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  2. splitrunner

    72 this is the best rsps I we would be there under 1 month or on my birthday it not far away lol
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  4. Its Mr Mg

    Ahh fair enough. I just thought it was gambling in general.
  5. best mm ever

    71 - Road do 10k does not seem far away
  6. best mm ever

    Congratz buddy
  7. best mm ever

    Stuart is da real mvp!
  8. quinyu

    The Fresh Prince
  9. hexit

  10. K 0 X D

    69 my favorite number
  11. RXG

  12. quinyu

  13. quinyu

    Just did this, Ign: hen tie
  14. Yesterday
  15. out a world

    this would be strictly dice duels
  16. hexit

  17. hexit

    nice! how many nests did that take you?
  18. CylorV

    66, well rip my 1000 post count from just this thread
  19. K 0 X D

    100% no vouch You put no effort into application
  20. DRAX

    65 Can confirm posting on this thread does not increase your post count - Don't be darklordrr (CONFIRMED) lololol of all the peeps to mess it up smh hahaha Love you bey
  21. hexit

    Well This is going to be fun . Good luck to everyone
  22. hexit

    I think this is an awesome idea. The way i see it is we lose most of our players to people gambling there entire bank away. This would be an alternative way to get there gambling itch with out the items. also great for for all types of players especially new players. +1 from me
  23. Blueoptic

    I don't think this staff position fits you. No vouch.
  24. Robin026

    Sorry but you've putten no energy into your application. No vouch.
  25. CylorV

    Application isn't complete and you don't meet the requirements, I haven't seen much of you on the forums, discord and only a few times in game. No vouch
  26. Woodsman223

    Ingame Username: woodsman223 Forum Username: woodsman223 How old are you? 19 What is your current location? Canada, Nova Scotia Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? No Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. No recolection Create a brief introduction about yourself. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? I love to be healthy, eating fruit, running, meditating, lucid dreams What is your best moment with Dreamscape? I just love witnessing all the updates lol
  27. Empti

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