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  3. Cue

    Never played it in my life. I wouldn't mind trying it but it just doesn't seem like my game.
  4. HC Canada

    I was going to stay neutral, because I hadn't really seen you around, and so didn't have any personal experience seeing you mm. But, I just watched you walk a new player through a round of FP, and you handled it perfectly. Friendly, and professional. Plus you're obviously very dedicated to the game (third comp in game, afaik), and are super trustworthy. Big ol' vouch from me. Hope to keep seeing you around!
  5. Andy (Dream Player)

    Ill Ask you one question, if iam right do you live in football country and if u do What YOU think about football⚽ as a sport?
  6. HC Jinx

    Brisbane here lads 😄 would be cool if we could do an IRL meet up at the bunker!
  7. HC Jinx

    What’s League of Legends? Never heard of it, the “champions” look lame... You know what would be a cool character though? A character named “Jinx”! Lolol, I’m on OCE too my dude! I don’t play ranked anymore but I was a diamond mid/adc main back in S2/3. My reflexes are a bit shot now since I’ve had 4 kids and my play time has reduced drastically, but I still enjoy playing norms! My main love is URF though 😄
  8. HC Canada

    Thanks for the introduction!! I've only just met you in game, and I hope to keep seeing you around! Always nice to get to know the good folks of DS a little more. #DSGANG
  9. Iron Treat

    Oh boy that looks absolutely fantastic! Keep making these sick signatures I love looking at them it gives me ideas for someday that I eventually have some sort of graphical design talent!
  10. Iron Treat

    I'm going to have to agree with cue here, I haven't seen you very much at dicezone. Not sure if thats due to different timezones or what but with some more activity I think you could make a good TD. As of right now I am currently Neutral. In addition I would like to see some more payouts and MM's in your screenshots or in-game
  11. Cue

    Absolutely love it @Legacy.. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into it even with a terrible Computer.
  12. Cue

    I have seen you in the Dice Zone but not as much as I would like. A little more dedication, hard work and mming of pots you can get there. Also a big part about being Trusted Dicer is regulating the rules in Dice Zone. Being there all the time, enforcing the rules to players, and also interacting with the gambling community. Only talked to you a couple of times, and I won't let the fact that we are from the same country effect my decision so for me, it a Neutral.
  13. Yesterday
  14. iron who

    100% support this guy getting TD. he's always around and i feel like I've really gotten to know him through him mming my pots because he's friendly and you can actually have a conversation with him. Really i cant fault this guy at all.
  15. Moobok

    Username:moobokRank In-game:Extreme donatorProof (screenshot):
  16. Username: C O G N A C Total In-Game Time: 45 DAYS 7 HOURS Timezone: NZST - 7:09AM Payouts (Screenshots): Bank (Screenshots): Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: As a player that spends most of his time at ::dicezone I have had the opportunity to make friends with a number of people who enjoy spending time at ::dicezone and playing all sorts of gambling games there. I too spend time playing these games (Black Jack, Dice Duel, 55x2, Flower poker, Hot or Cold and even King Vargas as well as the roulette table) Spending as much time as I have there I have broadened my knowledge on each game to the point where I feel confident to host these games myself or become a middleman for other players! I have known a number of Trusted Dicers such as Evan/Michigan, Mboxie, Chong, Littleman, Grimson and more. I've always hoped to be a Trusted Dicer as I find it to be one of the most enjoyable roles here on DS, and it's very rewarding for the simple fact that you have the opportunity to create more friendships with players and build trust which I think is very important! If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: Assuming there is a way to go through chat and trade logs I would respond with 'While you haven't been able to provide us with evidence that you were scammed, we will look through chat and trade logs in search of any evidence that might in this case support your claim of being scammed. This being said we can only do so much when not being provided with video proof, so in the future please remember to record everything as it will help us in these situations. If we don't have any way to see chat and trade logs then I would respond with 'Unfortunately, due to the fact you have not provided video proof that you were scammed we are unable to do anything to help you in this time. The best we can do for you is to remind you that it is very important in the future that you record everything in-case someone attempts to scam you. We hope you have learnt from this and take our advice to record everything you do here at ::dicezone in the future to prevent being scammed again.
  17. gigles

    ign godnam 1. Make special title for every rank like donator super donator etc 2. sponsor rank people have weekly mission like skilling ,pvm, raids etc no op wepons or 1 hit items allowed doing quest 3.random event like if you pvm you have chanse to get ginne or some npc that ask for something to do in time of period
  18. C O G N A C

    Hmmm, never seen this before.. Strange!
  19. C O G N A C

    With all these updates that have been coming out over the months, it's all making me incredibly excited for what else 2019 has to bring for DS! I'm loving my time on DS, thank you staff for working so hard to provide the best server! THANKS!!
  20. C O G N A C

    I rate it a 7/10 😛
  21. C O G N A C

    1,2,3,4,9999,10000 😛
  22. C O G N A C

    It truly was one of New Zealand's greatest tragedies.. However, New Zealand is a strong country filled with many beautiful and self-less people. I know that together, we remain strong and connected, I do not at all dismiss what happened, but I want to acknowledge the strength and mana we have within us to overcome this tragedy as a family (whanau). So with this being said, I hope that we all remember those that have been lost, but also remember to stay above it all and keep on pushing for them, as i'm sure this is what they would want us to do. Kia Kaha New Zealand.
  23. C O G N A C

    What a brilliant idea, I definitely would want this 24/7 music bot in discord! Would love to see this done..
  24. Can't wait to see who wins this one! Goodluck everyone!!
  25. C O G N A C

    Does anyone play League of Legends? If you do what region, and if you play ranked what is your current rank and what rank are you hoping to finish as for season 9? I'm in OCE region and i'm currently Diamond 1, hoping to finish in masters 😄
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