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  1. Activate

    Thanks, I use a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm <3 Thank you, and yes I'm quite aware I always come back with more. Story telling hehe, it's not my forte, but it came out nice
  2. Activate

    "I woke up staring into the empty abyss that has befallen me. With my eyes still full of joy and happiness from the past life I stared onwards, seeing nothing, feeling nothing, hearing nothing... I quickly came to realize, I'm alone once again, I realized that there was no one, nothing, emptiness grasping and surrounding me, it was only me standing here again as I have stood so many times before. Foolishly I thought that it wouldn't happen again, that I wouldn't have to stand here once again, yet... Something was different standing there I saw a small shimmer of light peeking through the empty fog, without even thinking I ran towards it, but as I got closer with my feet giving up on me, with my body not letting me go any farther I knew... I knew that I would be stuck here again for a long time to come. With my mind and body giving in I knew what I had to do, I knew I had to end it here once and for all, it was the only option I had. I layed down on the cold smooth surface looking upwards, letting my mind be taken over and destroyed, I thought to myself "this is finally the end, I won't have to suffer no more". The emptiness of the fog consumed me, I felt like I was falling, my mind clear and my heart aching as if it were stabbed a thousand times over, I knew I would finally have my peace... After all this time." I'm not a very good writer...
  3. "The world around you may never be at peace, if you are not at peace with yourself" - Edgaras Volkovas

  4. Activate

    I believe that people who truly want to die (commit suicide etc.) should, if that's they're true undisputed desire then they should have the ability to do so
  5. Activate

    Deviantart: Instagram: The Title Says It All...
  6. Activate

    I often find abandoned houses and such and take pictures. That picture is peculiar in a way, isn't it? That's the intent of it really I walk around a lot, sometimes I walk 20-30km's+ in a day. I take all of my photos with a camera (exception being underwater and harsh weather photography). For the photographs that have color I spend anywhere from 40-90 minutes on a single picture (sometimes longer), black and white one's usually 20-50 minutes if it's not a hard edit. I work countless hours on my photography almost every day
  7. Activate

    Instagram: Deviantart:
  8. Activate

    A small hut and the sky on the top-right
  9. Activate

    Time always comes for things like this I tend to do things my own way which I guess makes it a bit more unique I'm glad you like it Tick, tock I'm glad you enjoyed them, but times come Thanks, I've spent a lot of time making graphics design it's just me going back to my roots, I was the lead designer at a time I wanted to go for that feeling and I'm glad it came out well Yeah it's fitting for the last piece heh
  10. "People often asked me, why do you live? What is your purpose? I always found it a peculiar question, but my final answer was always simple, I live for the sake of living, I live for the sake of trying to help someone... I live to save myself" - Edgaras Volkovas

    1. 0xBAADF00D


      "When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

  11. Activate

    I can't... I can't make more, I can only make very somber and depressing pieces of art...
  12. Posting a new photography thread later today, something different this time

    1. ChilladinYT


      Can't wait! I love your work.

  13. Activate

    Yeah there was never a rank for forum staff, but there is a role in-game for graphics designer (or at least there was not sure now) Regardless, as per the first suggestion I think it could be included to give a bit of separation and admiration for people with specialty rank that aren't staff, so I would definitely support the first one (as per the graphics designer rank being in-game)