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  3. Thanks for the suggestions, ill fix the post asap when i get done with my exams. I would highly appreciate if you took the time to do it, whenever you can.
  4. Just saying, you explained your render and background within the background. Recommendations for you wanting a render added in, is to find one of your liking, especially if you're going to be specific with it. Also, filling out majority of the information you put under background into Other Information would be the best, i.e. DreamScape Logo, Twitter Icon. Adding in "required" placements for these things can mess up someones design process, or at least it'd mess up mine. I recommend giving a little more leniency with what you're requesting. Also, I'll try to do this request if I have any spare time.
  5. Nice to see the latest drops added, keep the good loots coming!
  6. Thanks for the addition to the system. As well, to all hosts, please be sure to clarify CC before you go on with rolling the dice!
  7. Well homie you went to bed when i took that picture.
  8. Some great logs and thanks for updating it then and now. Make sure to edit a post and add up all together instead of making new posts
  9. I would appreciate it alot!
  10. Anyone wanna see Xiare mining his life away?
  11. #Vouch
  12. Banana's are yellow.
  13. Share the potion please?
  14. You can say that again
  15. My link wouldnt be so appropriate on here =S
  16. So animated
  17. Woah.....
  18. Hope to see you back on soon =D
  19. Hmmmmm
  20. Once again awesome that you did this now we everybody will know 100% what gear/items have which amount of droprate % nicely done!
  21. this looks like it took time and this is really helpfull forsure for people asking for stats on items well here they are! Definetly nicely done aswell! <3
  22. I do agree with Licky on this one but I think we need to somewhat buff the items on raid 3 as the drops are crap.
  23. I think drop rates are fine as they are but I think the soulroom might need a minor buff but that's about it
  24. I vouch this suggestion as well information when you come to the website is what you look for and as you've shown its outdated and needs updating
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