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  1. Do you perhaps not have Java on your computer because the downloaded file should be a .jar file not a zip.
  2. You just type a username and password into the client, it will automatically make an account as long as the user isn't taken. EDIT: Oh and if your username has a space in it and if it's saved, you'll need to back space and retype the whole username each time.
  3. Forum User: Bauer Vapor Rank: Veteran Date joined and post: You can see it on the left side :S
  4. Haha I would but I don't play the server no more to post other suggestions to go with it. Don't wanna put like a 2 sentence suggestion, you know :P
  5. I think this is a funny video idea that is fun if you are the staff and the person looking for auto clickers, but at the same time since you don't have a Staff symbol in chat. The people that are there clicking might not be taking you seriously and like what Licky said ignore you. Also, some of the players are standing on a stack so you can't actually see if they are stealing from stalls or just afk. Side note, it would be pretty cool if staff has a command that can generate like a 5 letter type challenge to whoever they want to check if they are there or idle. Otherwise it'll disable all click and move commands.
  6. Eyyy when do I get the Pker one again for one bonking people LOL On like a 47 killstreak at the moment. Haha jk, doesn't take much skill to click someone XD
  7. As OP mentioned that the boss are just for leveling up, there are plenty of NPCs you can train on at ::train or North West of home where there is a tower with multiple levels of NPCs that are pretty much empty 24/7. I don't think we need anymore than what we already have. Or were you suggesting a new starter NPC that drops decent starting items? P.S If you are after NPCs that drop sicles ;;starterboss is the best NPC to kill to obtain one. Only downside is that every now and then someone with pretty OP gear comes and tags the NPC to farm fast sicles just to spam global :P P.S Extra Sicles are fairly cheap in POS too.
  8. I think if you've got enough to buy the Ownercape with ingame items, you might as well try buy a $475 donation from someone, otherwise just try and obtain a Prod Cape. Making the cape tradable would be kinda weird because you'll see people with that same cape but without a sponsor rank, vise versa where a Sponsor rank player has no cape.
  9. I'd be 50/50 on this suggestion due to the fact that the Shadow Star is considered a rare item that old players obtained from the Zombie minigame when it was out temporarily. It will also cause the price of the item to most likely drop if it was re obtainable. Is it the item look that you really like? Because if that's the case, perhaps a new item that looks similar.
  10. Main reason why I left and became very inactive is pretty much due to the soul system. I was playing for almost a year before that got implemented and I can say it's not very good in my opinion. Here are multiple examples of why I dislike it. I used to kill about 100 dragonbone daily just for fun and get around 3-6 drops, now I go about 200-300 dry. Forgotten warriors, the primal that it drops used to be just as frequent as dragonbone, if not a tad more rare and once again. You can kill several hundred without receiving a drop. Miniboss, as a sponsor at sponsor zone, these are the best for farming xp lamps, mbox and several other items that I can't remember anymore. In the past I'd get almost 3-4 times as many xp lamps and mboxes per minute compared to now. Clue scroll items become more unknown as previous you could just tell people to kill Icy Skeletons for Icy Gloves, but right now. You'd just be like 'It comes from souls' but which one exactly, no one really pays much attention to. So IronMan accounts really have no idea what to kill to obtain them unless they had a pair from previous PvMing. The only good change I noticed during that update was that Voldemort dropped AM pernix and Elite pernix more frequently when the soul system came out. On a side note, I did enjoy picking up random stuff.
  11. Yo, welcome back Alien.
  12. You're back! @Bodhi But I'm not on frequently these days anymore :P P.S Jaffle is still selling prod cape xd
  13. Sweet, can't wait to see when PK is a thing back on the server.
  14. You sir need a custom ingame title for them Camels.
  15. To add to the list Uzi mentioned there is also: Phoenix All raid bosses Invictus NPCs (99% sure that it doesn't 1 hit these) Bosses that are in the wildy