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  1. Didn't see the "you can't do that now" if you would have relogged you could have picked your pet up, honestly seeing you on this server so long I would have thought you knew how to fix such a simple bug
  2. It's not a bug, when dying in the wilderness you lose ALL your items in your inventory, however this means that obviously you didn't have the corp pet in your inventory when you died otherwise it would have disappeared, so the fact that you lost the corp pet while it was out is a bug, but the Pikachu pet isn't relevant.
  3. Really don't like this video idea, it just seems like witch-hunting and IMO this should be a staff matter not something you post on youtube, as well as that you going up to players and asking if they're there is not exactly concrete evidence, there is a huge chance they could just be ignoring you or looking away from the screen, and also, put some music in mate, don't wanna sit through 12 minutes of silence. Watching this over in my opinion everything you showed in this video is just really immature, the way you yelled to people when they were jailed and tried to hold power over them.
  4. That was a great video mate but I just have one bit of criticism, if you're gonna voice over the gambling video, don't try to make it seem like it's live commentary, it's obvious it's not and it's just cringey to listen to, I would much rather you talk like you're recording over or actually do a live commentary.
  5. No vouch, I don't think you have the right 'stuff' to be in the news team, one huge part of news team, in my opinion, would be to make sure the monthly news or weekly is appealing and makes people want to read it, in my experience you have quite bad grammar and that's a huge part of making the news appealing and easier to read.
  6. The fact you didn't bother updating your bank and payouts kind of screams rushed to me and makes it seem like you've not even played a lot since getting back, even if your bank is nothing you should post it. But I remember you being a great TD and a really nice person to talk to, so update your thread a bit and it's definitely gonna be a vouch from me. Edit; I see you've updated your post, but one thing that stands out to me is that this looks like it was one big session, of which you were middlemanning, not these are still payouts so I don't take away any validity, but it points out to me you are MMing wayyyyy over what the maximum is of someone who isn't general rank, which does concern me a bit, I could definitely be wrong but that's what it looks like, so for now, neutral. Edit 2; Cba has general rank in dice cc, was unaware of this. Vouch
  7. Items that have been in the DS economy in the same state as long as Shadow star in my opinion shouldn't be re-made obtainable, while the item is an awesome one I agree, making it obtainable really messes with people that paid quads for it and would also take away a lot of the appeal the item currently has and would just make it junk again, like it was when zombies was released.
  8. The suggestion thread was edited completely after I posted that comment. Almost everything has changed since the thread was originally posted
  9. I'm sorry but this is just so pointless, just log off. If you afk long enough in any area of the game you stop getting loyalty points, this really isn't necessary and I doubt many people would actually use it
  10. See I thought 100% sounded a bit much but when you think about Emperors it's still a 50% chance to double an ultra-rare, by the time you would have gotten an ultra-rare using the double all regular drops options I don't think you would have made as much money as if you were to just double an ultra-rare. An idea I just had on a soul ring could be something that is charged by souls and untradeable but let's say you put 10000 Magegray souls into the ring, then you are granted 2%? damage bonus to Magegrays. I don't think construction is viable for the future but I wish it would be, with a server like Dreamscape construction could be made into such a unique custom thing and it wouldn't even have to be houses. I did think about something similar to a treasure chest for the skilling but instead of adding new cosmetics or skilling outfits that won't really be useful due to the high xp rates, I was thinking maybe something along the lines of skilling benefits, which would especially be nice if skilling became useful, such as an axe that gives two logs or as you said doubles fragment drop rates.
  11. I love the idea of the nugget exchange but elaborating further maybe something similar to the NPC souls we have currently, instead of just exchanging for tickets/cash you build up these nuggets that can be combined into an object that is then used to have a chance at an item or to buy things that would be useful in DS I don't agree with task-only areas for the big ticket NPCs, I think first some more depth to slayer should be introduced which could give some new monsters, new slayer masters and make the skill slow. As well as maybe introduce a working and useful slayer helm that could even be re-coloured or changed with the addition of some new rare drops. I know more tiers don't make higher tiers obsolete but that's not what it's about. It's about the fact that the items shouldn't be available to everyone, because of their uses. As for the watch item I don't think this would be possible as respawn times are NPC specific but at the same time if it can check for drop rate bonus I'm sure it can check for a specific glove slot. I think instead of having a new ring/necklace for double soul drops there should be an option to configure Emperor armour instead of being 50% chance at double drop being a 100% chance to double all non-rare drops or make the other double drop armour do that.
  12. Just because you can't afford an item doesn't mean that there should be a low-tier version of it, the pets with bonuses are supposed to be sought after and harder for players to get, while it may not be in the Eco dreamscape currently has, it is hard for new players which is how it should be You've countered a point with the imbued heart that I didn't make, I never said it was a bad update on 07s side, I said that copy and pasting ideas from 07 lacks imagination, Dreamscape is a custom server and should bring Custom items that are inspired by the players and developers, not another game. The reason why an eco with skilling won't work is that it will never counter money making methods such as PvMing and gambling, and it shouldn't, only for the reason that if people start skilling in masses, then the rewards from the skilling becomes worthless, just like when an uncommon item is made common, it becomes junk. This would result in over-saturated items and would therefore again make skilling pointless, as well as that levelling skills is so easy and so many people have high levels that giving things requirements doesn't affect anyone but ironmen.
  13. This isn't a 718 server, you can't just take things from a game with a heavily updated engine and shove it into a 518 base. While I love the suggestion, particles have been added before and didn't work out and they cause a lot of issues, but I'm sure I vividly remember being told the edit colour ability was already in-game, just didn't have the interface for it. I would love it in-game
  14. As the forums currently stand the "Topics" section on the right of the screen is constantly bombarded by posts made to be applications to clans or loans to clans, personally I think this is kind of obnoxious and I don't really think people out of the clan care about this and it just makes other Topics go un-noticed, I propose that the clan posts are filtered from the sidebar and instead you can follow the whole subforum and get notifications of the posts, most people who care about those posts will be checking the forum regularly for them anyway. Pros; - Less spam on the topic section - Gives a chance for more forum activity as I know personally I mostly post on Topics I see there so other players may do the same Cons; - Plantations members may miss updates but this could be easily amended by following a subforum if that's an option
  15. While this won't be a comprehensive reply at this point, I do love most of the things you've suggested, by the suggestions you can tell you're a new player. Players who understand Dreamscape better will understand this but the kinda things you've suggested are hugely beneficial for the longevity yet are not viable, this is due to the fact these things just would not work on a server that's been around as long as Dreamscape. Some of the suggested buffs to revive dead content are just too overpowered and would make some higher-tier items redundant. Now for singling out suggestions; - I think a donator status highscores would definitely encourage more donations but would also end up with a defeated purpose just like ::showtop was as people just bought donations from other people and still got higher ranks for it. - A lot of your suggestions are based on exp rate and drop rate increases which is just not imaginative, if new content needs to be brought ingame then I think it needs to be imaginative and bring something new to the server, not just something copy and pasted. - I also think taking ideas inspired by OSRS is just something very un-Dreamscapey and takes away the whole idea of being custom. - My favourite suggestion that you made was to replace supplies with raw resources to create a skilling economy, while I think this would only truly be viable if these things were makeable with an account similar to hardcore even then it wouldn't work because personally I have millions and potions and food and I know people have more than me. Apart from this all of these suggestions really have positives of providing more of an economy to Dreamscape but it would work best if this were introduced two years back or even further, at this point I don't think many of these would really work.