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  1. Congrats on the promotion Ownerscape :>
  2. No Vouch Never a good idea to reintroduce a rare item into the economy. If you like it you can custom donate for it, or even for a recolor of it.
  3. Legit all I ever see in the feed lately... 100% Vouch. Would like to see only the actual posts and threads show up in the feed instead of just constantly seeing ones from the Plantation club.
  4. I don't really mind the drop rates too much (as somebody with a glaive/ownercape). They have to be pretty rare because of things like Ownercapes and Glaives. ._. People with those items would probably be getting drops left and right if they were made any easier. That's the only justified reason for them being as rare as they are imo. If not for 1 hit items I would agree that the rates are appalling.
  5. Vouch Jota's definitely a good fit for the position in my opinion. He's kind, always willing to help, active in Dicezone, and has quite a bit of experience with the server. On top of that, his timezone fits our dead area atm :b lol I'm willing to overlook that you held pots outside of the range of your rank, perhaps there were no trusted hosts available at the time. Would love to see him join the TD team. Best of luck with your application Jota.
  6. Official drop rates will most likely never be published. Unless the community wants to put a rough drop rate list together based on testing from a lot of kills lol. Tyrant made a thread that explains how drops work, probably the best you'll get on the topic.
  7. "Elder wand has been added to the game!" Thanks for the incredible updates yet again Dev Team. ^^
  8. Vouch: Chill dude, active within the gambling community, active in discord, sociable, trusted amongst the community, willing to help if/when he can, able to have fun but be professional when he needs to be. Best of luck on your application Sage.
  9. Insane luck. Congrats on the drops ^^
  10. Hope whatever is going on irl clears up soon. Best of luck and take care Doubt =)
  11. ayy, thanks for hosting this giveaway Mafia #GOLDDIGGASSSSS
  12. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for hosting as well ^^
  13. Amazing updates Dev team! :D Thanks for the hard work.
  14. Great video Floppy, nice of you to hook some new players up like this. Keep up the amazing work :b
  15. Welcome back to Dreamscape Crixuz.