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  1. Suck to see you leave, like already said, we didn't had the "best" relationship in here. But you still helped me out with some things on forums you taught me a couple things, I'm thankfull for that.   You'll be missed,   The only question I have now is; What happened that you made this decision? Or has this also something to do with all other staff members that are resigning?   If you don't want to tell, that's okay. But me together with some other members on the server have our questions about what is going on.     Anyways, take care. You know you can still talk to me if there's something.   greetz
  2. If you type ingame ::showtop you can see who are in the #10 of this month and the #3 are shown the amounts.   You're not able to see how much you donated yourself, I suggested to add such a command or so already tho :p
  3. Great update!! Keep it up!
  4. Wowowow amaaazing update! Getting my ass ingame and going for the legendary american torva !
  5. There are requirments set for a reason no vouch
  6. Well I'm not a PVM'er over my whole period here I think I got a totam of 900 npckills and my best drop was an ice katana from the STQ
  7. As bench press said above, you're legit but you just came back. You should get known by newer players first and do some MM'ing so you can provide recent screenshots For now I'll have to say no sorry.
  8. oh hey!  Welcome back :) great to hear you'll make Videos again, the more the better! :)   looking forward to see your videos
  9. Ill miss you, goodluck there
  10. Daang mate :( Its sad to see you go.. :( I enjoyed watching your videos alot, I know you for a long period now too thanks to DS, and I don't regret it. I hope we can keep in touch sometimes, Facebook or Skype, anyways I'll miss ya, hope you'll help me out with creating vids later on tho :) I'll expect you back tho ,)
  11. I just want to sit with my grandparents and parents together having dinner and nice talks and laughs. Also I hope my grandmother will be out of the hospital before xmas night. As for ingame, my ownerscape wich I normally will be able to buy soon :)
  12. Looking good so far Goodlick on future drops!
  13. Damn that's quite some ties :D Congratz everyone !
  14. Ty for the pumpy removing :D Keep up this work!
  15. 10/10 returning DS veteran Nothing better than that :)