these super juicy 1 in game textured glaives (worth 2500$ each) keep their value and rarity we will be swapping out the next top prize from the seasonal goodiebox to another 1 in game item! The new top prize is the Space Khione Staff This textured Khione staff has 1 hit ability 10% drop rate 10% double drop rate 10% luck and is a 1 in game item! Don't miss out! Who will be the lucky winner of this gorgeous rare! Please note: if you win the top prize from the seasonal goodiebox, please contact an admin+ as soon as possible to claim your prize! Good luck!
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    Diglet locator suggestion

    Hey guys, just wanted to make this post as Hairyranger suggested it and I thought it was a good suggestion so wanted to brind it to a wider audience. (Awesome suggestions imo mate) So at diglet, the random spawns are awesome as it stops afk which is awesome! The suggestion is a location arrow that gives you the direction he is located to save running around for ages. Still stops afk but makes it less tedious 😄 For revampsWhat's the current issue? Diglet can take too long to locateWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? having a visual location indicator on minimapHow will this benefit player/server? will help the player save time running round but still solves the afk issue not affecting the serverHow could this be expanded in future? N/aWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Technically will increase drops into eco but overall i think it just makes it more viable and enjoyable - I dont do diglet ive killed like 5 but just a good suggestion imo
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    Executive Zone Filter

    What's the current issue? Executive zone points spam chat making you miss when you get a drop, or chat that is happening What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a filter like Ownercape zone has, that doesn't spam the chatHow will this benefit player/server? Will make chatbox less crowded for people at executive zoneHow could this be expanded in future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) N/A
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    Dreamscape Fashion Event!

    Welcome everyone to the Dreamscape Custom specific fashionscape event! In this event we will be seeing who can make the best outfit out of the customs only available in Dreamscape! What this fully means is you may only use customs from Dreamscape, no base RS items! I look forward to what you guys can come up with, rules prizes and info on how to enter below! Rules: 1. All submissions must follow the Dreamscape rules. 2. You may only enter once, but can change your outfit. All entries will be reviewed on the end date. 3. Only one of your accounts can enter, making multiple accounts to enter will get your removed from the competition. 4. You must use only Dreamscape custom items, no base RS items allowed. How to enter: 1. Post your in game name on your post. 2. Attach your picture to the thread, I will not be opening any links. 3. Make sure it follows all the rules of the competition. Prizes To Be Won: First Place: Diablo Jr Pet! Second Place: M4A4 Asiimov! Third Place: Electronic Katana! Static Prize: Two Event Boxes! Hope you all have fun in this event and good luck to everyone! This event will run from today to February 15th when the winners will be announced!
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    If possible I would like to donate any cash from this int oa pot for a community event of some kind Like this post if you would like to do the same and we could possibly get a big event with some juicy prizes for everyone!!
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    Forum Staff Feedback!

    All in all great job team! Keep it up 😄 1. Situational Awareness - How well do we handle situations on our forum? Do we need improvement? How can we improve? Seems bang on in my experience 2. Response Rate - Are we responding to your posts at a accurate rate? Are we reviewing pending posts in a reasonable time slot? Are our responses helpful? Always seem helpful to me no matter which forum mod etc it is! and lastly, 3. Overall Forum Stability - Are we keeping the forums tidy, free of spam? Are we thoroughly archiving useless, old threads? Do we create a stable atmosphere that provides a great forum experience? Yes!
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    Forum Staff Feedback!

    Thank you for your response! We definitely try our best to be as responsive as possible!
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    Dreamscape Fashion Event!

    In game name: englog dem piiic
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    Hc chong

    Executive Zone Filter

    Sugvested it to drax as soon as i became exec and he said its possible cause they did it for spons zone so im pretty sure we will get that really soon 😛 hughuge +1 for me
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    i dont understand why all say nice updates because its not, all updates its donations u guys dont even effort fix last updates but u still do new donations updates
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    Give me reps, now

    Give me reps, now
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    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Anti Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Anti DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram First off, Congratulations @Filth on getting Forum Moderator & News Team , you deserve it man. The graphics are great as well. Second, we got @Englishlog who was also promoted to Forum Moderator, congratulations man we needed it. Welcome Steelsponge, hope you enjoy the new updates!! They're awesome. Hello Cooni, welcome I'm glad you like the server.! Enjoy it man. Welcome back from the dead, we've had some great updates. welcome @mayonnaise to our community a deathcore music lover! welcome @Devils grave a graphic designer to our lovely community! Welcome he gambling addict @Maxedkiller, indeed a nice guy to talk to Unforuntaltey we got one farewell, @Its Mr Mg have farewelled from our community hope to see you back 😞 Who is our new gambling manager, heard its one of our newest Td's, ist? 1.) How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server?? Found out from watching random Youtube videos, obviously loved it, 2) If you could have ANY rank in the game for a day, what would it be and why? *Keep in mind this could be actual ranks or made up ranks? Already got a perfect rank, but I think it has to be Helper again. That was a fun time. 3.) What do you think about the DS community? Best out there, they have a great CM too. 4.) Do you have any goals you want to achieve?? Not losing every bill I make on my alt. 5.) What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why?? Probably all the times Im sitting at Staffzone messing around with folks, hard to pick one out of that bunch. 6.) If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be and why? A pet bug . 7.) What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Sponsor & Wiki Editor/Manager? Why? Just more people interacting and finding groups to play with rather than going solo 8.) if you can change one thing in the server what would it be and why? Forum activity 9.) Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? Shoutout to all the forum people who make it fun to wake up and read every day. 1) You've been playing a a decent bit of time, Do you mind telling us what keeps you motivated to play? I like how different it is to other servers Customs, content is original. 2) If you could have any rank for a day, what would it be and why? Executive, because I like pvm'ing and it's a great achievement, plus I wouldn't like to be staff because it's very busy and I prefer to chill out. 3) If you could choose out of any item in-game to have, what would it be and why? Mr Mg: That's a tough one Mr Mg:Probably BFG9000 because I always wondered how good it is and I guess custom weps aren't an option on this answer Me:It can be. Mr Mg:Ahh then I'd probably want a custom AK Asiimov. 4) If you had to say, what is your favorite piece of content that we have in Dreamscape? At the minute my favourite is Revs. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? No that's all but can I ask where these answers are going? Good luck with those goals man. You can do it. 1.) Cerberus or zulrah? Why? On Dreamscape I assume, then Zulrah. I like the thing you get a box every kill and have an exciting moment of opening it haha. 2.) Trinity or King vs Godzilla? Why? Trinity for sure. I mean items are pretty rate but definitely amazing if you get one. 3.) Warriors Guild or Assault & Dominion? Why? Both are pretty dead content but Warriors guild. Something about defenders. 4.) Rap or Rock? Rap. Always been like that. I listen to all genres but rap is what standouts for me the most. 5.) PS4 or Xbox 1? If have to decide it’s Playstation for sure. Computer gaming god tier. Rares: [NEWS][Rare]: 4 Real Irish has received 2x Amorth helm! [NEWS][Rare]: Steelsponge has received 2x Infernal boots! [NEWS][Rare]: Penn Jr has received 1x Seers boots ! [NEWS][Rare]: Steelsponge has received 2x Infernal bottoms! [NEWS][Rare]: Tomatoes has received 2x Beserkers boots ! [NEWS][Rare]: Speedieee has received 1x Oblivion full helm! [NEWS][Rare]: Simuli4 has received 2x Yix Amulet! Ultra Rares: [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Kingi523 has received 1x Avery Ring ! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Lonely Bagel has received 1x Castiel Katana ! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Hc Chong has received 2x Soulflare! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Ibugz has received 1x Castiel Katana ! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Ibugz has received 1x Devious legs! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Mesakaro has received 683x Orb of Energy! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Steelsponge has received 2x Soulflare! BEST DROPS: [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Kingi523 has received 1x Avery Ring ! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Ibugz has received 1x Crystal full helm! [NEWS][Ultra rare]: Ibugz has received 1x Devious legs! What a nice picture from @luke ayy Nice one @didyscape keep them coming! How hard is it to get 99 in our NEW skill scavengers? How many sides are there to a circle? Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy News Team Adviser - @Feeds Manager & Chief Editor - @Anti Co-Chief Editor - @Englishlog Editor - @DRAX Reporter - @Xiare
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    Executive Zone Filter

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    Its Mr Mg

    Mr Mg's Farewell

    So the time has come guys, after 5 years of playing the absolute best RSPS, I've finally decided that my road has come to an end. I have made some great friends over the years and have had some truly amazing times. I would like to pay a big thank you to all of the staff team for doing an amazing job with the server. The server has been a big part of my life over the years and I will always be grateful for having the chance to play it, but my time is up and it's time for me to leave behind this game. Should I ever return to the server I hope it is doing just as good as it is when I left, and I have no doubt that in years to come I will return, because lets face it, DSGANG is always going to be a part of my life and I will want to pop in to say hello. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may the gods of the RNG be in everyone's favor. This is Mr Mg, signing off. Signed with love now and forever. DSGANG ❤️
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    Need some Guidance.

    Hello, I'm an old player returning, just signed in for the first time in I'd say in over a year maybe two years? I'm looking at spending some time on here again and I have no idea how to make money as so much has changed over the time I haven't logged in. I have an OwnersCape but I'm not sure on where to go to make some starter cash. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Scavenger Skill Guide

    Welcome to the Scavenger Skill Guide! The following will be how to gain exp (click to open table from wiki): Open mystery boxes - 100 exp Open donation boxes - 10,000 exp Use crystal key - 100 exp Open birds nests - 500 exp Open eagles nests - 500 exp Combine souls (::soulroom) - 500 exp per 200 souls Use soulroom keys - 500 exp per key Use raids key - 1000 exp per key Use slayer key - normal 250 exp - dream 5000 exp Combine fallen star wishes - 2500 exp per 20 wishes combined Clue scrolls - easy - dream - 500, 1000, 1500, 2500 Gain skilling pet - 10,000 exp Get announced drop - 10,000 exp Get announced drop from soul chest - 10,000 exp Get announced drop from donation box - 25,000 exp Vote book announced drop - 10,000 exp Open Vote books - 1000 exp Open world box - 2,500 exp Combining key fragments - 1000 exp per key Open treasure chest - 1000 exp per chest Combining armour pieces (dream etc) - 100,000 exp Upgrade chest success - easy/medium/hard/dream - 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 Upgrade unsuccessful - easy-dream - 100, 500, 1000, 2500 Use code keys - 1000 exp per key Play battlegrounds - 1000 exp per game Win battlegrounds - 2500 exp per win Arcade - Same exp as tokens rate per waves completed Levelling skills - 99/120/150 - 1000/2500/5000 What are the benefits of this skill? Scavenger skill is an awesome and 100% custom skill that lets you earn exp and rewards while playing all our custom content! From redeeming soul room keys, to open vote books the list of ways to level up your scavenger skill are vast! The skill comes with plenty of new rewards including a brand new upgrade chest and a way to swap resources for juicy items including the Owner Cape! This skill cannot be lamped and is not required for prestiging. You gain exp by collecting and using resources around the map. What does the capes look like? Level 99: Level 150: So what is the importance of this skill? This may be your biggest question yet, and let me answer it with this. You can trade items in for resource points, then you can buy items with those points as well! The resource trade is at ::upgrade, and looks like this: Resources - Points Gained Soulflare - 2 Soulflare (u) - 4 Golden minigun - 50 Minigun - 20 Olaf helm/body/legs/cape - 5 Devious body/helm/legs - 40 Crystal helm/body/legs - 75 Am’orth helm, body. Legs - 5 Amulets yix, nam, tam - 5 Seers, Berserker, Archers boots - 50 Elemental armour - 2 Shadow Torva - 2 Collectors necklace - 4 Row I - 4 Avery Ring - 100 Avery I - 125 Khiones Staff - 150 Eternal Khiones Staff - 200 Electronic Katana - 50 Elder Wand - 1 Scroll of fire/blood/souls/luck - 50 Morphing Ring - 10 Helicopter Pet - 500 points Icy Glaive - 500 points Gumby Pet - 200 Dream mage helm, body, legs - 150 Dream (blood) helm body legs - 150 Yoda Pet - 200 Chaos Ele Pet - 3 Phoenix egging - 1 Now back to what I said about using those resource points to buy items, here are the following items that you can buy: Item - Points to Purchase Emperors Soul - 1 Youtube Staff - 1 1bil Check - 5 Jason Mask - 25 World Box - 25 Supreme T-shirt - 50 Trix orb - 150 Golf Putter - 100 Lil' zik - 100 Yeezy's - 250 Turkey Pet - 250 Wolf Cub Egg - 500 Scroll of Returning - 1500 Gant's Magnet - 1500 Lava Black Jack Table - 750 Recolor Ticket - 750 Owner cape - 5000 Baphomet's Sceptre - 5000 You can also upgrade items when you reach level milestones! Lvl 50 Donator Ticket -> super donator ticket Super Donator -> Extreme donator ticket Extreme Donator Ticket -> Sponsor Ticket lvl 60 Asiimov weapons into BFG9000 lvl 70 Aqua Spirit shield -> Space Spirit Shield Lvl 75 Blackjack Table -> Lava Black Jack Table lvl 80 Longclaw -> Icy Glaive Ultimate Dream Katana -> Icy Glaive Sword of the protectorate -> Icy Glaive lvl 90 Golden Ak47 -> AK47 Asiimov lvl 99 Upgrade Golden MG to Lava Minigun lvl 110 Upgrade glaive -> customisable glaive lvl 120 Vorago jr -> Helicopter Pet Diablo jr -> Helicopter Pet Big thanks to Woodsman223, Drax, Cylorv, and Kai Jr for the information they have already put out there, and getting me more information while making this guide! All images are from Drax's post
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    New Postbit Images!

    No? i dont agree on this idea, takes away the originality of the DS theme, this is also very basic. Keep the spacey clouds for sure, unless this is not applied on those various ranks, like i dont have a profile background
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    Executive Zone Filter

    This is a great suggestion! +1 from me! Would love to see this happen because we already know we get 1 point per kill.
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    Happy Brirthday!! My Birthday is on September 4th as well @Englishlog
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    Arcade 'KC'

    Sounds cool to me!
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    True words mate. Like i always say, Only gamble what you can afford to lose. Then its another discussion why i gamble like i do, but if you do it like me. Make sure not to flame 😄
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    As I always say... "Gambling is a two edged sword" thank you for making this thread
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    Ironman In-Depth Beginners Guide

    You've done a really good job on this, should be proud of it. -BOWKS
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    Dreamscape is famous for having the widest selection of high quality custom designed items of any RSPS! Players can donate to have their own custom item made, personalised, modelled, coded and given to them in game. These items are truly unique! not only will you be able to personalise the item every step of the way, but you will be the only person in Dreamscape with that item. There is some confusion about how such customs are organised and how much they cost, the purpose of this thread is to give some guidance in these areas as well as showcase some of the items that you can have made for you! 200$ a piece (full set 600$) Add 150$ a piece to make tradable (450$ to make whole set tradable) Full tradable recoloured torva set - $1050 Stats and Drop rates are extra (see below) Emperor Set- 450$ Re-colored Emperor set- 1450$ (Depending On coloring) Tradable - extra 150$ a piece (2100$ total) $1500 These sets are fully animated, tradable and only 1 can donate They have gorgonite stats (Best Armour stats in game) 10% Drop Rate 20% Double Drop Untradable - Boxing gloves/American Boxing gloves + 200$ Tradable - Boxing Gloves/American Boxing gloves + 350$ Untradable Recolour – Owner Cape + 200$ Tradable Recolour – Owner Cape + 400$ (Add Glaive permission’s to ownercape) Untradable (no recolour) - Owner cape +1000$ Tradable - Ownercape + 1150$ Recoloured - Ownercape + 1200$ Recoloured and tradable - Owner cape + 1350$ Untradable - GMG / MG + 200$ Tradable - GMG / MG + 350$ Untradable - Weapon Donation + 200$ Tradable - Weapon Donation + 350$ Untradable - Glaive + 200$ Tradable - Glaive + 350$ (these prices are block colours, for more complex recolours see prices below) Untradable - Glaive + 350$ Tradable - Glaive + 500$ (e.g. Range Glaive) Untradable - Glaive + 350$ Tradable - Glaive + 500$ Untradable - $250 Tradable - $400 This includes custom Santa hats and custom Partyhats (block colours) Recoloured Untradable recolour - Icon + 200$ Tradable recolour - Icon + 350$ Remodelled Untradable recolour and remodel (e.g. change icons to $ symbols) - Icon + 450$ Tradable recolour + remodel - Icon + 600$ Untradable Recoloured pets - pet + 400$ Tradable recoloured pets - Pet + 550$ Custom pets (not currently in game) quotes are available on request All custom donations get the ability to name the item and add a custom examine info - free 200$ for a recoloring. (block colours) More complex recolours, e.g. multiple colours 250-350$ Lettering (e.g. cape with name) $300 for 4 letters, $400 for 6 letter name. Complex designs or icons (e.g. Batman Cape) - 450$ 150$ To make the Item tradeable (not owner capes) 150$ to add drop rate per 5% 150$ to add double drop rate per 5% 150$ OP stats to add to an item (these stats are based on existing items in game - not 1 hit stats) To increase attack speed – 250$ - this gets 0.6 speed - Fastest speed possible on custom weapon Please note: Just because you don't see an item here doesn't mean you cannot get it made... In dreamscape the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea for something you want added contact Drax for a quote and info! HOW TO BUY A CUSTOM ITEM 1. Contact Drax for a quote/price confirmation (prices may differ to this thread depending on your request and complexity) 2. Organise payment (either paying yourself or buying the donation in game) 3. Contact an admin+ and say you wish to pay for your custom item 4. Donate for the items they specify 5. When donation goes through, trade the items over and the admin+ will take full details of your custom and send to the modeller 6. Your item will be modelled and coded into the game. It will then be thoroughly tested by our beta testing team. 7. When it is ready your item will be added to the next update and we will hand it to your personally to show off your dedication and personality to all of Dreamscape! Here are some of our custom sets, all these sets have been custom made for players and are posted here to display the kinds of things we can do! They have already been sold and are unavailable to purchase at this time. Dragon Santa Suit! Zodiac's Icy Outfit and Custom Icon Tyrantito's Set World Eater Set Feeds' Set
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