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    • What's the current issue? Pets currently take priority when left clicking anywhere near them. They also have a talk to and pick up option which makes it more cumbersome when you're trying to right click on things below them.What's your suggested way of fixing it?  A few ideas. Make the options to talk/pick up bound to the summoning tab. (dismiss would pick them up.) Make them have the lowest priority so they're always the last thing you click on. And lastly, Potentially adding them as an equip able item similar to the dice/2019 icons. https://gyazo.com/f831ecbdb93b7b2f83035f5f278b7a79 if we're able to implement the extra equipment slots that are on rs3 (pocket slot and sigil slot) the pets could be made to only appear cosmetically behind you when equipped to those slots and provide their effects. How will this benefit player/server? QOL. Will prevent players from constantly miss clicking on pets during minigames like the arcade.How could this be expanded in future? Depending on the way this is handled, the pet following you may become a cosmetic and an option be added that lets you hide pets.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) N/A
    • Sad to see a fellow player/TD go but sort your irl problems out first then come back we welcome u back with open arms ❤️💔
    • Looking to get Executive Cape boys ! Hit me up with your offers in my forum PM or in-game : PinPin   Thank you all :))
    • The model is in the game yes, but it has no stats. The suggestion was to add it in as a step up weapon from the ak-47 asiimov for single target dps, similar to the Scythe of Vitur. https://gyazo.com/6b01dd955bd85de231aa6220168df34b
    • The issue is when you have it filtered you cant see yells, or clan chat, or public depending on what you're filtered to. And as stated in the post if you're farming something with KC it makes your pms disappear faster and text delete faster.