Dreamers Weekly - August 6th, 2017

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Welcome back to the first edition of the Dreamers Weekly! Due to the papers becoming more frequent, there will be less content within each paper.


Within today's Dreamers Weekly, we will discuss the usual topics. Player promotions, Introductions, Interviews, and many other topics will be discussed within the paper.


The Dreamers Weekly Team wishes everyone an excellent time with reading this months Newspaper.


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We have a couple of promotions this week.


First off, we'd like to congratulate HklLVwA.gif Hc Jessie on obtaining the HklLVwA.gif Media Manager position. He's been doing consistent videos about DreamScape, dedicating a lot of time into them. If you have any questions regarding the media aspect of DreamScape, make sure you send him a message.


Next up we have 4Xyw6qK.png FloppyTech1 who's been an extremely dedicated 4Xyw6qK.png Youtuber for awhile now. 4Xyw6qK.png FloppyTech1 puts out great content, and is very well known throughout DreamScape. We'd like to congratulate him on achieving this position, as we all know he'll do wonderful.




We have a couple of veteran players returning to the DreamScape community!


First up, we have @Blueoptic returning to DreamScape. He's an old UUiFnP8.gif Global Administrator and the Wiki Founder! Please welcome him back into the community!

Check out his original thread here - 



Next up we have @Redaeran returning to DreamScape. He's an old ouQeCCH.gif Gambling Manager, OTOamZL.png Donations Manager, and T2gZbYt.gif Forum Administrator. Please welcome him back into the community!

Check out his original thread here -


Finally, we have @Vince returning. @Vince is the previous 1Qef08w.gif Community Manager. He also goes by the name of Aliengod. Please welcome him back into the community!

Check out his original thread here -




Interview with @Yvez


When did you first start playing RuneScape?

I started playing regular RuneScape way back in the day, 2002.


When did you start playing DreamScape?

I joined DreamScape about two months ago, after a big life change I wanted something new!


Is there any specific meaning behind your name?

The meaning behind my name is actually a memorial to a friend which passed away when we were kids, only 14. A best friend of mine, lost to cancer. Although I play games in his name because me and him loved to play all types of games together.


If there could be one position you could create on DreamScape, what would it be?

Depends, if it were me I would love to have the wiki rank back in game. Although I would love to see a Service rank which would allow you to do all sorts of things in game for other players. Including on there account. I'll be creating a suggestion here soon about this sort of information in the future.


What is your favorite item on DreamScape?

I will have to say that my favorite item is the Golden Minigun, because it's overall the most widely used/best PvM weapon you can get in game.


If you could add one boss into DreamScape, what would it be, and what would it drop?

Now that is a very difficult question. To me, I would like to see a boss where anyone can go to kill it, but one per person might look a little bit like this or maybe Zulrah in game. It would drop some sexy looking recolored torva, maybe with some blue and gold. It'd be called the Zaros armor. There's too many idea's here. There's more then just this one, I'd like to see a lot of different bosses added into the game although on the spot it's kinda difficult if I say so myself.


Who is your favorite Staff Member?

Favorite Staff Member, that's a difficult one. I'm going to have to say Ownerscape simply because he's a very nice, chill, relaxed guy and helps out a lot in game and on Discord.


What is the most useless boss here on DreamScape?

Simple, it's Nex. It has no uses other then obtaining Torva which can be bought in the shops.


If you could make one boss that doesn't already have a pet have one, which would it be?

I'd have to say Vorago. It has some pretty sick looking graphics.


If you had spawning privileges, what would be the first thing you'd spawn?

I would have to choose the custom Icy Glaive Offhand simply because it has some sick texture and is a one off handed weapon, so it can be used with a wide variety of one handed weapons.



Interview with @FloppyTech1



When did you join DreamScape?

I originally joined DreamScape in 2015. I quit after a month, then I joined back recently in June 2017 and I've been playing since.


What has made you so loyal towards the server?

Well, it's the only private server I play. I also dedicate so much time into DreamScape on a daily basis by creating content for the server in order to promote it. I feel like this is easily the best private server I've played. The community is amazing, and so is the staff which has made it easy for me to stay here on DreamScape.


If you could change one aspect about DreamScape, what would it be?

Hmm, that's quite a tough question. DreamScape is amazing the way it is. The only thing I think I could change would be more promotion for the forums. It's really inactive with only a few players consistently on it. If we could somehow encourage more players to be more active on the forums it would make DreamScape that much better.


If you could make one boss that doesn't already have a pet have one, which would it be?

Vorago should have a pet. First of all the boss is extremely hard to kill as it is in the wilderness. If anyone would be lucky enough to obtain it they would instantly be extremely rich. Also another reason I choose Vorago is because it looks really nice in RuneScape 3. I have a lot of confidence in our development team to recreate it.


If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

Easy one, always wanted to go to Dubai. Did you guys know that the police cars in Dubai are Ferrari's and Lambo's? Tell me that isn't crazy. It's one of the wealthiest places in the world. Always wanted to go there and hopefully I'll be able to go there sometime in the future with my family.


What's your favorite style of music?

Hmm, well this is pretty easy also. I really enjoy rap music. Some of my favorite rappers include Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


If you had to live inside of one TV show, what would it be?

If I would have to live inside of a TV show it would have to be Prison Break. Easily my favorite show of all time. I'd love to break out of prison the way they do it in the show. Not going to spoil the show for you guys, but I highly recommend watching it.


If you had to choose something to give up in life, what would you choose?

Wow, very deep question. Honestly, I'd probably have to give up my phone or anything that involves technology. The reason I say this is because I feel like I spend way to much time on social media platforms and my phone. I'm the type of guy that loves exploring and traveling, so I'd much rather spend my time doing that then spending it on social media and anything related to technology.


You're now only able to eat one thing for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

This is un-fair. I'll get bored of eating the same thing, but it'd have to be steak. It is my favorite food and I can't resist not eating it at least once a week. It would be a very boring life though.


If you could choose any activity to do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would choose playing the sport of Basketball. This is quite simple, if you have spoken with me for more then a week you already know this. I play High-School basketball (varsity). I already do this so it wouldn't really be life changing. If anyone is interested, I'm a small-forward, height is 6'2.




The camel man himself, @Tyrant proves once again that he does not have a life outside of DreamScape and camels.





This or That with @Potentials


Be completely hairy all over, or completely bald?

Hairy ;)


Ability to be invisible or read minds?



Eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees?

Wow an intense one.. I'd say poison ivy.


Meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space?

Meet an alien :O


Never use the internet again, or never watch TV again?

I already don't watch TV, so no TV :p


Ability to stop time or to fly?

Stop time


Have an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Elephant trunk :p


Be forgotten or hatefully remembered?

Be forgotten :(


Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?

Kiss a jellyfish


Be 3 feet tall, or 8 feet tall?

8 feet!




Our new  HklLVwA.gif Media Manager @Hc Jessie has started up the Picture of the Month. We'll announce the winners at the end of the month!

Check out the thread here - 





Again, our HklLVwA.gif Media Manager  @Hc Jessie has started up the Video of the Month. We'll announce the winners at the end of the month!

Check out the thread here - 





If you could bring back one dead musician to perform one more concert, who would you choose?




We hurt without moving, and poison without touching. We bear truth and lies, but are not judged by size. What are we?


Think you have the answer? Send a message to @Squishy!




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Founder - Squishy

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Chief Editor - Squishy



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Fantastic job to my brother @Squishy. He have been doing great support and he have done the weekly completely alone. Hat's off to the huge contribution.


And the weekly looks really fabulous! 


@FloppyTech1 you're right about it, we got Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and much more as police car. Once you come here gimme a call :p

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