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  2. Great addition yet again! Love reading these also was awesome to see the interview with Adam! and riddle is: Queue Is my prize a crisp in game high 5? 😛
  3. This Dreamers monthly will cover any promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers, The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Hephaistos on Discord. DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram After doing a lot of hard work behind the scenes, Hephaistos has gone from H
  4. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot
  5. Sounds interesting, maybe if it had more dr/ddr/luck than emp ring and like a damage reduction, sort of like a be careful what you wish for type of deal.
  6. Amazing update as always. Always looking forward to the new updates
  7. Love seeing progress updates. Keep up the good work
  8. I didn't fell asleep. Worst, I was trying to come back from grocery shopping but was stuck in traffic.
  9. I know think you fell asleep and another one
  10. Yesterday
  11. No vouch, This would cause too much conflict with emperor's ring.
  12. This should definitely be added to the wiki, I didn't know you could upgrade totems until about 3 days ago
  13. Explain your suggestion: Make a page explaining battlepet totems, how to get them, how to combine them to level them up, etc. Pages: Link it from the battlepets page or add it to the battlepets page Item: All battlepet totems currently in game. Guide: Explain how to use them on each other to level them up.
  14. Good luck again. Edit: Also Grats of Shadow pet, missed the DP unfortunately :(.
  15. (color will be added later and other features added back) To Do: Vorkath: 856 (Ancient Wyvern) ToB: 80 (Sang staff 27 CC, Ghrazi rapier, Justicar set) Points: 140 Nightmare: 2683 Coins:12398 Strykewyrm: Lava strykewyrm set DC Arcade Latest Grind Completed: 5298 KC for Helm Approx 2000 KC for Robe Approx 500 KC for Chest Latest Notable: Shadow Pet 27/2/21 From Drop party Completed Grinds: Voldermort about 600 KC OG dragon 2038 KC Raiden Dreamland Tribrid boots, Band
  16. Last week
  17. Imagine thinking getting 150x ROW Is are hard to get. No vouch, this would just kill the game if it hasnt died yet.
  18. Intresting, but the 2x dmg is a HUGE no, no need to be power creeping past emp ring and brim ring for something like this. Especially with 2.5x dmg card and shadowpet would literally be 1 hitting everything. everything would have to be modified and damage capped and that is just annoying.
  19. Username: Cool ChampRank In-game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot):
  20. I believe around 4 PM Gmt+1 most people are on, due to the events etc But it's also back to school, exams beginning etc, so these weeks will be less active players most likely
  21. Welcome, my self and the whole staff team hope you enjoy ur time with us. please feel free to message any of us either on discord or in game if you have any issues or trouble through out you're journey here!
  22. I don't know Heph, lookin like a spoon fed Iron to me! ❤️
  23. Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Weekend. 

  24. Good luck on your goals. Hopefully you get the emperor's necklace upgrade soon lol.
  25. Since all the topics in this thread got erased/deleted (Which sucks, but my old one was very messy and unorganized anyways), I've decided to start a new one. I guess I'll list the goals I've already completed along with goals that I have yet to accomplish. I'll be buying donations, donating myself and bossing in order to complete the goals. ETA is undetermined, but hopefully within a years time. Goals: E̶m̶p̶e̶r̶o̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶N̶e̶c̶k̶l̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶R̶i̶n̶g̶ S̶k̶u̶l̶l̶ ̶D̶e̶s̶c̶i̶m̶a̶t̶o̶r̶9̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶S̶e̶t̶ S̶h̶a̶d̶o̶w̶ ̶P̶e̶t̶ I̶n̶f̶i̶n̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶A̶u̶r̶a̶ T̶h̶
  26. Still issa nub! Gl on the goals big boi
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