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  2. Ninja

    I'm sorry to hear that you're facing this issue! Could you Please fill out a support ticket with the right format! Reminder, use every detail you know of your accounts includes; -Older Passwords -Donation Transactions That sort of things! The link for Support is listed below: I hope everything gets sorted for you //locked
  3. dirtbag cody

    recently moved houses cant remember my pin I set forever ago, got banned for too many failed pin attemps, could you please unban and remove pin please? thanks!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Edit: 1.85b gold reached 120s updated stats updated Executive Cape achieved (Still need rank. Gotta save up $200 for that)
  6. Penn

    Upgrade chest definetly needs updating and more items to upgrade to next version aswell. Also scavenger upgrade thing would be nice if there came more items to upgrade
  8. MrGainz

    Vouch, you seem like a good lad, and your grammar is on point.
  9. Amfisca

    Yes! This is going to be a fun one!
  10. Quackers

    Thanks for hosting the event! Love me some scav exp!
  11. Bodhi

    Hello R3lax, I'm sorry to hear you've been locked. You got locked due cash stack security / inactive account. As the rest of the community you'll have to fill out a support ticket in order to appeal your account back. Here is the support link; Try explain what exactly happend and why.  Goodluck on your appeal! //locked
  12. r3lax

    Hello why me old char locked? i have 2 year brake and now try log in and get this ...
  13. In-game Username: AsleepDemon Forum Username: AsleepDemon Discord Username: Corrupt ll#0666 (Nickname in server is AsleepDemon) How old are you? 20 What is your current time zone? EST Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? I have been kicked for being afk a few times over the years. These were before the afk island was added and the afk mode was implemented. (If it helps understand how long ago, the kicks were by Aliengod420 and hc cooni). Aside from that, when I had forgotten my bank pin, my account was banned temporarily until it was recovered. Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki or other website (Forums, for example)? If so, provide what you did. I have administrative experience from previous forums that I had used for a gaming community called Xiled Gaming Network. Write a brief introduction about yourself, both in-game and in real life. My name is Ryan, I am a Night Supervisor for a convenience store and have always worked in customer service. I thoroughly enjoy the technical side of things whether it be forums, websites, discord, or just anything technical really. I am very headstrong in being resourceful which is why I find enjoyment in playing Iron man which is what I am currently playing. I also am a very big believer in supporting what you enjoy and believe in and always remembering your roots which is why I always find myself coming back to Dreamscape. When considering what your desired position entails, what is your biggest strength? I would say my biggest strength would have to be my drive for perfection. If I can do it better, I strive to do so. I will continue to do whatever the task is until I have it looking neat and clean and accurate. Your Biggest weakness? It ties in with my biggest strength, with being a perfectionist I will put my work under a microscope and almost always expect something to be wrong with it even if there is nothing that is off. With that expectation, I often make more work for myself and take longer than necessary. What has been your best moment in Dreamscape? Why is it your favorite? My best moments have always been engaging with the community. Voice chats with other members and just goofing off always gives such a great feeling. Aside from that, a very key moment that stands out to me was winning the 2016 Halloween event and winning what at the time was a one-in-game (Darkly Spirit Shield). Note: In the last question, favorite is spelled incorrectly in the format used to copy paste.
  14. splitrunner

    congratulation to the winner
  15. Bodhi

    Exe totem is a no go, that should be donateable, or from events. In my opinion. It’s way too op to allow everyone become executive. According to rumors, leaks Exe zone is getting a new map/revamp. Hopefully better, imagine with 100+ exe’s. That’ll devalue the rank.
  16. splitrunner

    nah dont agrees on that or if we can change vorago to thanos same the melee wep change it to hades offhand or hades cleavers also we can put the sponsor ticket on dream and level 99 or 120 exe totem also change eks/ normal gunatlet (hard or dream ) level 75 to charged gunatlet big vouch
  17. HC Jinx

    Big Vouch! Maybe a helicopter > Thanos as well Upgrades definitely Needs a revamp in some way.
  18. Bodhi

    Vouch, except on Thumper part. Considering Glaives dropping to slowly 250m a glaive. We can add loads of things to be honest example souflares can become something else but dream rate possibly. Also looking at infernal, olaf, amorth pieces.
  19. Bodhi

    Hey Braimy, it was nice to see you last night at Amfisca, Paulinso’s dd tournament! We had loads of fun, hope to see you in the future more involved with the community! Enjoy your stay here with us! If you’re looking for help, look for Clanchat “help” or whoever is yelling to help others! We’ll meet ingame more often!
  20. Last week
  21. Ninja

    Welcome to Dreamscape, I hope you enjoy your stay with us:) If you need any help don't hesitate to message me ingame or discord (Torrent25#7683) or join the help cc.
  22. Ace123

    Welcome to #DSGANG, hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape. If you are wondering about anything about the game, let me know! K3
  23. Amfisca

    Hi man! Welcome to Dreamscape, hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
  24. Love Nutella

    For revamps What's the current issue? So many itens, prices currently dropping a lot. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add some itens to the upgrade chest. I was thinking about some new itens to be able to upgrade at the chest. The itens i had in my mind are some that are dropping too much ($$): Avery ring --> Avery ring (i) (Upgrade rate: Medium) (Req: 75 scav) Avery ring (i) --> Emperor ring (Upgrade rate: Hard or Dream) (Req: 120 scav) Trix amulet (i) --> Emperor necklace (Upgrade rate: Dream) (Req: 120 scav) All assimovs can also be upgraded to BFG Offhand. (Same rate as regular BGF) Icy Glaive --> The Thumper. (Upgrade rate: Hard/Dream) (Req: 120 Scav) How will this benefit player/server? Remove a lot of itens from the game (prices will increase). How could this be expanded in future? Could add new itens as they realease some new stuff. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Might get too many itens out of the game.
  25. 0l Braimy

    Hi! My name is Norm, in-game known as 0l Braimy (with a zero) As they say you don't quit Runescape, you just take breaks. I recently got a major craving for some nostalgic gameplay and tought i would try out some of the private servers to satisfy my needs as i sold my OSRS account years ago. So i googled for RSPS and Dreamscape showed up. At first i tought i would play for a few hours and then move on, but before you know it, i have played for a week non-stop. Dreamscape's custom items and bosses really intriquied me and the community has made the experience of learning the game from zero absolutely amazing. I've enjoyed my stay in the server so tought i'd check out the forums as well. So cheers and thank you for the warm welcome in-game!
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