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  2. hc paxtoon

    This looks pretty sick ngl. maybe the shop can have good medium tier stuff for ironman accounts? most ironman get stuck when they have to mooch off of raids for items to advance and prep for arcade grinding. so much potential in this new minigame!! love it and hope my fellow dreamers thisnk so too! :)
  3. Acidfreak2

    Oof, my 891 Orb drop got placed in the best drop part. brb while I cry myself to sleep 🀣🀣🀣🀣
  4. K 0 X D

    I Made It In Twice, Nicely done Inject
  5. Today
  6. Goats

    Thank you, everyone!
  7. out a world

    Username : out a world Rank ingame: executive Rank requesting: top donors I saw someone in this group, it was like a navy blue color I believe. It's different than the #1 donor group (yellow). I've donated around $20k out of pocket ----- I hope that puts me in that category if not lmk the minimum to be put in that group/rank thx thx pm me thx (pm drax for total donated from me proof, as a good amount was via btc)
  8. sk1l

    nice big suggestion I like it! +1
  9. Maikul

    Welcome back at the game! You might want to check out the Updates to know what's good to chase :p. Good luck with your grinds!
  10. Maikul

    Yeah, some new content for background story. The entire thing is nicely explained, you've set great exemple and the overall idea is awesome. +1 ! 😸
  11. Best Ds Ever

    Welcome back buddy, I've already seen you around grinding. If you want help or anything let me know :)
  12. Best Ds Ever

    Awesome suggestion buddy, really well done :P looking forward for new quests, gear etc. +111 for me! :)
  13. Best Ds Ever

    NO VOUCH 1. To be honest I've literally seen you in dicezone only a few times, you're almost in my timezone so you can't say it's not true. 2. I can remember some of the screenshots were taken like 1-2 months ago because It was like 1st or 2nd week of me being a TD since then I havent seen you in dicezone. 3. Also screenshots, you don't have much of them also most of them being from same sessions.
  14. Best Ds Ever

    I must agree with slicin on that one, you dont meet the requirements buddy, but to be honest I do see you in dicezone quite often and you also trying to mm as much as possible, you also seem very friendly and trust worthy to me. I'm going to say I'm NEUTRAL on this one.. try working on the following things: 1. As requirements says - you need 25 forum posts 2. I'd like to see a few more screenshots of you mming 3. Just for your information - posting on your own application can cost you a rank If I see you're following all these I'll gladly say I VOUCH.
  15. Dice Billy

    Welcome back buddy hope you enjoy your stay!
  16. Azor Ahai

    Hello dreamers, after a long break (close to 2 years). I decided to log in the other day and after playing for a bit I’ve decided to make a return to DS. So much has changed since I’ve played last consistently but I’m looking forward to figuring it all out with you guys. Hope to go see some familiar faces around. P.S. For those who don’t know me, I’m sure you will get to know me as I clean you Azor
  17. ikkain

  18. Littleman

    Thank you for the advice and will be updating my post with new answers. Thanks You
  19. iron derp

    Yeet lol
  20. Slicin

    Littleman Sorry to say you don't meet the requirements of forums post and quite frankly I think this TD app isn't up to standard, You've given very little detail/information on both questions which are a big key factor in applying for Trusted Host. NEUTRAL Please redo this app and answer questions with enthusiasm and detail Edit; Redid the application as requested, I like that you were right onto this it shows determination and drive which is what we like πŸ˜„ Still sitting at neutral because of the forums post but maybe exceptions are allowed πŸ˜„ VOUCH if the forums post were up to par
  21. 4 Real Irish

    That's awesome bro ! congrats for the both of yall πŸ˜‹
  22. Very nice video bro ! πŸ‘Œ Awesome work !
  23. Yesterday
  24. Goats

    Done with mainly the pen tool. Not a project or anything, was just bored and having a little fun.
  25. Robin026

    That would also be a nice idea man! πŸ˜„ Also your welcome
  26. Goats

    I'd definitely plan for this to be the hardest quest/mini-game, so I feel like it should offer more than just a mid-tier cape. 😈 Although, I am not opposed that one is added in the shop to redeem! Nonetheless, thank you for responding!
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