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EMC Photo Event

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Hello Everyone! 


I want to try something different for an event. So what I came up with was a photo event. Pretty much post your favorite moments with a collage of photos from DreamScape or post your own design of DreamScape or any art photo you can make from DreamScape. Just want to see what everybody's fun moments are or was from DreamScape & want to see players creativity. Yes there are rules. Just want this to be a fun event. 


Here are the rules & what i'm looking for & what your allowed to use:


1. All the photos that you put in your collage must be from DreamScape ONLY!

2. Iron Man are NOT allowed to join. My apologies, I just don't have staff helping me this time. 

3. You can edit frames around your photos. Just as long as it's not from another game or other servers. 

4. You can add stickers (meaning emoji's or speech bubbles & etc.) 

5. You can use colorful backgrounds. Just not a background from different games or other servers. 

6.  GIF are NOT allowed.

7. You MUST put your in-game name next to your photo!! If you don't put your in-game name next to your photo, you don't win.


You do not have to have custom items. Just looking for some fun looking photos or funny moments that you might have seen. I will be judging these photos by creativity.

If you're not sure on what I'm looking for, here are two examples on what I'm looking for:



Example one:



Here is my own design of DreamScape. My in-game name E M C




Example two:



Here are some of my favorite moments made into a collage of photos. My in-game name E M C








Here are the three prizes.


First place 


dbWHtKQ.png  300T




Second place


3vxYLv5.png American Torva Set with a Fallen death cape 




Third place 


kKoFKg2.png Silver space sword








I can't wait to see your awesome collages. I will pick the winners on October 15, 2017 (its a Sunday) at 7PM Eastern time zone. Wish everybody the best of luck! And remember to have fun with it!







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