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  1. I think that: 1. The tutorial shouldn't be optional, reason being is that it only takes five minutes to complete at most and gives beginners a feel for the game they have entered into. Also new players may feel that the tutorial isn't needed because they have played other RSPS, I feel like this may make some players feel lost in what to do because dreamscape is quite different to most other RSPS. 2. Saying you have a Wiki, CC and moderators for help is all well and good but let's be honest who joins an RSPS knowing that these features are available, let alone wanting to join them and ask at the risk of feeling stupid? What if English isn't their first language? I think that so many new players quitting could be avoidable if there was text screens available in the tutorial detailing important starter things in the game. By giving them the option of not asking anyone to get what they want would give new players security and confidence in what they are doing. 3. I personally think that the tutorial could improve and give better guidance for new players, I realise we have in game features for players but what's the point in those if they don't make it that far to use them, as a particularly unsociable server I think its needed. They're just my opinions, they aren't necessarily right or wrong and it may not be worth it for the staff to update the highlighted points I have made but I hope something is done. Also I should note that virtually 90% of new players will not look on the forums for any kind of help so unless they are at a certain point in the game and need help I doubt they will look to the forums. Unfortunately that's just the way that it is and I think putting pointers at the beginning of the game would really answer questions for new players
  2. No no its not that im finding it diffucult, im just saying i don't feel like theres enough guidance towards new players at the start of the game
  3. Yeah thats all im saying really, If you just put a text screen with a few tips and guides it would be much easier for new players
  4. Skepsis - Goes like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgtC48mmmKI Bit of a Jaw Swinger when you're on a night out ~Konor
  5. This is an amazing guide! I finally now understand the flower games, thank you
  6. Ayooo guys! Hi i'm new to the server, but apparently have had my forum account for three years! (I don't know either) Anyway I hope to be an active member in the community and to put forward a lot of suggestions in the future on how we can grow as a community! Just thought I'd introduce myself here as I hope you'll be seeing a lot more of me Have a good day! ~Konor
  7. Sounds like a good idea for new players especially!
  8. Hi all! This will be my first post as an active member on the forum. For a new player the world of Dreamscape can feel intimidating and I think in a way almost strange and I think this can deter a lot of players from giving the game a real chance! To explain in more depth, there are that many customs at the lower levels that its hard to know what weapons/armour are good and what is not, especially when just joining the game! My suggestion would be either to try and lower the amount of customs at the early-game or instead, make the tutorial mandatory and include a part about the ::compare command, I appreciate this would take a lot of work for something so seemingly unimportant but new players are the key to Dreamscape's success. To a new player if the early game weapons have a structure, I think a lot more people would play the game for longer. Even adding a text screen which tells a new player when he joins the game the first weapon and boss he/she should kill in order to progress would be a fantastic idea! I realise this is probably not going to happen but I would love to see something like it in the future! Thank you for reading ~Konor
  9. Name: Konor

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    Looking forward to helping new players in anyway I can do and make Dreamscape expand and try to make it a lot more social! 


    See you in-game.