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  1. Welcome back to Dreamscape Crixuz.
  2. Hello Suffer. Nice to see you again.
  3. Welcome back Jota ^^
  4. Oo PUBG minigame Insane updates. Awesome job as usual Dev team :P
  5. That is some pretty insane luck O_O Congrats on the 42kc SF drop man
  6. Welcome to DreamScape Valknir! Hope you enjoy your stay :^)
  7. Welcome to Dreamscape Dabster. Hope you enjoy your stay ^^
  8. Welcome to DreamScape Zaro! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome to the forums Nessan!
  10. Lmao that Mario head reaction. Congrats on yet another one of those and on the emperor boots. Great video as usual :P
  12. Best of luck on the 100k kills Maximum.
  13. Welcome back to DreamScape Aliengod! May or may not remember me, probably under the name 'Scarce' if at all lmao. Nevertheless, hope to see you stick around :b
  14. Welcome back to the server Red! Quite a few old players returning which is nice to see :b
  15. Welcome back to Dreamscape Blueoptic!