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Lil Bowwow

DS Legends

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Reason for creating this clan: Main focus is to create an environment where people can create brother/sisterhood. Focusing on both PVM and Gambling to help you achieve certain goals in game.



1) Must have atleast 3 days ( 72 hours ) played time.

2) Must have atleast set or 2 PVM gear Incase of group raids.

3) Must be atleast 17 year of age. People may join under certain circumstances.


Clan rules:

1)  No begging, asking for help is different then asking for free stuff. We will guide you  and help you but asking for free stuff to “rebuild” so you can gamble is a no go in this clan.

2) Racism, we have zero tolerance when it comes to racism. Those type of players are not welcomed in this clan.

3) Foul language, most players in this clan are mature and will show you the same respect you show them.


Upon the approval, you will be PMed by me or other person in clan for the clan chat. Ranked will be earned by your activities and your performance. 


If any question PM for more informations.


We will have many clan events so looking forward to seeing you guys be part of the brotherhood!


Lil Bowwow 





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