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    • UPDATE: Cylorv and I have done another 4-5 hours of reviewing your submissions. We are at 115 of 280 responses and are thoroughly enjoying reading all the positive and negative responses!     We will continue to review and let you guys know our progress through the week.     Also this... lol   Drax
    • Hi,   When an eagle nest/bird nest is looted, u keep the empty bird's nest. We could use this item for making an new potion called Extreme overload wich gives 5 minutes of of 99/200 boost to all combat stats.   Wich consumes 5 bird nests using nests on an overload potion requiring an herblore level of 125. This will make the woodcutting skill lil bit profitable since the rate of getting an avery/hulk ring is rare. A small change for the eco, since those are tradeable.   kind regards!      
    • i think it will give the party boss a new life, i support the revamp for sure!