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Can not Join Game (With Video)

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Hello guys i really want to play on this server but i can't. I dont know why. I tried almost everything about java..


THIS VIDEO (Click Here) uploaded by me. When i click the Launcher, it's waiting me first, after it gonna shut down or downloading cache files again..


By the way i can play another runescape private server (it mean my java is running well), I'm from Turkey maybe there is some IP protection system (I don't know). I'm begging you please someone help me.. :/


Please feel to free contact me on discord ( or here. I can upload new videos for you, I can share my computer maybe (like TeamViewer)..


Best Regards.....



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14 minutes ago, ChilladinYT said:

Have you tried to install different launchers?

I use the left java launcher cause the other two gives me errors. 


I tried every launcher and client.. I'm tired of wiping, deleting and reloading cache files. There's nothing else I can think of..

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