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Since our Flower Poker Gambler's Tournament was LIT now i will be hosting DICE DUEL TOURNAMENT! This event is also requested by those who does not have EXTREME donator rank and missed the opportunity to attend the Flower game.


To participate in this events, you will need to be DONATOR RANK + which means, if you are non-donator, you CANNOT participate in this event. If you happen to be interested in participating, leave your IGN below with your timezone, which will allow me to make a ladder table.


This event will be held on 16TH June, 2018. 5:00 P.M ( 17:00 ) EST time. Another one for GMT will be held on 17th June, 2018. 5:00 P.M ( 17:00 ) GMT+1 timezone.







Rules are very simple, One account per player are allowed to participate in this event. No complaning after a lose, foul language, lets show some sportsmanship! If fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified from the event.





Two players will challenge eachother for FT3 (First to 3). Winner will climb up the ladder to 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes! Good luck all and hope to see you guy's register for this event!


Very respectfully, YOUR BOY BOWWOW!




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The flower event was fun and a big hit!
I will b attending this event as well

Goodluck to all who enters, hope to see you there.

ign: hilbilydelux

timezone: AEST

and thanks to bowwow for hosting these events !

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Hahaha haha YES! I'll have my Hotspot ready for that day then everybody better watch out thanks for doing this too

Ign hc pvm pvm

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