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  1. Golden guide material? We don't have any indepth guides and the way you explained everything was extremely easy to understand and a nice voice to go with the commentary
  2. R.I.P

    Always my brother.

    Wish u never ****.

  3. 100% vouch you're on always and we need someone in your timezone, you show a lot of dedication and you've been around for a long time I would really like to see you as a trusted dicer.
  4. I do agree with Licky on this one but I think we need to somewhat buff the items on raid 3 as the drops are crap.
  5. I think drop rates are fine as they are but I think the soulroom might need a minor buff but that's about it
  6. I vouch this suggestion as well information when you come to the website is what you look for and as you've shown its outdated and needs updating
  7. Welcome back friend
  8. Gl nab
  9. Sick to see someone doing logs ;P Gl on the lootz
  10. Oh I get it
  11. Darker one looks way better
  12. I never really met you but you're a respected member of the community, they always come back.
  13. youll be back
  14. Welcome to the server homie.
  15. Shadowkings, Icy skeletons