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  1. Congratz bb, well deserved you worked ur ass off for this
  2. My bb is growing up :'(

  3. Interesting event @E_M_C
  4. Love to see you still going strong in keeping Dreamers Monthly going @Feeds, proud of you
  5. Well done scrub, took u long enough :p jk Very well done m8
  6. Very interesting updates, glad to see huge progress being made
  7. 0/10... He's true rating is UNRATEABLE THIS BEAUTIFUL S.O.B
  8. You're truly a legend :3

  9. Interesting update, glad to see duel arena finally fixed, definitely was always a complicated one :p
  10. Hey sexy dreamers, hope everyone is having a good week so far Sooo as the title says, I'm officially resigning from all my position in DS. Unfortunately I'm not as eager to hop on anymore and just feel my time sadly has run out. Being part of this cool staff and community for over a year has taught me alot of amazing things, help me meet some cool people and just feel comfortable. Much love to everyone new and old <3 #DSGANG PS. I've decided as my final act to make @Ownerscape and @Bman, two people who I've known for a long time and know what they're doing, as the new Wiki Managers.