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As a Wiki Editor, we seek players that are not only wise on various topics concerning DreamScape, but are also very active and well known around the community for helping out.


Once chosen to be part of the Wiki Editor Team, you will be assigned a section on the Wiki as your Trial, in where you will be Responsible for Updating at least every 24 hours. As part of your Trial, you will need to have at least 10 edits everyday.



Advantage of becoming a Wiki Editor!


Will become more noticed around the community for your knowledge.


Application Requirements:

1.    You MUST have a Medium to Strong knowledge of English, Grammar and Punctuation.

2.   Must have a minimum of 5 Days Playtime

3.    Must have joined the Forums at least 1 month in advance of applying.

4.   Must have a minimum of 25 Forum Post

5.    Must be Active In-Game and on Forums

6.   Must be Active on Discord at least 3 days of the week.

7.    Must have NO Bans/Jails/Mutes In-Game, or any warnings on your Forums Account!

8. Must have a Dropbox and a Trello account made prior to applying.



Application Format:



In-Game Name:

Forums Name:

Country and Time-Zone:

Proof of Days Played (screenshot):

How often are you active In-Game and on Forums:

Do you have experience with editing Wiki? If so, what kind:

How much time do you spend on our Wiki:

If you have been Banned/Jailed/Muted, please explain the reasoning behind this and why you should be accepted to be chosen as an editor:

In Two (2) sentences, why should you be chosen as a Wiki Editor:



You can only Re-Apply for this Position, once a month! Re-Apply before this and you’ll automatically be denied!


If you have any questions feel free to PM me @Potentials or @Ownerscape !

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