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  1. I think it is a good idea but we have flame pernix as the medium afterwards and it's not hard to obtain.
  2. Oh Nice to meet you, Got some nice stacks going.
  3. It's very rare that someone is at Torquat with an Ownercape regardless there free to do what they want with there cape, I understand your frustration but I don't think theres anyone he could've killed every torquat in that zone. Seems like more of a vent to me than anything else.
  4. Yeah we already have an assassins custom donation and there is the rouge pvp outfit.
  5. IGN: Zechariah Gl everyone
  6. I agree with Zodiac here, It should be around the same damage % as Maybe American Pernix Damage boost 2.5% imo is pretty bad. But yeah really good suggestion
  7. Starting this of with for a while Skilling has been very lack luster. In my opinion there are 4 thing people like in a server PVM Gambling PVP Skilling At the moment we have very good Pvming, very good gambling, Good Pvp but skilling is to be blunt, Awful. I believe it was around in 2016 Skilling rewards were added and the ::myskill (?) achievements were added and about 5 rewards for added for certain skills and It was a nice touch but it was left at that. A Little bit sooner the 150's were added so here I was Master Farmer Zechariah grinding all the way to 150 to get Nothing. 150 Gave me more spins I think the rewards for gaining a 150 should be revised I was thinking maybe add Custom Armor or even a pet? Would also like to see more ::myskill achievements added because there are people that come to a server for skilling and wouldn't it be sick if the DS Gang could offer them Custom skilling items/pets that they've never seen before. Im writing this up in my programming class at uni so It's pretty rushed but would love your guys opinions and when I get home Ill take your input and do a proper write up. Regards. Zechariah
  8. Sounds pretty sick, showing the donators more love.
  9. Isn't there already another ranged armor set ingame that has stats that surpases Am pernix?
  10. Those are some mad goals.
  11. Guess I'm More OG than licky cy@ kid
  12. who r u again?
  13. I think it's a concept for another game entirely, not that it can't be done but people play this server because its a custom runescape server but I believe doing this would be making it too custom. Just my opinion though, making separate classes that serve no point when runescape originally wasn't based around classes just an individual character with set skills too upgrade