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Its whiteberry or whatarethose. I have an issue. my account whatarethose has been around for a LONG TIME the thing is when i made the account way back there was no option for hardcore mode. I am a normal player on the whatarethose account and its dr is only 3% instead of that 15%. Ive decided to make a new account called "hc cannon" it is a brand new account. can you please transfer the extreme rank from whatarethose to "Hc cannon" i know its possible because ive seen it done before. Please do this transfer. The ips of the account are the same. They are both mine.


Would be cooler if you could just change the gamemode on whatarethose from normal to hc but i know thats not possible so if you can please just remove the extreme rank from whatarethose and move it to "HC Cannon"




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