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Found 2 results

  1. Vintus

    The weed cape serves no purpose... I think that the cape should get an emote considering the role weed plays in the server lmao adding stats would also help but idk what those stats would be But what emote? We already have one, the glassblowing animation with the weed text
  2. Molson cad

    Item Name: Maxed Wings Animated: Idk. Image/Description of the item/items: The item would be available for purchase after a player has achieved a minimum level of 99 in all working skills, both combat and non-combat. I'm not sure what the model would look like. Maybe the current White Glass Wings could be re-coloured to the brown/red of the current Max Cape. The item stats would be a combination of the Rainbow Wings and White Glass Wings. It would provide a 1000+ Prayer Bonus, while at the same time yielding +10 to all Attack and Strength stats. Obviously these stats could be tweaked. The addition of such an item would help populate the skilling areas and give players something to work towards rather than endlessly camping monsters. Granted, the most effective way to skill is by obtaining lamps, perhaps the experience rates of individual skills could be increased to give players the option of skilling as an effective way to level skills. As an added long term benefit, players taking time away from the PvM community could help reduce the rate at which high level items enter the game, slowing the decay of the economy.