I'm Back For those who don't know me!

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I'm back.


I will be recording


there are most likely some who do not know me for them this will be more of an introduction.


Tidbits about me


Real Name: Edward


Age: 20 (21 in July #oldman)


favorite color: Red


TV/Movies or Reading: Reading my manga


Cat or Dog: Cat


Favorite genre of music: Classical


Favorite thing to do: YOUTUBE


I'm Phoenix an old player hence "legends" and "veteran" ranks on forums I am a Youtuber one of Ds's oldest <3  I'm always cleaned but when I'm not I'm doing a giveaway on my channel so keep an eye out for when I'm constantly recording for ds cause I plan on making it 100ish% daily.


for those who do not know and question my words, I'm EX-Helper EX-Forums Moderator EX-Trusted Dicer EX-News Team EX-Member Of The Month and EX-Youtuber (<hopefully won't be EX sometime soon ;)


nice to meet all the new Dreamers hope we can meet in-game chill talk maybe I can convince you to record for youtube as well it is extremely fun.



With Love, Phoenix

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Welcome back Phoenix. I thought I saw your name before on the forums chat, but couldn't remember exactly who you were. Well glad to have you back and hope you stay ^^

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Hey welcome back bud! Love to see our legends back in action. If you ever need something, let me know :) I will assist you happily.

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