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  1. Thanks alot guru ! ☺️
  2. Hi feeds, i was trying to add thes pics into my other drop logs but it doesnt work because my pics are to big size... :s if someone can tell me how i can do drop loggs like te drop log of :Hi Its guru Then i will be able to make one awesome droplog
  3. This awesome drop whas a : SPACEJAM
  4. here is the drop i got :
  5. here is the rest of the loot
  6. Hello guys, i have opened 100 magegray keys and here are the loots of them, i aint got luck
  7. Damm, gratz to all the developers and coders for this huge update ! Amazing server and staff here! Keep it up.
  8. You really deserve it mate, congratz #DSfamily!!
  9. Best of luck ik real life mate! Gonna miss ya the times we spend on ds!
  10. starting @ magegrays i have 3 sf drops 2 days ago in just 1 hour !!
  11. Thank you for the help yesterday with the drop party feeds! I did a hide &seek after it alot of people where happy
  12. Yeah thats the pount guru, every week there are a couple of new sponsors but they dont ad sponsorzones...
  13. hi staff, can it be possible to add all the bosses to ::ownercapetwo als like elementals , Phoenix , magegray, etc.... or for every oc owner a own personal zone for pvm?? kind regards SYOS$