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Hello everyone,


My suggestion is probably already brought to you all but I wanted to share this again.

We need a new dicezone or an extra dicezone.

Alot of people come and complain about people afking in dicezone or constantly standing on their flowers during fping and with the addition of the blackjack tables the dicezone is always packed and filled with people.

My suggestion would be this:

If you go to dicezone and walk all the way south and look on your map you can see another "dicezone" but completely empty.

I would like to use that room for another dicezone where you can gain acces by a command or a teleport spot behind te flower girl to teleport to the other zone.

The only thing I want to add is to make that zone only for extreme+ so they can Fp without people dropping BJ tables on em or some afking the whole time.

My last suggestion is about afking.

Too many people are afking in dicezone. If this is possible they should kick you automatically to home after you go afk for longer than like 10-15 mins so they dont stay in dicezone and block for others.


Thank you for taking time to read this and I would love some feedback on this.



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I know that a dice zone revamp has already been confirmed as being on the trello list.

But I like the idea of separate rooms for separate games. The Dicing community has outgrown the current room and more space or separate rooms would definitely improve things.


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Hmmm separate rooms, I don't mind for. I know for a fact Dicezone rework is in process. Which is definitely a positive. Since our Gambling Community will always increase in time.


Good Suggestions!

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