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  1. Woulda thought that 2 years+ was OG tbh
  2. Here I was thinking I was OG, guess not :(
  3. I literally have never wasted 32 seconds more in my lifetime, and I'm taking the time to type this comment and I've even seen a logan paul video before...
  4. This seems like a stupid suggestion from a 3+ year old meme, no use and no reason to bring it in as the new BIS cape excluding OC
  5. Tbh with how Korean's look bro they could be 12-45
  6. From what I remember asking when I was CM, the ability to have the changed capes and even the interface with the colour selector is all already in-game, it's just not been implemented. Probably just something that has no priority and probably won't happen unless they have the time for it.
  7. fuckin scrub
  8. It's been a long time man... I remember you though :P
  9. Didn't see the "you can't do that now" if you would have relogged you could have picked your pet up, honestly seeing you on this server so long I would have thought you knew how to fix such a simple bug
  10. It's not a bug, when dying in the wilderness you lose ALL your items in your inventory, however this means that obviously you didn't have the corp pet in your inventory when you died otherwise it would have disappeared, so the fact that you lost the corp pet while it was out is a bug, but the Pikachu pet isn't relevant.
  11. Really don't like this video idea, it just seems like witch-hunting and IMO this should be a staff matter not something you post on youtube, as well as that you going up to players and asking if they're there is not exactly concrete evidence, there is a huge chance they could just be ignoring you or looking away from the screen, and also, put some music in mate, don't wanna sit through 12 minutes of silence. Watching this over in my opinion everything you showed in this video is just really immature, the way you yelled to people when they were jailed and tried to hold power over them.
  12. That was a great video mate but I just have one bit of criticism, if you're gonna voice over the gambling video, don't try to make it seem like it's live commentary, it's obvious it's not and it's just cringey to listen to, I would much rather you talk like you're recording over or actually do a live commentary.
  13. No vouch, I don't think you have the right 'stuff' to be in the news team, one huge part of news team, in my opinion, would be to make sure the monthly news or weekly is appealing and makes people want to read it, in my experience you have quite bad grammar and that's a huge part of making the news appealing and easier to read.
  14. The fact you didn't bother updating your bank and payouts kind of screams rushed to me and makes it seem like you've not even played a lot since getting back, even if your bank is nothing you should post it. But I remember you being a great TD and a really nice person to talk to, so update your thread a bit and it's definitely gonna be a vouch from me. Edit; I see you've updated your post, but one thing that stands out to me is that this looks like it was one big session, of which you were middlemanning, not these are still payouts so I don't take away any validity, but it points out to me you are MMing wayyyyy over what the maximum is of someone who isn't general rank, which does concern me a bit, I could definitely be wrong but that's what it looks like, so for now, neutral. Edit 2; Cba has general rank in dice cc, was unaware of this. Vouch
  15. IGN: Licky Gl everyone but especially me