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  2. Farmed anyways.
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  4. congratualtions homie,that must have been really rough to achieve well,you've done it homie. well done,alot of items been pked huh
  5. Username: HentaiRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  6. Damn. Been grinding for long time huh? Congrats & welcome back on the 100 Kill Streak!
  7. Died early this year to raids losing my 100 killstreak as a bug ... About 10Q~ worth of loot pked and 10 months later... Didn't take ss of loots, but they included;- - Golden Minigun - Regular Minigun - Multiple Row (i) - AM Pernix and Torva sets - Collectors necklace Would upload some reactions but 0.11MB max total file size for upload -.-
  8. Nice Congrats everyone The answer to the riddle is A keyhole.
  9. First off I would like to say sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. My name is megan I am a 28 yea old girl that used to play this server a while back. I had an alternate account named CW Queen that my brother managed to get on and he got it banned somehow. I would be really happy if I could possibly get my account back as I know better and it will never happen again as we no longer live in the same country. Thank you for taking time to read my application. Best regards Megan
  10. Rank Given!! Congrats on Super Donator!!
  11. Main Text: bladedm Sub text: nil Font(s): not sure Size: erhh as long it nice i dm any size Render: below Background: red or lava theme background would be nice :D or something nicer then this Style: can suit the render would be nice Other information:nil
  12. Username: stokenut rank in game : super donator picture proof :
  13. ign : stokenut good luck
  14. Forums and Ingame ain't connected. So download the launcher and type in a preferred username and password and just login. If you have anymore questions? Pm me here.
  15. Welcome back Papers !
  16. After Reviewing the application with my team, and other staff members, I have chosen to Decline your application. Continue to work on middle manning in dice zone, helping players in dice zone, and as well bringing forth a positive attitude towards the community. That would help change my decision in the future. Best Of luck, Nick /Decline
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  18. Literally cannot find. I registered for forums but I can't find out how to register to actually play the game..
  19. @Emperor Nick hey nick, when you get the chance can we talk? i have a few questions i need to talk to you about

    1. Emperor Nick

      Emperor Nick

      Already, Re pmed you; ingame and on forums.

  20. As someone who started recently; maybe a week or so ago, and had thieved their way into 100s of trillions in the first few days without Dream Potions on a hardcore, only to learn this the hard way as well, I would vouch for this entirely. Implementation of some sort of pausing or using less system would be quite beneficial for those who have sudden internet interruptions(I live in the deep deep woods of my state. Barely have net as it is!). Dream Potions could even come with multiple doses or something to make you use 1/4th of it, or even 1/2 of it. I know that would include new items having to be added, but the system is currently swindling those who can't donate for the potions currently by those that can. The market changed over night in those days to where a 4hr Thieving Potion was the same exact price as an 8hr Thieving.
  21. Hello there and welcome to Dreamscape! It may be suggesting you need to download the most recent version of Java which you will need to do to play Dreamscape on Mac. I had this when I did a factory reset on my Mac and needed to install java to continue. It can be downloaded for free by doing a google search for: 'Java free download'. I am pretty sure that will fix the problem you are describing, but let me know if that does not works I'll see what I can do. Best of Luck! Drax
  22. Can honestly say that getting an ownercape was the best decision in terms of ramping up that game play. It doesn't ruin the game at all but rather changes it :D you still have to wait for 7 seconds for bosses to respawn which means that you can kill 8 spawns a minute, not the 100's that people think. It is however, extremely quick at racking up large numbers of boss kills and thereby lots of drops. It also allows you access to the ;;ownercape area which is great for quiet pvming (I often use the phoenix spawns there despite not being able to 1 hit with oc). The sponsor shop at ::ownercape also adds some nice rewards. The ;;god and ;;fall emotes are rather nice and look pretty cool and the private roll perk is nice if you want to host bj at dice zone. Getting an Ownercape will open the doors of possibility, you can increase your pvm, increase your drops and hang out with a lot of experienced players at ;;ownercape zone. Would recommend getting an OC to anyone without hesitation! Drax
  23. If you want to 1 hit most things then yes it is. Personally i think it ruins the game a bit as it makes you very overpowered but matter of opinion. -Chilledout
  24. I like this suggestion but would be worried about ruining economy. You state 'more items in game ie soulflares chaos ele pets etc', now i understand it will not add many more to the game on a small level but if the potion became very popular it would start to add more rare items into the market which would cause prices to fall too much, more than they already have. -Chilledout
  25. Very good suggestion to incorporate full efficiency of potions. -Chilledout
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