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  1. Mecha

    Very nice goals dude, I sincerely hope you achieve them all:) especially the last goal in real life Imagine a kid named Mecha LUL
  2. Mecha

    trust me bro, if you feel unlucky you'd be surprised to see how my luck is
  3. Mecha

    Welcome back newbie :D
  4. Mecha

  5. Mecha

    Unlucky man on the losses. About the video presentation, I'd like to see you get those blackbars away, it looks way better. Nonetheless, good video mate
  6. Great video Rhys. Nice to see you made some profit there
  7. Mecha

    So It's been a long time since I've been on here and wanted to just let people know I'm back. Some of you may know who I am so if you want to talk send me a pm ingame:) Missed DreamScape so much, had so many great experiences here and hoping to make more in the future:)
  8. Mecha

    You'll be missed man. One of the best staff members we've had in a while.
  9. Nicee man! Keep us updated on the progress of your adventure! Maybe you're gettin' first maxed ironman account? ;p
  10. Mecha

    Hey Adam, welcome to this rsps lmao. If you ever need any help with editing videos, shoot me a pm on forums since I can't login to the ingame part of game right now.
  11. Mecha

    Hey Blake... nice to see you back, now we only need Father lol. Funny how you get unbanned today and I got banned today lmfaoo. If I indeed coming back, ima clean you. K3 - Father
  12. Mecha

    DAYUM that party pete egg... gimme it pl0x! Hah jokes fam, anyways very nice video, I loved the music K3
  13. New video out! Dicing Session with Phoenix! --> http://dreamscape317...sion-w-phoenix

  14. My Editing skills are improving very quickly. Most thanks to Bench,Dafire and Phoenix's editing Guide!