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Chuck: Who? Just kidding. Haven't seen you around, no comment. @Chuck


Ownerscape: Seen this man when he was just a helper working on the wikia. Congratulations to where you are now. This is a HUGE achievement. Since my return, I've seen @Ownerscape really active globally. Activity is one thing, but when you have a staff member exceeding responsibility, it's an exceptional trait to be. Great effort!


This time around we see another new face to the Ownership of the server. In the time I've played, I've seen approximately 7 apart from Chuck. Each management team differs per person. Interesting to see where Dreamscape's future will be with our newest Owner.


Stuart: Thanks for inviting me back into Dreamscape. @Stuart


Tyrant: Let's see some more updates! @Tyrant


Iron Barrage: Upon my arrival, you were someone who was friendly to speak with. I haven't seen you around lately. If I could suggest an area for your to further improve on apart from your "Ingame" duties, it would be interacting with the community on the forums. Seeing how you havent posted since August. Forums is also an important role, if you were going to succeed in a higher position. @Iron Barrage


Feeds: If I'd say anyone who is doing very well for their position, I'd suggest your name to them. I notice you don't talk alot ingame, but on forums you're a spokesman! Talk alittle more ingame, and I think you'd be a great Community Manager. @Feeds


Englishlog: I've seldomly seen you online, probably a timezone thing. @englishlog

Hi Its Guru: I noticed that nice guide on the forums. It was great! Apart from that I haven't seen you that much. Might be a timezone thing. @Hi its Guru

MrZechariah: Unfortunately I haven't come across you before. I may have, but it doesn't ring a bell. If it isn't a timezone thing you're not very active. @MrZechariah


If I could add a note to all Moderators, I'd suggest for more interaction with the community. As I don't often see some online, it may sound alittle hypocritical, but if I can say this; If I could admire a location where each of you do best there hasn't been one from either platform that has consistently stuck out to me. (Ingame, Forums or even Discord) 


Bman: A majority of the time that I use the forums, I can see you online which is good. Being attentive is important, so as long as you're actually there. ;) As a recommendation to get yourself out there more, and show others what you can be capable of you should create some guides. @Bman


Ownercape 99: I'm not sure when your promotion was, but when you were a player I noticed you were interactive in the yell, and the help clan chat. Keep up that positive performance and you can become a much greater associate in the future. @Ownercape 99


Yvez: Usually when I'm online, I see you more then anyone else. I constantly bombard your pms with pc's etc. Thanks for replying :) @Yvez


The support team has been really strong lately. Keep it that way.






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Hey, man! Thanks for the feedback. I am sure the rest of the staff team appreciates your kind words. I definitely will try and see what I can do about making guides.

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Thanks a lot for beautiful great words from a legend. So honored and feeling special. I'll work hard and try to be great Ingame as well :) 


Once again thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for your feedback @Blueoptic, I haven't seen you in game in a while. I am trying to get more active in the forums and the creation of helpful threads. My goal: Exceed the expectations of a regular helper =p Thanks for your advice, you DS Legend. Glad to see you still around. 

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