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  2. HC Canada

    Hi @lit3rals. Unfortunately, we had a hardware failure with our old host, which is why you couldn't log in for a couple days. This hardware failure also resulted in quite a bit of lost account data. Please read this thread: And then make a support ticket here. using the format found in the thread above: If you'd like, it would be a good idea to join our discord server by typing ::discord in game or clicking the connect button on our home page. This is the best way to keep up-to-date with things like this.
  3. For a couple days now i haven't been able to log in to my main "winnieblues". i also went top log in to my alt "gypsal" to find the account reset, lost about 10m. if anyone could help that'd be great.
  4. Yesterday
  5. IAmGoalieHC

    As @HC Canada mentioned as long as this doesn't take to much dev time I fully vouch for this, would be a nice qol update.
  6. IAmGoalieHC

    100% can't vouch for this guy enough. Always at dicezone, always willing to help, always in discord. I think at any given point in the day the longest I wait for a reply to a pm from dibber is 5 minutes. Super active, knowledgeable, kind, helpful. My only negative is youl be taking all my mms off me :p.
  7. Hc Twinkyy

    username: hctwinky rank in-game: sponsor proof(screenshot):
  8. Bree

    Username: BreeRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  9. HC Canada

    I do like this idea but its uses would be very very niche. I'll give it a vouch so long as it's a quick and easy thing for devs to take care of.
  10. linian

    Account Username: Linian Rank in Game: Super donator Issue with account: roll back and items loss from down time Items / Progress Lost: 99 all combats and summoning lvl 90 something rank 3 slayer/ Inga set, fallen death(u), ring of wealth(I), Infinity Scythe, Nocturnal Chainx3, American Torva Set, Invictus Sword(was in market) and w.e was in my bank way to much to list off top of my head Estimated Value of lost items: maybe 10-20m unsure Any other info:
  11. mongol92

    Account Username: mongol92 Rank in Game: regular player Issue with account: roll back, items,stats, everything Items / Progress Lost: level 3 prestige slayer and main thing would be oblivion sythe, other stuff in bank was mainly loot from crystal keys and mboxes. Estimated Value of lost items: dunno started playing not too long ago Any other info: -
  12. HC Canada

    Hi @Eira, have you resolved the issue yet?
  13. HC Canada

    Hi there @Mixrace, unfortunately the downtime was due to a hardware failure with our host, which also resulted in a lot of lost account data. Please create a support ticket using the format found on this thread:
  14. The dibber

    Username: Sperm dibber Total In-Game Time: 54 days 19hours Timezone: Gmt +1 United Kingdom Payouts (Screenshots): I have many pots on record just posting seems to be a issue, All pots ive done in the past over 30m pot I always had permission from a member off staff to do so because no Td/Staff available at the time. Bank (Screenshots): Currently sitting on 5b+ Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: Well how can i start this other than my home is Dicezone, As many players know me from the dicezone I feel I would make a great Trusted Dicer. I'm constantly asked if i can Middle man pots for players because of my news team title and its a shame I have too say no. Most of the time resulting in them dicing their items/gp which they never intended too do but do so because of the lack of TDs sometimes. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: First off we would start with asking for any proof via Recording software, if our subject in matter has this proof I would personally look at it then pass onto higher staff too decide on the outcome. If in the case the scammed subject hasn't got a video or any proof I would try my very best along with other staff to find out whats happened via trade logs etc if possible. I would also advise all players to use recording software before we/they start to gamble just to avoid any problems in the future of their gambling. I would just like the thank anyone who has egged me onto filling this application out sometimes i just need a little kick up the bottom to get me into gear then im off 😄 1)You are to not advertise your application to anyone (including on Discord or Skype) 2)You are to be known around the dice zone and dicing community. 3)Must be knowledgeable about Flower Poker and Hot and Cold rules as well as 55x2, Blackjack, and DDing Rules! 4)Be active on our discord and on the forums 5)Must know how to properly take care of a situation in a calm manner and not to use offensive language 6)Must have no punishments linked to your account 7)Must have 25 forums post 8)Must have 10 days In-game! 9)Must have a rank in the Dice CC 10)Must be payouts and NOT Trust Trades!
  15. s a m m m

    Account Username: s a m m m Rank in Game: extreme donor Issue with account: my account has been reset? I have lost my bank and items Items / Progress Lost: 127m cash ak-47 asii American pernix collectors neck blue death cape archer boots diablo pet wealth I and other stuff Estimated Value of lost items: 190-200m Any other info:i had donated $30 to sperm dibebr with c1 as my middle mad for 80m cash the day before this and iv been away on holiday until today I have donated a few times to players
  16. HC Jinx

    I like this just as a QOL improvement, but It's also something I could live without and I'm sure others would agree. +1 Vouch from me
  17. haven't been able to log into my account for the past 3 days kept saying connecting to server and it would just keep loading and not do anything. finally been able to log in today and all my skills have been reset and my banks gone on both??? fresh restart wtf? can i get a roll back or something on mixrace and Duainee
  18. deeznutzz19

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? The collectors neck currently only allows you to bank all drops, instead of allowing you to have them sent to your inventory.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Allow the option to send drops to you inventory instead of bank.How will this benefit player/server? Give's players more personalized options.How could this be expanded in future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) N/A
  19. Chillerredie

    Account Username: ChillerRedie Rank in Game: Extreme Donator Issue with account: It seems my account rollbacked arround 2 months ago. Items / Progress Lost: I've lost to much items to count, this is because I donated over $60 right after this moment on my account. Some the items I had on me the last time I logged in was Ethernal Khione Staff, Berserker Gloves, Full Infernal, Aqua spirit shield, Mage boots and necro pet. Estimated Value of lost items: 300m ds coins+ Any other info: -
  20. FeasttIGN

    Account Username: Feastt Rank in Game: Should be extreme donator (atm Super, lost extreme from rollback) Issue with account: Lost basically everything Items / Progress Lost: Extreme donator rank, mystic lvl 3, lucky stars lvl 1, devious set, ak-47 asiimov, avery ring, quantum boots, american boxing gloves, infernal cape, necro jr, aqua spirit shield, space bunny set, prod cape and about 38-40m cash. Estimated Value of lost items: 300m+ or so. Also lost a lot of grand lottery points but I don't remember how many. Any other info: Cleaned my bank like 2 weeks ago from all of the junk, now have to do it all over again, oof. ALso had some am pernix/virtus stuff in bank, but tbh, I don't even need them. Hope that i can get my pvm gear back asap so can get back to rebuilding.
  21. Cyan Craft

    Account Username: Cyan Craft Rank in Game: Extreem Donator Issue with account: Total Reset, had to create a new account (same username) Items / Progress Lost: EKS, bazooka (u), silver necklace, ring of wealth (i), golden minigun, Amerian pernix, archer boots, arguim gloves (or something, the red ones) 20m+ cash, donator points, few 2k19 boxes, few dynamic boxes and all xp and loyalty points etc.. Estimated Value of lost items: total= +/- 120m Any other info: Might forgotten something, can't remember full bank. I did donate a lot lately (c1 and Feeds can support this).
  22. king four

    post it here bud
  23. Alieni

    Hey please click on support on top right corner of the website and create a ticket under "other" - department Using this format: Account Username: Rank in Game: Issue with account: Items / Progress Lost: Estimated Value of lost items: Any other info:
  24. HI! i just got on and discovered my account lost all items and asked for help to C1. he told me to write a ticket with a list of valuable items I lost and here it is: -BFG9000 -BFG9000 offhand -full devious armour set -archers boots -avery ring (i) -infernal cape -american boxing gloves -diablo jr pet -space invader jr -ak 47 asiimov -tam amulet -lucky lvl 3 -extreme donator rank -about 20-25 tactical boxes and 2 oblivions scythe that were in shop -had around 10M ds coins -99's that i grinded for a long time because i am an iron man... maybe i could have a bunch of lamps to recover them..? Thanks, Alcan
  25. Iron Lord

    Seems like massive Cyber attack in my eyes..
  26. My Account is Called Aiimp: Hardcore, Blue Extreme Donate rank, all 99 stats. bank item; Chaos elementals pet, Ak-47 asiimov, American pernix set (u) , collection necklace, ring wealth (I) and 40m dscoin
  27. fish22

    thats the thing I did just not with that
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