Raiden Raid - Raid 2 Buff - New Raiden sets - Buy X Option [Patch #88 - 06/04/18]

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Hello Dreamers!

Today's update comes with a bunch of sick content! A brand new raid! and lots of juicy new custom items!



First off we have the much anticipated Raiden Boss!





Can you take on the boss, and claim the riches from it's bones!


Dreamscape's Hardest Raid boss to date! boasting 2 forms to defeat!


First take on Raiden (magic and melee attacks only) then comes Dark Raiden with it's deadly special attacks!


Type ::joinraid5 or ::raiden to take part!


Dropping all kinds of juicy loot Including energy orbs used to charge the Khione's staff and enable its special attack!




And the new magic weapon! Frostbite staff!







Raid 2 drops buffed!




The Vendura Raid (::joinraid2) has had it's drops buffed!


Get your hands on the new loot, including:


The Castiel Katana 




The New Avery's Ring - With the ability to heal you!








The new Raiden sets


One in game! Insane Stats! Tradable! 25% drop rate! 50% double drop rate!


Find them in our 'Only 1 can donate' section of the Donation Store!


The Raiden Set



The Dark Raiden Set







We've added a buy 'x' option to the player owned store to make it easier to buy from player owned stores!



This also works at the home stores (maximum 1000 at a time)




We've Added the Necromancer to Ownercape zones!




You can now kill this boss with ease!

(Executive cape required for 1 hit)




Youtube Event Gear!


1st Prize!

Youtube Icon!


For more info on event click here!



2nd Prize!

Golden Play Button Pet


For more info on event click here!




3rd Prize!

Youtube Chain

For more info on event click here!




Grimshotlove Set!

(Custom Donation)









- We've fixed some typos with the Player Owned Shops

- We've fixed a bug with prayer in raids

- We've fixed an issue with Blue Death Cape and Boxing Gloves giving negative accuracy in raids

- Exp lamps have been fixed and now give the correct amounts of exp

- The Dungeoneering cape should now display correctly



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Ooooh and another sexy update!

Can't wait to get my hands on this new castiel katana on my ironman :)

Also can't wait to see what sexy updates are yet to come!


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This is a one of insane update guys! Hopefully you guys will enjoy the new items/content as much as we do K3! great update thanks for the hard work


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And now raid 2 get buffed, but raid 3, is still not touched... -_- Cmon drax, how many months it will take it? 

Raid 3 is worst drops, only raid 4 before this update was somehow good... 

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Yet another hard works of dev team, keep up the job on everything guys, and Thanks DS for providing ideas so we could work on your needs. Keep on posting up on suggestions to see much more great updates.

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