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  2. peripheral

    Hey, you will need to submit a support ticket and the support staff with help you out. Click the support button at the top of the page.
  3. Gunterhaben

    I created my account a few years back... and got a new phone which hasn't had the authenticator linked to my account yet, is there any way to reset my 2-step verification so that I can finally log back into the game?
  4. Nala

    I vouch this idea as well I def would be interested in being in game more and actually want to do this appose from me not doing raids and others things I am big fan of harry potter and them spells r chef kiss
  5. Vaider

    Nice video and Guide man. I know players will enjoy this. Keep up the amazing work.
  6. Vaider

    I wouldn't mind seeing maybe an dated starter bundle box. Personal opinion though.
  7. coldott

    nice vids mate keep em going
  8. coldott

    No vouch like coffe said there is no need for this to be added since u can get all of that in buying a donation and doing the deals that are ingame for most of these items
  9. Yesterday
  10. 1atte

    No vouch There are already ways for ironmen to get all of those items, either through grinding, donating or buying donations. To me personally it sounds a little redundant. I do like that you are thinking about the irons though, keep the ideas coming
  11. Penn Jr

    Perks seems alright for me aswell and wouldnt be bad idea to add it on grinder. But about price ranging most likely 100m'ish might be about right for it (might be lower) but due dr of getting pet seems good. Also what Bodhi stated before its understandable that 'freely obtainable pets' can't really have same kind of perks as: Shadow, Yoda etc ^^ Hydra pet itself seems to be best in-game obtainable pet currently which makes it grindable and worth of all that grind Regarding stats on suggestion i'd have to say: no vouch from me aswell, as for adding it on grinder it's vouch from me.
  12. Willy

    This sounds like a lot of fun and full of worthwhile content! vouch
  13. Willy

    Perks are fine as is but I do agree on the pet being added to the grinder.
  14. Willy

    No vouch. i have a few reasons for no vouching but my main concern is I don’t think people are going to pay the price of $300-$400 for a random item.
  15. Willy

    I just don’t think this is something worth spending resources on to add. You’re saving one click. No vouch
  16. PlagueDoc

    What are the stats on the Diabolic bow compared to the Apocalypse bow 😛
  17. Bodhi

    Hey Bonger, I'm going throw some information before I start give my opinion and why. Shadow Pet, (800$) -Deals 30% of the owners damage as an additional hit -1 in 5 chance to do 2.0x damage -Prayer restore effect -Healing effect (soulsplit) -20% drop rate -20% double drop rate -20% luck -20% boost to melee, range and mage -Passive cash gain which stacks with the similar effect on the Emperor`s Necklace Baby Yoda Pet (650$) -50% Drop rate -50% Double Drop Rate -40% Luck -1 in 15 chance to do 5x damage -Prayer Restore Effect -Soulsplit Effect These prices for their perks are insanely amount of money for a pet which has huge factors to boost your damage, droprate. I feel like these perks of Hydra pet(Free, from Hydra self); -Soulsplit Healing effect - Capped at 2 HP per hit -Prayer Restore -Hidden Damage Boost - 40% -Drop rate 10% -Double Drop rate 10% -Luck 10% These perks for being obtainable through in-game are more than enough besides, if going for drop rate then aim for Mimic Pet if going for damage, then Hydra pet. A game is full of choices, your choice makes your path solid ice. It's one of best obtainable pets in-game, as wiki says the same; Thats being said, I'm going leave a no vouch. With this addition would make Ultron pet & Shadow pet less valueable, unique if Hydra is bashing almost same perks, boosters. It'll go out of balance especially considering future updates would make it harder to add pets and offer something unique if every pet gives about the same, not killing the Eco & PvM damage wise. EDIT: Regarding being grind able, I'd say solid max 200-300 if Emperor's Necklace goes for 1b then this pet shouldn't go higher considering Thanos pet, Ultron Pet's grind price
  18. Bonger

    What's the current issue? hydra pet is a dissapointing pet if u consider the difficulty of killing the pet and how long it takes to kill, it not being tradable or being able to use it on the grinder and being a 1/3000 drop it should atleast have 15-20% in the *droprate,double drop rate, luck bonus* category compared to the miserably low 10% What's your suggested way of fixing it? Boosting the droprate, double drop rate and luck or adding a special effect to it and adding it to a grinder with a reasonable cash amount (not like 100m-200m) How will this benefit player/server? this will encourage people with decent/strong gear to hunt a strong and untradeble pet that will be worth the weeks of constant grinding they are gonna have to do to obtain it. How could this be expanded in future? / What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) this would have no negative effect since its pretty hard to get and only a handfull of people will obtain this pet so it wouldnt effect the players.
  19. Menas2

    Vouch. Will nice to see new content. A good content.
  20. 420 Blazing

    I must say I absolutely love the Time you took to make this Guide More then enough information on all the forms of Gambling. Makes me almost want to start gambling haha. Great work!
  21. Vaider

    Nice guide man. I know player will enjoy this.
  22. 1atte

    All credit to Bodhi for the great guide, hope to see more from you man.
  23. Last week
  24. coldott

    nice guide for beginners ty coffe and bodhi
  25. Mickey

    as an avid harry potter fan, i support this suggestion
  26. Erunamo

    Thread has been updated with some more suggestions regarding the topic!
  27. LT LIMES

    Bodhi! Thank you so much for this! Thank you!!!
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