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  2. jefke3

    hmmm i like this offer
  3. XxTrapCatxX

    This is war! 😂
  4. Roses

    No no :P lol
  5. XxTrapCatxX

    I think those are dope man!
  6. Anti

    I also agree with them, need more detail although I like simple signatures.
  7. XxTrapCatxX

    Yes yes
  8. Roses

    No no
  9. XxTrapCatxX

    Great game though 🤟🏼
  10. XxTrapCatxX

    Still going
  11. XxTrapCatxX

    No it’s not bad at all. A lot of people don’t 😛 @Roses
  12. Roses

    @XxTrapCatxX is it bad i don't know who 1-6 that you listed is lmao.
  13. Roses

    Well you can leave now :P lol nothing to see here anymore
  14. XxTrapCatxX

    Idk still sticking around
  15. XxTrapCatxX

    Would love for this to be in game!
  16. XxTrapCatxX

    I feel that @Roses
  17. XxTrapCatxX

    You both have a very good point though. I know it’s pk area just stinks sometimes.
  18. Roses

    Usually just stick with Today’s top hits on Spotify, but I switch to a lot of different music depending on mood.
  19. Roses

    Lol would still like to see this implemented so you wouldn’t have to go back a fourth between normal/yell/clan chat if you’re holding more than one convo :D.
  20. steelsponge

    I feel silly as i've never noticed the 'yell' tab so this may solve it :') SOLVED 😄
  21. HC Kai

    and I can't stop drinkin
  22. Roses

    Can’t stop crying?
  23. Roses

  24. XxTrapCatxX

    I start a sentence and you guys finish it! i went to a bar and I?
  25. I Willy I

  26. XxTrapCatxX

    Right though!
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