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  3. Tbh i had once same problem, but after all they went to the col chest. Need just to wait a little.
  4. For revampsWhat's the current issue? Purchasing or Retrieving Rainbow Fish and reaching full inventory resulting the rest of the item gets deleted. Example - Buying or Retrieving 10 Rainbow Fish with 2 Inventory Space left will resulting the remaining 8 Rainbow Fish gets deleted What's your suggested way of fixing it? Rainbow Fish that get purchased or retrieved exceeding Inventory Space will be send to Collection box. How will this benefit player/server? With the latest Healing/Soulsplits update giving a potential to usage of food in Dreamscape, People will start to stock up a bunch of useful foods in bank which currently the only one, Rainbow Fish. This can save up time who wanted to buy them in bulk from PoS instead of buying only 28 each time before banking, also able to avoid any future cash loss as not everyone may know this issue existed. How could this be expanded in future? Fixing the issue so the exceeded amount of Rainbow Fish wont get deleted would be the first step. Further improvement can be considered after this is patched. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) There should be no negative effect as this is how PoS suppose to works but it wasn't.
  5. Australia

    Welcome back big fella! Pleasure to have u here!
  6. I Willy I

    I support this idea! Melee isn't really useful at the moment and hopefully more melee-based content will change that.
  7. I Willy I

    I think it's fine how it is now. The items in it now don't really have a risk of ruining the eco but if the drop party were to include higher end items, those would be getting tossed into the eco every single day and eventually cause prices to drop pretty hard.
  8. Hope everyone is staying safe and making the best of this situation :)

  9. Yesterday
  10. Vaider

    You need to make a support ticket. Heres a link on how to use discord support.
  11. Hello #DSGANG

    1. Jladams


      Hello Vaider ❤️


    2. Gya


      Hello jladamas ❤️

    3. Vaider



  12. jason remember we love u!

  13. Soulwarhero

    I just came back after a looooooong break and for some reason my accout cant login cause its locked due "security reasons" ? I dont know why so maybe staff could explain me why?
  14. Looks like it'll be a good update, I'm ready for it!
  15. Aieron

    Sounds good, looking forward to it!
  16. Aieron

    I will be sure to do that, once I get my ticket resolved 😛 😛 😛
  17. Mcfeast

    This is so dope guys! Looking forward to this.
  18. Jladams

    Welcome back Aieron! Glad to see players return! If you have any questions about new content, feel free to head over to the wiki or simply pm me
  19. Aieron

    Thanks everybody, I plan to play non-stop on my off-time from work once my ticket is finished up. I'd love to play on my new account in the meantime, but I miss my owner's cape. 😞
  20. Watch me snipe that infinity aura KekW

  21. Gya

    This is actually a great idea I don't see players using melee its like left in the dust. That would revive it! Vouch!!
  22. Gya

    Welcome back aieron! enjoy your stay fam if you need anything slide in my dms. ^.^ Glad to have you back!
  23. nice update! cant wait to try the starwars minigame
  24. Jason

    Hello man!! Welcome to the #DSGANG! Pm me in game or on discord if you need any help!
  25. Jason

    I've been playing since august 28th 2018! glad to see so many people still playing
  26. Jason

    Very good idea! we do have ranged/magic only bosses so it makes sense to do this also!
  27. Last 10 days of school has me stressed out

    1. Jladams


      10 days left. You got this 


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