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  2. Ikhez

    Hey welcome back around! Hope you'll enjoy your stay for the time you'll be here
  3. it should help you bub with just 2 things changed from what i actually had ( btw im ref to my shield it was blood ss and my ring was row i ) i was maxing at 21 then decided to grab those to now its i die on 24 which aint to bad cause you get 495 token from it like i showed which isnt bad at all if you actually consider the time it will take to get like oblivion parts but yet still a good bit of hours but then again its better than going farm a boss that drops that and not getting for x amount of kills to like 25k dry on kills.
  4. darklordrr

    i do like the idea of swapping a key for a box or using soul room world boss does need something to spice things up on it
  5. darklordrr

    Welcome back ! you can pm me @ darklordrr whenever you need any help or catching up you can check out for guides update notes etc hope you stay!
  6. zgodfreak

    What's the current issue? Too many people only getting world boxes / world keys. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Either A) Remove world boxes as a whole. Only drop keys that the player could then bring to soulroom for unique world boss drops or B) Make an way to swap world boxes into keys and vice versas at a 1:1 or 2:1 rate. How will this benefit player/server? Make it so people are motivated to go to world bosses. How could this be expanded in future? Add unique rewards to world bosses such as pets/auras unique to that boss. i.e enraged olaf (if it exists) aura could give you a % cleave on melee attacks. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) None that dont already exist: Higher damage players getting the drops from world bosses.
  7. Micmac

    YO pretty crazy just seeing this website again haha. I need something to take time off my hands so might be joining back for a bit. Im not sure if anyone will remember me, but its nice to be back.
  8. Thanks for the video! I took some info out of this to help me a little in my Arcades games!
  9. Ikhez

    I am as well for this suggestion. I started not a while ago and still didn't get any worth drop.. Which I mean atleast some T, not even.
  10. Ikhez

  11. Yesterday
  12. hc nine

    pretty good idea
  13. Best Ds Ever

    Support the suggestions!
  14. darklordrr

    introduce a new system a raid boss key thats same drop rate as raids main drop like how castiel katana is same rarity as Avery's but you can also get a key you can go to ;;soulroom and has a 50/50 chance for vendura as an example would be cool depends on dev how they wanna go ahead with this ill +1
  15. Grimson

    I was thinking for raid boss's just to make it a little bit easier to get rare/ultra rare drops to add in "Raid Boss Keys". These will give all players more of a chance to get some ultra rare loot that we keep on missing out on. Also maybe thinking on the lines of mini raid boss's for the new-medium players just to give them more excitement before going into the normal raids with better loot. Lmk what you think guys.
  16. Best Ds Ever

  17. Great videos buddy, very helpful!
  18. Grimson

    I love this new idea coming into dicezone
  19. hello I am HC Nine in-game. I understand a lot of players have thought at least once or twice I will never get totally rich well that is going to change for ya'll very soon. I have made these 3 video parts to show ya'll that , here is my gear i used. armor: inga helm legs and plate , infernal kiteshield , arcane stream necklace , dream wing boots , glass wings , dragonbone gloves , and epic seers ring. weapon : soulflare (u). my max wave in the end is 24 with only 4 restores ( could of used less actually ) and 4 sara brews ( for boost of def "which im not sure most of you know just use it and then super restore and it will raise your stats back with out lowering extra def" ) just constantly repeat what i have done here and you will gain! I can make more videos with lower end gear upon request via in-game or through this post. If you like the videos look me up on youtube and like and subscribe because theirs more to come! Will do other videos upon request ( by the way i am far from rich I am just your average every day player )
  20. Ikhez

  21. CylorV

  22. @s0nofg0d "Support threads are replied to within 48 hrs in chronological order, do not ask for your thread to be checked. Wait patiently for it to be handled."

  23. Potentials

    183 U all suck
  24. Last week
  25. Great vid man, decent rewards tho!
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