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    Come join Chuck the Owner of DreamScape on DISCORD at this live event. You don't want to miss this EXCITING official DS FP tournament. The DS events are usually filled with 20+ Members and virtually everyone wins. Pinata's are dropped generously which means BOXES and JUICY ITEMS!! The Community loves these events and you will too. DON'T MISS OUT! 100M + Lots of Pinatas and Exclusive Rewards! Virtually EVERYONE Wins! Must be on Discord to Participate and RSVP'D
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    First of all Happy New Year to every Dreamer! It's the start of 2020, Its time we rework some of the zones which has been in the game for a good few years, its time to give them a nice face lift ! Some bug fixes and more! Scroll down to read up on every single detail ! We have been receiving feedback that the train zone was cramped. We have made an entirely new map for the zone and included 2 NEW NPCs to the zone! Optimus Prime and Grimlock The zone's NPC are in the NEW, LARGER, SPACIOUS ZONE! 2 New NPCs are included in the zone Optimus Prime Grimlock This 2 unique NPCs gives 2 training points instead of 1 ! A chance to get the pet version of this NPCs giving you a boost in 10% DROP RATE! Get yours today now at ::train ! We can't forget our beloved sponsors from getting a Zone revamp! NPCs are all the same however sponsors now have a nicer and modern look for their zone! making npcs all compacted close to the teleport, so players will not have run around to search for them! You can access the zone with ::ownercape / ::sponsorzone Currently there are empty spaces in the zone we will be working to figure out what to include into the zone that's unique for the zone! Recently dicezone has been getting really active! We are introducing a new DICEZONE! made cleaner and to look more modern, with our server constantly growing, we need to keep our older stuffs up to date! You no longer need ranks to hold any amount of pots for flower poker Because this will be done AUTOMATICALLY similar to Dice Duel and NPC Duel Everything will be automated now you will not have to worry bout finding a Middle man for your BIG FLOWER POKER POTS! in regards to this, Current Trusted Dicers will be tasked to handle different task. They are still the person to go to get price checks and they will still monitor the Dicezone The High roller Room ( Only for Sponsors + ) Voting has always been an issue within the community where it was never giving enough for the community! We have decided to buff up the rewards and perks you get from voting to make it worthwhile! with players constantly voting for us! We aim to be the Number 1 in all sites! Dreamscape will forever be no.1 ! Whenever you vote now, you will receive 1m DS Coins per Vote you complete / Claim When you have completed all 4 votes / Claims you will receive a Drop rate boost of 20% for 2 hours! Cosmetic overwrite is finally here to help you showcase your fashionscape skills while PVM-ing! How does this work? Any item mainly ( helmet, Body, Legs, Cape ) WEAPONS are not affected There is 2 kind of equipment tab now 1 for main equips ( with stats ) 1 for cosmetic equips ( no stats ) How do u equip cosmetics ? it will automatically go into the cosmetic slot when equipped Located at ::upgrade this new chest will bring your END GAME ITEMS to the NEXT LEVEL! more items ill be introduced to this chest in the future When upgrading you can select the OPTION to SAFE KEEP your item for a FEE of 750M DS coins per attempt You can also choose not to Protect your item, saving you 750M DS coins however when you fail, you will lose your item. Stats of New upgraded items ( all items upgraded are untradable ) BFG9000 i Range attack 7000 Range strength 7000 Drop rate 15% Double drop rate 15% Luck 15% BFG9000 offhand i Range attack 7000 Range strength 7000 Emperor's Ring i Grants Magnet effect Scroll of returning effect Upgrade hourglass effect Scroll of souls effect Scroll of fire effect Scroll of blood effect 20% Drop rate 20% Double Drop rate 20% luck Healing effect 40% tribrid Damage Emperor's Necklace i 50% Drop Rate ( remove the dynamic drop rate effect ) 40% Tribrid Damage Boost 20% Double Drop rate 20% Luck Bonus 20% Boost to your maximum HP Unlimited Revs instances 2 x generate cash directly into your money pouch, at the same rate as AFK Island. A 35% increase to Ultra Rare loot from the Soul Chest A 35% boost to upgrade success rate Ultron Pet 30% drop rate 30% double drop rate 20% luck bonus Healing Prayer Restore 1 in 5 chance to 3x your max damage on your main target Fixed Sexy Alexa Pet to be untradable Fixed Reanimated Werewolves, being one hit Increased Reanimated Werewolves spawn Fixed Skotizo Key to be untradable Fixed Issues caused when Voting Fixed Dynamic Boxes giving Discontinued items Removed Christmas World Boss Fixed Vorkath Loot issue Fixed Instances double drop issues ( mainly Platinum zone and Executive Zone ) Fixed Slayer Shop 2 Archer's Cape costing more than 5000 slayer points Increased POS listing limit to 10B instead of 2.174B Fixed abyssal sire task bug
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    Lets make 2020 a Masterpiece! Happy new years!! #DSGANG
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    Come join Chuck the Owner of DreamScape on DISCORD at this live event. You don't want to miss this EXCITING official DS FP tournament. The DS events are usually filled with 20+ Members and virtually everyone wins. Pinata's are dropped generously which means BOXES and JUICY ITEMS!! The Community loves these events and you will too. DON'T MISS OUT! 100M + Lots of Pinatas and Exclusive Rewards! Virtually EVERYONE Wins! Must be on Discord to Participate and RSVP'D
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    Dicezone Revamp

    Overall, I think automated FP was the logical solution since there had been countless times when people requested an MM/TDS. This solves that problem especially for a server with a growing player base. Automated FP has many advantages including preventing scam and more efficient gambling. However, I understand the point Joez is conveying, and I don't see any harm with a traditional manual FP area for people who prefer this route.
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    New custom forum event plugin being made right now.....
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    Fantastic Weekend ahead!

    Fantastic Weekend ahead!
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    How's the Update? #DSGANG

    How's the Update? #DSGANG
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    Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment - lao tzu
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    Goodluck everyone
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    Cherish every single moment of your life
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    little feedback for dreamscape317

    So i was playing this dreamscape server some time ago for an long time, now im back here and im just really enyoing time in here alot of changes for me. My most favourite thing on this server is getting some crazy item drops or gambling, cuz im gambler 😄 just cant stop with that, but its always a good feeling by getting good items and wining some gambles. World boss in this server is doing really grate job, its like getting not osrs game, but an some mmorpg game and thats really interesting in here, cuz i was not thinking that osrs game can be that changed. I think i dont need to tell what i think about this server, cuz by reading my feedback u can understand that it gives me alot of fun in dreamscape server. Things that i would change on this server: NPC duel gambling can do normal donators too ( with donator badge) Adding some bosses that drops only cosmetic items, so u can make events like one of the beautiful clothes and ppl will trade those items too, ofcourse if they will look grate! If it would be possible add an horse race or dog race for gambling 😄 idk if its hard to do, but that would be really exciting thing. I dont know alot of staff members on server, but lately some staffs ive met they helped alot to me, hc circle was really helpfull, nala was making really enjoyable events.
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    Clan Chat Boosts Suggestion

    So in this suggestion thread, my idea is to add boosts for the number of players who are present in a given clan chat. Seeing as there is really only two large clan chats being the Help clan chat and the Dice clan chat, this idea can make all other clan chats more beneficial too. The idea is to give boosts specifically in drop, double drop and or luck for the number of players in a clan chat. For player clans to be popular, there has to be an incentive for people to join. It would be rewarding if player clan chats would receive more boost percentages then official clan chats. The likelihood of 50+ players in a single player clan is unlikely, but if it were to happen this would be very rewarding. For example: 5 players = 5% gained across all boosts. 10 players = 10% gained across all boosts. 15 players = 15% gained across all boosts. 20 players = 20% gained across all boosts. 30 players = 30% gained across all boosts. 50+ players = 50% gained across all boosts. The Official Help Clan Chat would receive less boost percentage then Player Clans significantly. Example: 10 players = 1% gained across all boosts. 15 players = 3% gained across all boosts. 20 players = 5% gained across all boosts. 30 players = 7% gained across all boosts. 50+ players = 10% gained across all boosts. Leave some feedback down below. Do you like/dislike? Tell me why If you'd like to add onto this feel free. The percentages are all examples, but I tried to think logically about how great the possibilities could be!
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    Clan Chat Boosts Suggestion

    This is probably the biggest con of the idea. Hey, if you find this idea to possibly benefit something else, then great! I dont think its really steering people away from getting help. Isnt the help cc automated where all new players auto join, and upon login they rejoin the help cc anyways? I think alot of people join help cc not only to get help, but just to be in a chat with other people. (atleast i want that vibe lol.) The staff seem to be really active too! Youre the boss though, so you know whats right for the server. --------------------------- Thanks everyone else for replying, and giving your feedback. 😊
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    When you treat yourself right, you run better and more efficiently.
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    Clan Chat Boosts Suggestion

    Feels like a hit or miss, maybe this could used towards something else instead of keeping to a clan chat? Like adding it onto karma so each sides can battle for it
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    Trusted Host Application

    I give no vouch, due to the fact that dicezone has been updated and i dont believe there is a need for td anymore...
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    Dicezone Revamp

    I understand everyone who has said something up here, but I personally think they have done well to make it automatic. I have experienced several times that I wanted to do Flower Poker and at those moments there was no MM present. This is of course also due to different time zones. As mentioned above. It can be useful to create a part automatically and create a part where it is still done the old-fashioned way.
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    Dicezone Revamp

    I say +1 vouch I liked the old looking dicezone and like joez say we could use the left side for the automated fp duels and the right side for manual fps. Cause at this moment being a TD is just a guy that has to priceheck and do nothing.. And as said earlier some of the flowers don't even disapear after an automated fp and with the 'white carpet" on the ground it just makes it a mess. #BRINGBACKOLDDICEZONE
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    Dicezone Revamp

    I personally Like it the way it is now. Makes it so easy to know who won, don't have to worry about finding mms or any funny business going on.
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    Hc gya

    Dicezone Revamp

    Vouch The issue with flower poker is that the flowers doesn't disappear. Planting on top of other plants makes it hard to know what you got. And it takes out the joy of flower poker gambling.
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    Dicezone Revamp

    Neutral My suggestion: find a committed gambling manager with the necessary permissions to do the job. Bad decision making ruined dicezone, making it seem like fully automated fping was the solution. It'll only make it worse.
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    little feedback for dreamscape317

    Welcome back to Dreamscape! Hope your enjoying so far anything else u can pm me ingame. #DSGANG
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    if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten...
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    Welcome back to the Dreamscape community!, I hope your gonna enjoy your stay 😀 I really like your second suggestion for a boss within the game that only drops cosmetics, You should make an suggestion for it!
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    Had such an long day at university but i'm back home #DSGANG
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    little feedback for dreamscape317

    Welcome back to the server man, glad your enjoying your time back. Theres a lot of new, amazing stuff in server and only more stuff to come. Not 100% sure what you mean with first suggestion, but we have an npc you can dice duel at ::dicezone along with black jack tables etc. Not sure if that what you kinda meant. If you have any questions or anything feel free to pm me.
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    Trusted Host Application

    no vouch what i just heard from the last 2 comment because of execuitve zone botting you would had a vouch from you if this didnt happen
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    Support Operative

    How's everyone doing

    How's everyone doing
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    Iron Lord

    Trusted Host Application

    Nope - Even seen him alot of times in Dicezone. but getting banned by Cj for Executive zone botting. Welp thats say no to me to give someone rank who brakes rules.
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    Trusted Host Application

    Would love to see Swagaton get his TD role back. He's an amazing middleman along with leaderboard positions for highest gambles on the server
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    Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!
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    Amazing day to start the week! Your limitation—it's only your imagination
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    Interesting ideas here. Don't really know how to feel either. I think adding some quests for instance could be a good idea. I have seen it on other private servers before be very successful. Would be interested in seeing how others feel about this.
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    Amazing idea Didy 😄 big vouch from me
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    @didyscape - there is another way to get invictus weapons. https://prnt.sc/qmrupn https://prnt.sc/qmruv6 - secound shop and cost only 20 donator points. Since you opened 2k19 box you should have some points by now.
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    Rock n roll dj room is hyped up these days #DSGANG #DJCrew
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    Seems like this vacation was stupid idea now, can't even roam outside, Due to rain
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    dr stone

    FeedBack for #1 server

    Chuck (Owner) A very helpfull guy> CjBear (Co-Owner) I have not talked with him yet , but probably will be nice since he's staff Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) very very good guy. Lt Limes (Head Support) Kind person Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) very passionate about the server, super cool person Australia (Administrator) sweet and kind person and respectful. Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) He's Good Administor , he does his job in a very good way. Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) i have not spoken to him yet , i heared he is good. Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) extremely helpful, and very active staff Afade (Server Support) Super helpful and kind What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change? this server is very good and old server , every time it gets update by a new bosses/and events and more , so its my #1 server . What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at? I think everything's worked out great
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    Incoming feeds' vacation riding on a camel 😄
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    I support this, I think alot ironman would enjoy this. I've seen a few people asking ways to get them. Keep up the good work man.
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    Hi Merry Xmas everyone!

    Hi Merry Xmas everyone!
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    Hc Curse

    Hey There

    Welcome back Vaider!
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    Hi, I'm Brezel

    Wait who are you again? 😛 Never heard of you Haha! Welcome back brezel! Its been really while. Good to see you back vet. 🤗
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    Happy Holidays #DSGANG

    Happy Holidays #DSGANG
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    Owner Cape Guide

    Hello, I’d like to see a “late game” guide for those of us who have been here for a while and only take those breaks in between bank stakes after getting cleaned. This guide could include the best method/efficient method to gain bank with the advantage of having an owner cape. i understand someone could just do ::mbox and slay the alpha penguin non stop but like I said, I’d like to see different options that work for you or options maybe newer players who come back to DS can know about. I have personally been finding myself learning more and more from seeing other people talk in /help chat. please let me know if something like this is possible or interesting! i may just have a lazy mentality and instead of finding all this out myself I’m looking for the answers from someone else x) let me know all your thoughts down below. Best regards ~ Arza
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    TigerZ's Giveaway

    ty in game name - Queen Cortes
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    We miss you, Dimebag!
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