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  2. Vaider

    Welcome back to the server man. I've seen you around discord and game. If you ever need help or have question feel free to message me.
  3. 613

    Kinda late for an introduction, but hello my name is Waleed AKA Resistt if anyone recognizes my name from previous servers. Played this game back in 2015 for a little bit and quit to get my shit together IRL, but i'm back and better now and i'm lovin this game haha. My in-game username is 613. Nice to meet y'all, loving the community and staff team a lot so far, some humble ass people. Hope to meet you all in-game soon ❤️ Waleed
  4. DylanRSPS

    welcome back!
  5. Add a new stop i guess
  6. dice billy

    Welcome back bud.
  7. Yesterday
  8. DylanRSPS

    very nice ❤️
  9. DylanRSPS

    good job @Feeds and btw im not going anywhere this time.
  10. DylanRSPS

    +1 ❤️
  11. Vaider

    Little late on the intro lol, but welcome back man Glad to see old players returning.
  12. I highly agree with that as well, but that could also be a whole other suggestion if it hasn't been suggested.
  13. rangezeze

    Ohh i have same goal for quest cape but no motivation to play osrs atm. Had quest cape in Rs3 but need like 50 points now to get it back. This will be interesting to follow, goodluck!
  14. I think thieving should be only skill allowed to bot because it doesn't hurt anyone. But even without bots, they should revamp all donator zones and add more skilling releated content to them.
  15. rhys/chris

    Idek if any of y'all remember me, but hiiii I'm back XD
  16. Nahh range...lets all agree with cyberr, botting have been going for awhile and too many newcolers comes up with the same question g: is botting allowed? And instead of always responding : yes only for skilling. or whatever complicated answer we can come up with, we(if botting becomes against rules) only will have to answer no... #letsmakedsgreatagain #fucka50%botsplayeronlinecount #letsgetthingsstraight

    Need help or have questions? Just wanna chat? Feel free to message me and I'd be glad to help.

  18. Yeah it's impossible to chop there with all bots running. They should add trees on donator zones.
  19. rangezeze

    Agreed. Need something more cooler than Dragon hatchet.
  20. HyPr Phoenix

    Feeds your so good with your monthly news i love reading through it!
  21. I totally agree with you on that point.
  22. Hc Maximum

    damn i thought being awkward will help me win
  23. Slicin

    Ah thank you! 😄 Been a bit in active lately but my return will be bigger and better
  24. Squishy

    100% respect your decision, but my reasoning behind seeing this to be added is that majority of the time when a player is punished in-game, a staff member will explain what happened, and what course of action they're taking (as long as it isn't a ban). Also, this is by no means justifying the action, more so explaining what happened. Meh, I guess I'd consider it like something going on in an office. If someone were to mess up, and do something that wasn't following guidelines, a higher positioned member would explain to them what happened, and how it's being fixed.
  25. Squishy

    No negativity intended, usually don't even read them anymore because I don't play the game, just lurk on the forums.
  26. Lil Bowwow

    i agree, this item is in game, but not useable, would be awesome to beable to use the items! vouche my friend
  27. I Willy I

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