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  2. Amfisca

    Update time! Thanks for the awesome support guys, I love it! I got my 20th box of wisdom today at 7800KC:
  3. IAmGoalieHC

    Great to have you back! Look forward to seeing you around:).
  4. C h r i s

    Dayum Amfisca! This is some next-level dedication man! Awesome post! Especially those executive raids! Can't wait to see the next update! 😄 - Chris
  5. Torrent25

    Welcome back @Bodhi, Hope to see you in game soon.
  6. Saur0n

    Dude I love seeing the pics! Keep me updated Sincerely, Saur0n
  7. Yesterday
  8. Goofy Goober

    Username: Goofy Goober Rank ingame: Sponsor The proof in the pudding:
  9. Snelle

    Nice going my man. I love to see you update this every once in awhile, good job!
  10. Snelle

    It would have to be before 2015, with no login from that point on at all, than I'd say sure. Other than that, no vouch.
  11. Snelle

    Welcome back man, hope you enjoy your stay back in the team.
  12. Amfisca

    Bodhi, legend! Great to have you back man! Let's reeeeee together in Battlegrounds soon!
  13. Bodhi

    Hey Dreamers, Allow me to explain why I've been gone for 5-6 months out of nowhere and resigned from all positions. For past 5-6 months has been a hell, but also a heaven at same time. I've recently completed a rehab program and finished it. It was meant for my soft drugs, gaming addiction, and anger issues I've experienced out of control. Short story, under influence I've punched important people around me, and for my own future career that was the bottom line. They forced me to go follow the program or I'll be kicked out of the house, kicked from the school. Decided to choose to follow the program and finish it. What's changed? -Well I'm going to meetings, like you see in movies "AA meetings" where all alcohol addicts comes together. 2-3 times a week. -Obviously I'm not going to game like 10+ hours anymore, I'll be trying to do only 2-3 hours, maybe in weekends bit longer if I have spare time. -I'm going focus entirely on my future, if I don't have time, no gaming or any hobbies. First important things, then fun. Welp let's back to introduction, My name is Bodhi obviously, 20 years old, Netherlands. I love being with friends, hang out that sort of things. Recently started sportschool/gym if you guys have any tips let me know! I'd like to learn more about the gym. Ehhhh I love forums? My baby board :c I'll make some droplogs or whatever is on my mind in the future. I love helping people with their issues, more aimed at forums, irl things. Whenever you need a person to talk with, I'm here whenever you need me. My future career will be based with children, havn't really decided what direction I want to go. I was thinking of helping children with their issues as in bad hearing, language struggles, behavior or children with issues at home, school, addiction. Going to do my year 1 over again as in Children daycare and work my way up there in studies. Hopefully in few years a university. Facts: -Old player back in 2014 -Sexy, kind, lovely -Forum addict - @808raptor's bff - @Amfisca's biggest fan Eh no idea what else to mention or tell, feel free to ask me anything
  14. Torrent25

    @Bauer Vapor Donations are tracked Via Paypal email , not IGN so it wouldn't affect anything , Thats why when you sell a donation it still linked to your paypal email and not the buyer name, otherwise there would be a ton more Plat - partners I get what everyone is saying and i do see how this could pose some issues.
  15. Bauer Vapor

    Taking someone's username sounds like a bad idea. 1. Log in issues with the person who owned the previous name. Because they won't know what their new username is. 2. Tracking donations as it's usually under a specific person's name. Example, I donated for something under IGN "Poop", it gets taken by a new person. And the original user called "Poop" refunds a donation. The new guy will get into trouble as you just see a refund by "Poop". 3. Your old friends ingame, you see an old mate logging in after a long time just to find out it's someone else. Then now you're stuck wondering what is your old mate's new account name gonna be. And several others.
  16. Amfisca

    I'm also going to have to give a no vouch for this suggestion. I wouldn't want to lose my name even if I took a 1 year break. Maybe you can ask staff is they can make an exception if the name you are looking for has just been used for logging in once or twice in several years?
  17. afade

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You will be forever missed my friend! Stop by some time and say hi!
  18. Last week
  19. Cjbear

    thread closed due to a similar suggestion that has been given!
  20. ACT I

    I'm going to have to give this a NO VOUCH I don't feel as players who may not have played in years should have their name taken...
  21. Mehweehyou

    Going good bro!! keep it up
  22. Jason

    ❤️ love you
  23. Amfisca

    Thanks man, I really appreciate the support A LOT!
  24. Bodhi

    That’s amazing! I’m really looking forward to end results or even about a year from now. Keep it up fam, I’m your BIGGEST FAN! (color test aswell) Dss Test test
  25. Squishy

    Imagine taking a break from a game, to simply come back and be unable to login to your account. Unable to figure out why, you have to go through support, wait 24 hours, just to figure out someone robbed your name. This isn't a good idea lel.
  26. 992

    Could be a yes for me. But only if you can't take the names that have been used for decades.
  27. Goofy Goober

    oi thanks boys if there is a similar one that i missed please close this! I will move my attention over there! Thanks for the responses boys!
  28. Goofy Goober

    Big vouch i made a thread similar to this just today! I must of missed this post!
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