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  1. I didn't even know you can do that, and if i did, i must have forgotten because then of course i would have done it instead of trying to download hypercam to prove what happened. it was my first day back after 17 months. I was walking around with nothing, but my pet to see what's new. and then this happens. In my mind, i knew i wouldn't have lost my corp following me when i die because i don't remember that ever happening, but somehow, it happened.
  2. Yea, I really hope I could get the little guy back because i wasn't skulled, nor did i have any items on me besides my little guy following me. that "you can't do that now." bug needs to get fixed. couldn't pick him up nor my bones. i was going to record but didnt have time to download hypercam and so i got this as my only proof for the bug. Hope it's enough to get him back. 100k loyalty points doesn't come cheap. Almost hitting that 50 days online count.
  3. Real Quick, am I posting in the wrong section? Could a mod move it to the correct location please? It's been a while since I've played and I'm just trying to get the hang of things again. Hello Dreamscapers, It's been 17 months since I last played and I've just returned today. I went to check out the bosses and where they are located to refresh my memories. I came up to venenatis and died like the noob I am. I noticed my little corporeal pet wasn't following me anymore so i headed back and this is the results. I couldn't pick up my little guy and now he is gone. My bones are there too. I was wondering if any of the admins could spawn another little guy in my inventory for me because of this incident. I worked really hard to get that smexy beast and didn't know I'd lose him. I don't even remember losing a pet when you die while it follows you. Well, learned my lesson I guess. But, it kind of sucks that I had to learn it that way after not playing for 17 months. Do you think I could possibly get him back? Especially it says "you can't do that now." so I'm guessing i could have picked it up, but it wouldn't let me. Same thing for my bones. I couldn't pick those up too. - Love from a worried friend, Versatile EDIT: So I just tested out with a pikachu following me and i was able to keep him to follow me even when i died. I had no items with me just like with my corporeal beast. I died same way by venenatis. How was it that corporeal beast dropped, but not pikachu? What's going on? EDIT 2: Just tested with keeping pikachu in my invetory dying to venenatis. Ok, so i don't understand. Corporeal beast and pikachu were my only 1 item when dying to venenatis and had no skull. I kept pikachu, but not corporeal beast. Is he somewhat auto-lose? If so, why wasn't this not mentioned? It showed in the death option that corporeal beast is kept when i die. same goes for pikachu, but i lose corp and kept pikachu. Bug??
  4. This is amazing. This is going to to make pvming so enjoyable and as of right now, literally all the big boss npcs are full right now, it's crazy! :D
  5. Plz no hate.
  6. Awesome update, but only concern I have is the Malevolent armour being checked as an OP item. The price for it is going to drop, many cw players are going to be outraged because they may have recently purchased it and now it could stand at around 15-20t by the end of this week. Sad to see it that way. Other than that, thnkx for the clues being fixed :}
  7. It has come to my attention that I was jailed for no particular reason. Apparently afking is jailable, yet no where in ::rules nor say otherwise. I only afked for a good 30 minutes, would've been 5 when I was at the bathroom, but I was called to take out the trash by my mom and eat dinner and my room is upstairs. I would get in big trouble if I don't listen. I've seen countless people afk and I don't bother them afterwards. I myself have seen staff members afk (not pointing any names). Yet, it seems that I'm the one being targeted to put in jail. I don't mind for an apology. Only that this gets sorted out by simply adding "no afk" to the ::rules so that others will know this for sure. It took nearly almost 2 days for my support ticket to come through and finally get unjailed. I've played Dreamscape for over half a year and not ONCE did I EVER get involved with breaking the rules, except this so called "afk" that is apparently "part" of the rules and can get jailed for. Even longer if you continue, so I'm told.  If you've read this far than I respect that. I just had to share this with the community. But wasn't it worth the time?   - Thnkx, Versatile
  8. Great Teaser. Hypes me up to give me another reason why I should donate an ownercape to the server.
  9. Vouch. He is literally my personal middleman. Technically he is my slave, though we don't use that word much anymore. Most of my Dice Duels are held by him and he has paid every gp that I ever won and given back my bet after the game. Goodluck [member=sotlol1]!
  10. That's amazing mate! I'm glad a great guy like you got the drop. See you around ingame.
  11. Oh man, I can't wait to get my hands on that row (i). Btw, are the flags and stairs fixed in castle wars or what?
  12. Pic shows it all [IMG][/IMG]