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  1. Yea I support this 100% but it's so difficult finding the mid-ground, if an RSPS takes 1 day to get top-end gear it becomes boring, if it takes 1 week to get mid-end gear it becomes boring.
  2. Transition and skilling will never be what everyone wishes it will become because it just doesn't work in a custom server. The main issue I feel with this, even if they decided that they would create a way for skilling to make money, which honestly I don't think they'd put in the effort to do, by creating resources that build upto expensive items or make resources have a use, it wouldn't work because of such a quick exp gain. 99 would be a level where the best money makers SHOULD be unlocked but you can get to 99 in minutes which really makes it no achievement. Truthfully I think the way they went wrong with RS3 is by trying to make this transitions basically non existent, so each level would be a new swap, this just created too many tiers and too many complicated things that cater towards veteran players that were there to learn each update and really push away new players. I've seen servers like this, that have too many items that you can get too quickly and you have no time to learn what is good and what is not. I think to introduce these transitions the best bet would be to make the non-custom armours useful but not as easily accessible and get rid of some custom armours, I know Dreamscape is the pride of custom items but the more that come in, the more new players are pushed away in my opinion.
  3. Just because mid-game content seems far above, does not make it end-game content. Just like in real runescape, while barrows seems far far away from people starting out and too expensive, it is still mid-game, to those at Bandos gear, it seems like junk almost. 92 seems so close to 99 yet it's only halfway, without a grind people could join Dreamscape and have higher items and more money than veterans who have played for months and years. The game would become boring for anyone who plays more than a few days and would become like those craze apps that aren't meant to be played for more than 1 day, and come with little to unlock or the things to unlock are just unlocked too fast.
  4. This suggestion has no use, personally I don't think anybody would buy a piece of merchandise to wear advertising something like Dreamscape, people don't even like wearing their favourite youtuber merch, and secondly to this although a bit more personal, the grammar and contents of this suggestions just makes me angry and is written like a child.
  5. Soon enough nobody on here is gonna remember us, RIP a legend, my potato chip
  6. Now while I've skim read most of the posts, this is already implemented in some fashion, if you speak to a donation manager+ about this 'donation stacking' which they will do for bigger donations. Of course it wouldn't work as orthodox as this system but it's fairly simple, lets say you want a $200 donation, you can buy 4 $50 donations as long as you hand over the items and make sure to screenshot the donations. Of course this isn't just something you can do, you MUST speak with someone to set this up first and it will probably only happen with bigger donations such as $500s+
  7. This is in the wrong section and a very unappealing suggestion, you've not developed anything and you've not even made a simple template. When you suggest something you need to make it appealing to read and easily relatable. E.g. Elemental Torva should be upgradeable to a new tier because of the price fall in it since it was released and it's crash from being top tier gear to dice currency. The only valuable drop from Chaos elemental right now is the pet really and I would love for there to be more motivation to kill one of the most difficult bosses. An example of the upgraded tier of armour could come with special set effects and a nice recolour, perhaps it could have a chance to upgrade to a specific element of torva, this could take a lot of coding and a lot of new items but imagine new torva such as Air, Earth etc. that comes with different effects depending on the element. Such as Air torva giving you a 10% chance to dodge an enemy attack and Earth torva having a 1% chance per 3 seconds (the normal attack speed) to cause an earthquake (causing 10% damage?) or trapping the enemy (Like freezing) similar to skeletal wyverns which cause the player to not be able to move or attack during the time frozen.
  8. Apart from the horrible grammar which I would recommend you try working on (makes suggestions much nicer to read) Not every boss has to be rewarding. It's not how it should work because then the market of items is gonna become oversaturated with different tiers of items and if anyone plays or has seen RS3 it's very difficult for new players to go and learn anything because of the high amount of items and armour available to choose from.
  9. IGN: Snowy Owl OR
  10. Multiple phoenix: Suggested a bunch of times, there's a reason some bosses have smaller numbers, imagine if when soulflare was first released there were 10 extra magegray, the soulflare price would have dropped quicker than it did, which was quick enough. No support Market cc: There already is a cc for market, but it's difficult to be maintained because people just leave it, unlike help cc. It would be an extremely difficult thing to set up also because a lot of people don't actively search for an item, they just see someone selling something and want to buy it. Therefore this suggestion although I support it, won't really lift the ground. Ingame sounds: Very difficult to add especially if they're making custom snippets, although I don't know how the new developer is this seems like something way too time consuming unless we just have the basic things. Neutral 3 Doses: Would be nice for overload makers and a very simple and easy thing to add. Support Player own stored: Bug fix, can't really support or no support or even critique bugs should be fixed. Drop rate list: Every boss has a drop list with categorical drop rates, rates will not be published because people don't understand how they work, a lot of people know about the threshhold that is in RS3 which is not at all how it works on DS and so if I said icy items were 1/2000 then people over 2000 kills dry would be mad and not understand why they don't have a drop. No support
  11. I'm getting too old, TBT 300+ player average
  12. Then what you're proposing is just extra NPCs added for the benefit of nothing to include a few cosmetic items that might aswell just become a new drop from something. The shop doesn't have any real benefits and doesn't fit into a game where even without an owner cape you can kill something in 3 seconds
  13. Seems like you mean an NPC kill type of point shop, which just wouldn't work. The ownercape just skews this entire thing, you saying 500k tokens being a hell of a grind might be right, but for someone with an owner cape that could take them 20 minutes and because of that something like this would never work as a balance
  14. A use for double exp rings: Double your experience rate
  15. Step aside ladies - Going for the classic look here