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  2. RXG

    See if there was say a 10% - 25% chance to double this would be a better idea but 2x static would be a rip..... ill hold off on my vouch atm..... this has potential.
  3. YCGamez

    Good luck! You can do it! Keep us updated
  4. CylorV

    It'd be cool to have some of this but having it scheduled I don't like. Random events that staff can activate though I would like.
  5. Treyway

    Hmm, sounds interesting, Ill follow this thread
  6. I Willy I

    I'd like the daily events, but they have to be on a minimal scale. No x2 anything.
  7. Hc chong

    Definitely not double arcade pts and souls, tbh all the systtem is bad, i once saw that type of daily benefits on another gane and since not rs related i wont be scared to namedrop but TROVE, it have that type of system and legit there is only 2-3 important days worth logging in and the rest of the week its lretty dead, we dont want to have people playin 1-2-3 days a week only for daily benefits to end up somehoaw leaving cause benefits gets useless overtime, big fat NO VOUCH over here
  8. Dunderzutt

    Arcade and souls doubled would be op imo, maybe a 10% increase.
  9. Inject

    Why the Glock?
  10. Treyway

    Boss teleport is there cuz of one reason, so i dont see why you need commands added. Whats the point of the boss telport if so
  11. Treyway

    Yoo. I'll take look in my bank if i have any of those items
  12. YOda Is here

    Hey there Inf fire, Thank you for taking your time to apply Let's see this application point by point. +Good reasons and decent written explication on the questions +Good Lay-out (+Good looking bank) -Not very active And then... I am pretty worried... There are 4 players here that are not at all active on forums and suddenly find out you applied? Could be luck or is there another reason behind it? So my question is this... Have you read the first rule of requirements ? 1)You are to not advertise your application to anyone (including on Discord or Skype) Because to be honest, it seems like you have advertised to @Epixness, @hc universe @All Might and @Slicin. I could be wrong, but it's something I will be paying attention to. I give a //neutral// due to unknowing if these comments are legit or demanded by you. Good luck on the application
  13. YOda Is here

    Guess Ive been slacking quite a bit ! BIRTHDAY !!! A cowboy rides on friday into a saloon. 3 days later he leaves on friday, how is this possible? I cannot, but my best friend can ! -> He translated this; Please don't call me sexy again :( Glock 100% ! It's amazing The new story but also mixing it with the old and such... I like it !
  14. Inject

    I think the teleport is enough, to be honest.
  15. Hatsune Miku

    I feel that x2 skilling exp would be OP with all the exp boosts that we already have, I'd say to bring it down to 1.2x or something.
  16. Slicin

    Used as an MM and gambled with multiple times. Very clear and easy with paying out and always up for helping anyone @dicezone Would you be a great fit for the trust dicer team along side everyone else Vouch for Inf Fire
  17. Bench it seems everyone is long gone. I'm back from my 2 year mandatory hiatus

    1. akarev2


      two step you might as well just leave again lol 

  18. cybernetic

    Thanks so much! I'm gonna need it. Now I'm gonna have to nolife this because I diced away my MG which was my bank from rebuild of coming back a week ago, so... This is gonna be my 2nd rebuild method since I don't have oc and can't p2w right now because of things I have to pay irl so I'll be camping for hulk ring 😞
  19. dice billy

    I like this! Goodluck buddy!
  20. dice billy

    Sadly not but if I do ill come straight to yah
  21. hilbilydelux

    Okay so i was thinking during the week we could have addition bonus's on certain days. Monday- Minigame Madness All mini games reward players with double the points per game. This would include Castle wars, Battlegrounds, avengers and Arcade. This would make alot more people play the mini games and everyone would be doing it on this day making it easier to find games. Tuesday- Two up Tuesdays Trivia points doubled, vote books doubled, Double nest drops from trees and double cash from theiving. Wednesday-Wild wednesdays All souls from npcs would be doubled. Thursday- Thirsty Thursday x2 Slayer Points, x2 Extreme and ownercape/sponsor zone Points. Friday- Friendly fridays x2 skilling xp all day for all skills
  22. darklordr

    You're a animal Good luck!!!
  23. darklordr

    skilling Armour in general would be a real great add to the game I Love the lumber jack idea
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