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  2. splitrunner

    I am on forum all day
  3. mike huntv2

    Nope, ill win it cause I view the forums when I'm procrastinating from studying from finals which happens a lot 😂
  4. splitrunner

    Dreamscape said I will win it
  5. mike huntv2

    Which zone cause all I see is extreme donator...
  6. splitrunner

    i dont do split with m8 get out of my zone
  7. splitrunner

    Username: splitrunner/spru v2 Total In-Game Time: https://gyazo.com/a4d98fb08b30c72cee49efebc2023144 Timezone: BST Payouts (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/9d8a23af372fb99e97c174b844fd90ff https://gyazo.com/9d7f994af209f26b99fcbf25fbb2ad3d https://gyazo.com/a12c99788d9e626fcc8ac2230007 Bank (Screenshots): Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: the reason why i would be the right person for this roles is because i go to dicezone every time from the day i started. also i am in dicezone everyday and i player ds for about 4-12 hour just depend on the reason. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: firstly i will get both player in a private area so there can explain what happen at that time. next i will ask why you dont record the bet or screen shot the plant i will ask the staff to look at the trading log . i will ask to record next time if someone scam you. also ask a trust dice to host for you to reduced of scammer. i wil give the player warm. if the player who scammed log out i will speak to the manager. to ban them for scamming also to refund the play what he got scamed. sorry on the grammer i am dyslexia
  8. Yesterday
  9. Englog

    Welcome to dreamscape, we are happy to have members of the community from all around the world. #420
  10. Bodhi

    I'm sorry this happend to you! Please fill out a support ticket with the right format! Reminder, use every detail you know of your accounts includes; -Older Passwords -Donation Transactions That sort of things! Here's the link; https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ I'd wish you a good luck in recovering your account details! //locked
  11. Goofy Goober

    Username: Goofy Goober Total In-Game Time: Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6) I travel to Europe a lot for work, so this can change for a few weeks at a time. I do bring my laptop with me and play during my free time in the evening. Payouts (Screenshots): I do not have Payout Screen Shoots, as even with the highest rank in the Dice cc that I can currently purchase most people that are playing Flower Poker are having pots greater than what is aloud. The smaller pots tend to be Dice Duels in my experience. Bank (Screenshots): Updated 12/8/2019 5:45 pm CST (GMT-6) Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I believe I would make a good trusted host as, this is basically all i do in the game. I like the community that is formed in the Dice Zone. I've made almost all of my friends from hanging out there. I have a cool head and i am really to worried about being rich in the game, I play as a stress relief from work and to mess around with a-lot of guys in-game. I have noticed that in the later hours in my timezone there is a bit of dead time where no TD is online or at the area, I think that this is a prime spot that I can fit into. Also in the late morning and early after noon in my time zone their seems to be a lack of available tTusted Dicer's on the weekend as-well, I hope to assist with filling that gap to. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: I would speak to them about the situation to get an understanding of what happened. I would let them know that this is why we have Trusted Dicers and the current gambling system for dice duels etc. Using the services provide by DreamScape can help prevent scams happening. I would a-lot inform them of some possible services they can use to record there gambling adventures in future.
  12. TechN9yne

    Log in - Techn9yne cant seem to login its been a very long time since I’ve been on the server looking to start up again.
  13. Amfisca

    Yooo, I live close by haha. Non smoker though.
  14. Clawwreckage

    Actually im nursing major haha, art is my side hobby 😄
  15. limitbreaker

    For revamps What's the current issue? With the new elo cap I believe there should be a feature to purchase back our elo in case we miss a day. We all have a personal life outside this game, and sometimes unexpected things arise (health, vacation, personal obligations, etc). If we miss even one day, we lose all of our hard-earned elo and this is discouraging for players who are dedicated to sustain their elo. I believe this system should be revamped for the benefit of the players and server. What's your suggested way of fixing it? 1) Instead of losing all our elo, there should only be 5-10% reduction per day missed. 2) Option to purchase back our elo with "Bonds". 1 bond = 5% elo card regain. For example, if the maximum elo earned before reset is 75%, there should be an option to purchase up to 75% elo back. How will this benefit player/server? 1) Player will not be discouraged as they have an opportunity to earn back their elo. Preventing people from quitting if they lose all their elo. 2) Server will benefit from elo card sales whilst simultaneously keeping their players happy. How could this be expanded in future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Each elo card will remove approximately 1 bond worth of items from the economy. It is stated that some future content will have elo disabled and currently elo is capped for each respective rank, so economic impact would not be substantial. Both the server and players will benefit from this.
  16. mike huntv2

    Well down as always bodhi
  17. mike huntv2

    Buddy its time to "split"
  18. mike huntv2

    Why do you play dreamscape if you don't Pvm or gamble ? not trying to be rude just curious Because are skills arn't the greatest
  19. mike huntv2

    Omg man, that's insane.... I guess that art major really does have a use
  20. peripheral

    //Accepted, welcome to the team!
  21. peripheral

    //Accepted, welcome to the team!
  22. Last week
  23. Clawwreckage

    thanks guys!!!
  24. gujju

    Very well done! Good use of colors and images. Very easy to follow!
  25. Bodhi

    Introduction Dreamscape has recently released Seasonal pass which is comparable with Fortnite, PUBG's seasonals. You gather as much tokens, tiers possible and climb up to levels to claim your seasonal limited items! Each season can take up to 60 days! Explanation of the system Levels Requires 100 tiers total in order to move on next level. You also can pay 200m DSCoins in order to move up next level. Tiers Requires 10 Season Pass Points in order to move up next tier. Example, I have right now, 19 Tiers and 9 Season Pass Points. I need 80 tiers and 1 Season Pass Point to move up to next level. Interface You can simply access to this interface by typing ::Seasonpass You should be able to see this; What gives Season Pass Points? Opening Boxes such as -Super Mystery Box -Tactical Box -Dynamic Box -Box of Wealth -Dream Mystery Box -Ultra Mystery Box These Boxes will give 0.1 Season Pass Tier. Opening boxes such as -2K19 Box -Easter Box -Centurion Box These boxes will give 0.5 Season Pass Tier. Opening Black Diamond Box will give 1 Season Pass tier. Seasonal pass activity Points Any Arcade Completion - 1 Tier Any Raid Boss kills - 0.1 Tier Every 100 NPC kills - 0.1 Tier Every Battle-Ground Game Win - 5 Tier Every 1 Hourly of being active - 0.5 Tier ( caps at 5 Tier every 24 hourly ) How to get Seasonal Pass Premium? By simply donating for the pass which can be bought for at: https://dreamscape317.net/store/ Seasonal Dyes You can dye the following items; BFG9000 BFG9000 offhand Thumper Helicopter Pet Icy Glaive Season 1 Prizes Free > Premium Numbers stands for level! Not TIERS! 1. 20m DsCoins 5. Seasonal Banner > 20m DsCoins 10. 10 Super Mystery Boxes > 10 Super Mystery Boxes 15. 10 Super Mystery Boxes 20. 4 Wealth Boxes > 4 Wealth Boxes 25. 4 Wealth Boxes 30. 5 Dynamic Boxes > 5 Dynamic Boxes 35. 10 Dynamic Boxes 40. 30m DsCoins > 30m DsCoins 45. 30m DsCoins 50. Seasonal Devious Set 55. Seasonal AK-47 Asiimov 60. 1 2k19 Box > 1 2K19 Box 65. 1 2K19 Box 70. 5 Kismet Boxes > 5 Kismet Boxes 75. 5 Kismet Boxes 80. 5 Ultra Mystery Boxes > 5 Ultra Mystery Boxes 85. 5 Ultra Mystery Boxes 90. 5 Tactical Boxes > 5 Tactical Boxes 95. 5 Tactical Boxes 100. Seasonal Death Cape 105. 110. Seasonal Dream Melee set 115. 120. 40m DsCoins 125. 130. 3 Wisdom Boxes 135. 140. 1 2K19 Box 145. 150. 50m DsCoins 155. 160. 5 Dream Mystery Boxes 165. 170. 10 Wealth Boxes 175. 180. 10 Tactical Boxes 185. 190. 5 Dynamic Boxes 195. 200. Seasonal Scythe of Vitur 205. 210. 40m DsCoins 215. 220. 1 2k19 Box 225. 230. 2 BFG9000 Goodieboxes 235. 240. 2 Prod Goodieboxes 245. 250. 1 Black Diamond Box 255. 260. 265. 270. 10 Dynamic Boxes 275. 1 Seasonal Dye 280. 40m DsCoins 285. 290. 295. 300. 4 Seasonal Dyes 305. 310. 5 Dynamic Boxes 315. 320. 5 Dynamic Boxes 325. 330. 5 Dynamic Boxes 335. 340. 5 Dynamic Boxes 345. 350. 5 Dynamic Boxes 355. 360. 5 Dynamic Boxes 365. 370. 5 Dynamic Boxes 375. 380. 5 Dynamic Boxes 385. 390. 5 Dynamic Boxes 395. 300. 5 Dynamic Boxes 405. 410. 5 Dynamic Boxes 415. 420. 5 Dynamic Boxes 425. 430. 5 Dynamic Boxes 435. 440. 5 Dynamic Boxes 445. 450. 5 Dynamic Boxes 455. 460. 5 Dynamic Boxes 465. 470. 5 Dynamic Boxes 475. 480. 5 Dynamic Boxes 485. 490. 5 Dynamic Boxes 495. Media (Season 1)
  26. limitbreaker

    amazing guide 10/10
  27. Bodhi

    Enchantment has been introduced to Dreamscape by our latest updates! You are able to enchant anything in-game! Including your personalized Custom items! As long the item has stats! However if it does break nor fail, Dreamscape Staff members will not refund! Information Enchantments can go up to a max of +15 +1 = 5% extra stats +2 = 10% extra stats and so on A max of +15 will give you 75% extra stats When enchanting and you failed your enchantment, item will go down 1 level of enchantment Example: +8 and you failed you will go back to +7 +0 and you failed you will stay at +0 (It does not break unless you trigger the 1% chance if not using Perfect Enchant Stones) Whenever you fail an Enchantment, there is a 1% chance your item will be destroyed Only the PERFECT ENCHANT STONE has protection over destruction of item Important Notes Enchantments will not carry over when you upgrade your items via ::upgrade chest it will only stay on the specific item you enchanted. Enchantments are Character Bind. if you trade over an item you have enchanted before it will show up as a regular items without the enchantments Items itself remains trade-able however the enchantments stays even if u lose your item. Example: If you enchanted your Infinity Gauntlets Charged to +10 and decided to sell. You can buy it later back, and still have the enchants! You will not lose the enchants! However! If you decide use a upgrade totem on the Infinity Gauntlets Charged, you will lose your enchants on the item. However you do keep the enchants on Infinity Gauntlets Charged but not on Infinity Gauntlets Charged (U) There are 3 kinds of Enchant Stones Enchantment Stone High-Grade Enchantment Stone Perfect Enchantment Stone How can I obtain this item?: By killing any monsters on Dreamscape of drop rate 1 in 5000 Break Chance: 1% Rates of Success: +1 = 50% chance +2 = 40% chance +3 = 30% chance +4 = 20% chance +5 = 10% chance +6 = 5% chance +7 = 5% chance +8 = 5% chance +9 = 5% chance +10 = 5% chance +11 = 5% chance +12 = 5% chance +13 = 5% chance +14 = 5% chance +15 = 5% chance How can I obtain this item?: Raids, 1 in 500 chance to get one Break Chance: 1% Rates of Success: +1 = 95% chance +2 = 90 % chance +3 = 80% chance +4 = 70% chance +5 = 60% chance +6 = 50% chance +7 = 40% chance +8 = 30% chance +9 = 20% chance +10 = 10% chance +11 = 5% chance +12 = 5% chance +13 = 5% chance +14 = 5% chance +15 = 5% chance How can I obtain this item?: In donation store for 10$ each stone, bonds store 10 Donation Points. Break Chance: 0% Rates of Success: +1 = 95% chance +2 = 95% chance +3 = 95% chance +4 = 95% chance +5 = 95% chance +6 = 95% chance +7 = 90% chance +8 = 80% chance +9 = 70% chance +10 = 60% chance +11 = 50% chance +12 = 40% chance +13 = 30% chance +14 = 20% chance +15 = 10% chance How to Enchant? It is as simple as "using the stone" on the item of choice. Bonuses You can view your enchantment bonuses via your equipment tab The green numbers are your additional stats example your actual bonus when equipping a BFG9000 +10 Range attack = 5500 + 2500 = 8000 Range attack Range Strength = 4950 + 2250 = 7200 Range Strength Extra Notes Perfect Stones Once an item has +10 enchantments item Only perfect stones will never degrade your enchantment below +10 giving players a better chance in trying to get to +11, +12 or even up to +15! previously the stone will reduce the enchantment if it fails without a cap with this new improvement, players will have a better shot in trying to further without risking of going below +10 enchantments. Warning When using Enchantment Stone and High Grade Enchantment Stone to upgrade from +1 and above A WARNING MESSAGE will appear to notify players that item has a chance to be destroyed however message will only appear once until relog Aura You can show off your enchantments when it is +10 and above your item will have a nice aura around it Weapons will have a RED glow Armors will have a WHITE glow
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