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  1. Bro, i was typing it from my phone XD probably will add more info later.
  2. Have few ideas about new raid. Since this raid should be hard enough to kill i guess 3 phase raidboss would be hard enough. Start of the boss is like same as starting ::bg minigame So that means no solo grinding raidboss. By meaning phases, you would need to attack npc with different attack types. Like Boss for 1 min is weak to melee, or range or mage. Like Raidboss changeing protection prayers like tormented deamons or Demonic gorillas. That would make boss pritty hard i guess cuz you wont be able to afk, since if you do 0 dmg on boss you wont be able to heal from soulsplit. Majority would be to attack atleast with 2 playstyles. Score point system would not matter, if there is 5 player team all would get loot, only difference of your loot would make how much dmg you have done. And also good thing would be if raids unlocks from slayer prestige, like Raid 5 would unlock from prestige 10 of slayer.
  3. Welcome Dreamscape players. This will be some small guide for begginers how to make bank. I did this and in 3 days i made my bank up to 90T. [ what i made in 3 days - Picture here ] First of all, this money making guide is for all. [ Normal, HardCore, IronMan ] 1. Step of money making. [ Woodcutting logs ] Finish achievment : 2500 normal logs  Reward : Chainsaw [ atm price for this item is keeping down, but i sold mine for 30t ] [ This mostly is for Hardcore, and Normal mode because iron man cannot trade ] 2. Getting that Bird nests.  Most people think why should i do woodcutting for Bird nests.. Thing is Bird nests in last updates have added some new item "Ring of wealth ( I )",  Price for this item is 45-50t. // For iron man mode this ring is legendary item to do bossing a lot. 3. How much time it will cost me to get Ring of Wealth ( I )? It would took you some time to get it, but it's depend on luck! i have seen players who getting Row ( i ) in first 25 nests what is awesome. [ I spend 26 hours, 1400+ nests opened "HardCore mode" to get Row ( I ). ] Drop Rate for Row( I ) is non-known, but i say its 1-32 to get Bird nest, and 1-2000 to get Row ( I ) from nest. 4. And no there isn't any way with phoenix pet or iron man mode or row ( i ) to increase drop rate for Row(i), its because Drop rate increasing works only to NPC.   Next steps is what you will do with your Ring of wealth ( I ). You can sell it for 45-50T cash, and bought for your self American Torva set, what will be awsome gear to kill boss.    With Ring of Wealth ( I ), you have + 10% drop rate. Than what to do next? I suggest do pvming - Hunting for Chest key's. There is many places where to get chest key's but my favorite place is : Hill giants. Because they have only 352 Hitpoints, and they mostly drop key's fragments and chests. Farming Chest's, and Chest keys is one of the best moneymaking! Hill Giants Picture here! You can sell chest key's for 1000b ea, [ combine 3 key fragment peaces together ] Or you can Open chest to even get SpaceJam sword. or Arcus PartyHat [ Bank made alert!!! ]   Also there is every 3 hours a Shooting star who lands in different places. Rewards is awesome.. You can get Ice Katana [ 4500-5000b ] or Wolvarine torva set [ 1000b-1500b ea ] for new players this is boost for everything.   In time i will update this post, with locations with Fallen stars. and also with more way's to make bank.
  4. Looking for video intro, any tips or can give some already maded, just PM me! :)