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22 hours ago, Bellatrix said:

Sexy! I like the hangman one because I'm morbid and I like horror and morbid stuff haha

My type of person, glad you like it! It's a personal favorite


21 hours ago, ChilladinYT said:

This looks so good!
I really like the two last pictures I get some samuria/japan vibes over it.

Thanks! Yeah I wanted to make two pieces that symbolize something, and the assets I used went for that samurai type of feel to it


2 hours ago, Tman786 said:

And here I thought it was just photography. Insanely talented dude!

Thanks mate! I'm not that talented, I just like to do a lot of things and be varied


46 minutes ago, MonoBeast said:

Not bad designs homie, You should start working and accepting requests. Would love to see what you can contribute to the community.

Thanks, but I most likely won't be doing that, I prefer to keep graphics design personal to me and rarely do it anymore because of lack of creative energy for it and time constraints

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