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  1. Welcome I'm the best Gambler in this game.
  2. I'll just leave it here...
  3. alife
  4. coolecome
  5. Where are the days you used to be rich .. :D Nice vid
  6. My favorite youtuber <3
  7. Nice video but you won't really get too much out of just 15 minutes..
  8. hello could you help me. every time i try opening a client it wont let me. ive put it where it will open with javaw.exe and it will open and close in a sec. do you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? so that i post this on your wall. i had to because i couldnt pm you on here

  9. Drop rates are not discussed / released to the public, hence, no need to mention them. (They are being reflected and decided by the content team to match with the economy standards) As of the suggestion, just as @Zodiac mentioned, the main idea seems to be a Raid boss alike, that is sort of scheduled, which I like where it goes to. Thanks for the effort.
  10. do I care though?
  11. stop this is why people are leaving.
  12. Bruh, I couldn't even pass the 200 total and you're telling me you maxed out 3 times. Welcome sigh :D
  13. Title headers has been fixed.
  14. Dreamers! Today we're bringing up you guys with a HUGE update, and when we say Huge, we actually mean it. After countless of hours of scripting, creating, testing and preparing, we are proud to say we've came up with a very new and unique Minigame, that is obviously PvP related .......... We've used a click bait title just to tell you guys we're bringing on another safespot-afkable torva boss! ARE YOU BORED OF THESE? OH WELL, BECAUSE WE ARE! Before we're getting in depth about this Minigame, it is still in a beta stage whereas everything is available as well as earning points, expect the fact that the reward-shop won't be available until we're fully comfortable that the Minigame is stabilized and bug-free. So without any further ado, let's jump off to what you guys have been waiting for so much! The Slaughter house is all about surviving, but is it as easy as it sounds? You are spawned in a random place where you stand by yourself versus everyone else who's participating, having to find, create and even slay for the resources whom may lead you to being the last survivor of the house. Sounds hard yet? Wait until you find out about all the obstacles that will be in your way! whether it is having an eye-catching armor that might bring up blood-thirsty enemies on you, or being too much exposed to be hurt by the obstacles through your way, or maybe even by just rushing the chests that are randomly spawned around the map . You have to find the best outstanding strategy to be the very last survivor and win the match, with AMAZING rewards to ensure, you haven't gone through all the harsh for free. Find more about the minigame mechanics in-game! Item picking up has been fixed XP Drops has been fixed Fires are now properly disappearing Few items not showing on market (I.E Boxing gloves) are now showing. Tzhaar minigame now drop items ::donatorcommands now works for Sponsors Some clue scroll fixes Oblivion dragon has been added to Boss interface Target 'hint-icon' (The yellow arrow above target) have been fixed Runite ore now properly respawns in the Mining skilling area. A secondary POS manager has been added to market Dying in Iron-man instances is now fixed Extreme amulet is now purchasable off the Extreme donator store at the Extreme donator zone for Extreme donator+ Dagganoth Kings now observe damage properly for non attack-styles Special-attack mechanics has been perfected during switch Announcement when a player wins more than 1.5Q in a Black Jack match. Fox mask appearance fix We loooove you all, and that's why we care about bringing you guys with a New Event (Scheduled by managers) The Random Unique Drop (Known as: 'RUD') is a system which will be used to host events (Not a scheduled-fixed one!) that allows Managers to create a new random drop for a specific monster/boss, with a limitation of a chosen amount of drops, you will have a chance of obtaining a very valuable item! An example would be, a Manager having a new RUD for Pengiun being an Ice Katana, and only 3 will be dropped before the RUD is removed. The chance is to be decided by the Manager too. Our today's update was based on a lot of different content that you guys wanted us to bring on the table! Want more of them? Please create a Suggestion telling us what do YOU want to see in the next update! Thank you everyone for staying tuned and playing our lovely server, Best regards DreamScape Development & Management Team.