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Lil Bowwow

Updated Dice Rank & Benefits

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Whats going on Dreamers!

In this thread i will be informing you guys about the new Dice CC prices & Benefits.




  1.  Players who wants to apply for TD in future are able hold higher amount of Items/Cash. (Remember, it its optional on what rank you want to purchase)
  2. You'll be allowed to selfhold higher amounts of "Pot" due to our new Dice Rank System.
  3. These days flower poker "pot" are often more than the max rank of (450T), By increasing the amount you can hold can give players the chance to take a screen shot with higher payout.


New Rank/Amount of pot you will be allowed to hold.


  • Recruit will cost 450T, and you'll be allowed to MM up to 450T pots.
  • Corporal will cost 1Q and you'll be allowed to MM up to 1Q pots.
  • Sergeant will cost 2.5Q and you'll be allowed to MM up to 2.5Q pots.
  • Lieutenant will cost 5Q and you'll be allowed to MM up to 5Q pots.
  • Captain will cost 10Q and you'll be allowed to MM up to 10Q pots.


What if, i already have a "Rank" in Dice CC?


If you happen to already have a Rank such as "Captain" you will be demoted down to Recruit Rank. If you want to purchase higher rank, you will have to pay the difference between those ranks.


- You're now a Recruit (Cost 450T) but you want to be promoted to Sergeant that cost (2.5q), this means all you will have to pay is additional 2.1Q to receive the Sergeant Rank.






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