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Flower Poker Event with Reina and Denise

Hosted by Reina Carmel
Start Time
12:00 AM
End Time
12:00 AM
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Dice Duel Event

Hosted by Chammy
Start Time
10:00 PM
End Time
10:00 PM
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Flower Poker Event with Reina and Denise

Hosted by Reina Carmel
Start Time
12:00 AM
End Time
12:00 AM
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What is Dreamscape RSPS?

The Largest Custom Private Server since 2014

Built on player suggestions and satisfaction. DreamScape strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance.

Recent Game Updates & News

DreamScape Update 146! 2k21 Box! Custom Pest Control! Lachrym! Slot Machines! and MORE!

Release Date: 23/01/2021
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This update is one of the most content packed updates we have had in a long time! With new boxes, new minigames, slot machines, updated gambling, new boss, new point systems, new event zone, referral point system, game frame update, and more!
It's finally 2021 which means we survived 2020! Time to celebrate with the brand new 2k21 box!
(insert picture here)
Drop Table:
Always Drop
2x Damage Card
2.5x Damage Card
10% Drop Rate Booster
Drop Table:
Normal Drops
Eternal Crystal Helm
Eternal Crystal Body
Eternal Crystal Platelegs
Devious Helm
Devious Body
Devious Legs
Ak-47 Asiimov
Avery's Ring (i)
Diablo Jr.
Fortune Lvl 3
Fortunate Favour Lvl 3
Augury Lvl 3
Mystic Lvl 3
Berserker Lvl 3
Platinum Skin
Helicopter Pet
Fire Hazard AK
Devious Set
Crystal Set
Dream Helm
Dream Body
Dream Legs
Dream Range Helm
Dream Range Body
Dream Range Legs
Dream Mage Helm
Dream Mage Body
Dream Mage Legs
Space Virtus Helm
Space Virtus Body
Space Virtus Legs
Dream Melee

DreamScape Update 145! New Years / Merry Christmas - Season pass - New Raid

Release Date: 31/12/2020
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A strange man near the home center needs your help! Swing by and see if you're up for the job!
It turns out Santa is the one that needs your help! He gives you his Magical Aether Key so you can go help one of his best Elf spies!
The Elf Spy has lost her Aether key and needs your help locating it! Maybe it's somewhere inthe Elven kingdom?
Once you recover the Elf's Aether Key, return to her and use the key to bypass the magic barrier!
After fighting the impostor, take the remains back to the Undercover Santa to receive your reward ❤️
Scavenger XP
Christmas Box 2020
Christmas Icon
This Quest is limited time only so act fast!
Christmas Box!
Drop table:
1 x 10-50 gold ds coin
1 x Random Dream Potion
1 x GrandLottery Book
1 x Random Item from Drop Table
1 x Random Box
Item Drop Table
(NOTE: There are common rewards, this is only showing the rare drop table)
1 in 150
Cheer Hunter Helm
Cheer Hunter Body
Cheer Hunter Legs
Cheer Hunter Gloves
Cheer Hunter Boots
Cheer Hunter Cape
Perfect Enc

DreamScape Update! Star Box! SuperStar Box! Cosmetic Pets and MORE! Update 144!

Release Date: 11/12/2020
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This new box has a cycling drop table! Who knows what can be found in this box!
These boxes will only ever be obtained from the store so we can have no limits on what we can add!
Players can use ::checkstarbox to see what exclusive rewards are added at the time!
At thetime of this update you will find some juicy prizes in the box ranging from 6th Anniversary items to High-End store items!
Will you be the first to obtain the 6th Anniversary Bow? Maybe you will get your hands on a Baby Yoda Pet?
For those magnificent people that want a little more, you can take a look at the SuperStar Box! This box takes everything you love about the Star Box and makes it that much better!
🔥3 Rolls from the Star Box Drop table🔥
1-50 Gold DScoins
1 2.5x Damage Card
1 x Grand Lottery Book
1 x 10% Drop Rate Card
The 10% Drop Rate Card will boost a players drop rate by an additional 10% for 60minutes!
Have you ever loved the way a pet looks but didn't want to give up the stats of the amazing pet you al

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