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  1. ChilladinYT

    Aaaah some fresh new content. Nice to see something new on Dreamscape. I see how you got some inspiration from CS:GO trading etc...
  2. ChilladinYT

    So here's my feedback: +You don't have black bars I see many newcomers have that. +You alternated the music so it didn't run through the entire video +You did a transition instead of just letting the clips run with no transition (face in/out) +The video is in good quality -You have no outro. -You didn't transition at the ending, you just let the clip run out. -You should probably say part 1 as you only reached 43 kc. Decent video.
  3. ChilladinYT

    Ayy my boi. Nice video and good to see you're doing good ^^
  4. ChilladinYT

    Yoooo Jardon this event sounds pretty swell. Good luck to every entry and as Jordan said please don't do anything too nonrational. Anyways hope to see some cool entries!
  5. ChilladinYT

  6. ChilladinYT

    UUh new YT Content creator ^^ Let's see some nice videos.
  7. ChilladinYT

    You should try record yourself saying this so we can feel what you're feeling through this text. I know that you can find in between the lines feelings, but the voice is a strong tool.
  8. ChilladinYT

    I believe that Blaze is lying to me and he's a girl irl, but too shy to tell. On a serious note though eeeh I don't really know. I also believe that the suicide thing should be allowed, but before you just go out and do it you should consult someone cause you only have this life. Who knows what's after death it could be anything really.
  9. ChilladinYT

    1. Tbh miniboss tasks also annoyed me cause of their slow spawn rate and there only being 1 of a kind. They should add 1 more of each or probably do what you said. The amount of ::resettask I did when I was low level slayer lol. 2. Idk we already have the 20k slayer capes. 3.I'm not 150 slayer prestige 3 so I'm not going to talk about this.
  10. ChilladinYT

    I rarely see the bazooka in-game so it might be a good idea ^^
  11. ChilladinYT

    You're rigged
  12. ChilladinYT

    This already looks so good. + You took time on making your forum post look good. + You did full commentary on the whole video. + You added background music so it doesn't sound awkwardly silent at any times. + We can hear you loud and clearly. + Smooth transitions + I'm a fan of videos without the pumped up music and text intro and I definitely like the commentary intro instead. - What happened to your mic at the end? Did you use a different one?' All in all a pretty good video, thank you for posting.
  13. ChilladinYT

    Thank you Maxas may you also have luck on your journey. I'll hope you'll come back someday or just on for a minute to say hi. I'll miss your youtube videos and until then cya.
  14. ChilladinYT

    I would like the bosses tab to be upgraded in some way My suggestions: - Alphabetical Order As nobody really calls Necromancer "The Necromancer" I would also suggest a name change and move him up in the list. - Add Raid bosses as Diablo is on the boss tab then put the rest of the bosses in it. Or like another tab for raids Like Boss tab then a Raid tab right beside it. - Search bosses Being able to use this search function (This is not necessary atm. cause our boss list is only at 25-29, but maybe in the future.
  15. ChilladinYT

    Nice KC log you got going there. I haven't seen the castiel katana yet, but I know it's a fantastic drop so gz.