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  1. This is a painful thread to make and it's not my first, While I love Dreamscape and love its forums the addition of the clubs has been made it harder for me to focus on what's a legit post and a club's post. I've also been a bit busy in real life. I had originally decided to come in as forums staff to help @Potentials and take a load off his shoulders but I now believe I haven't been helping as much as I wanted. Sorry I did not help out as much as I could have/should have I'll still be here on forums Discord and in-game Love y'all I hope to come back and youtube for dreamscape again once I'm not too distracted. <3
  2. Sad to see you go mate, watching you grow your channel here made me happy, i hope you do well in your endeavors just remember your dreamscape family will always be here.
  3. Wow such a intense update <3 Thanks for always working hard for all us
  4. Will do, i've been planning on drawing a naruto character for a bit now.
  5. I know I've posted these in Discord but I was not able to see everyone's opinions. Please note: I use Picture reference to draw meaning I cannot draw something I cannot see (my personal explanation for it) These are not labeled in any order. Kisuke X Yoruichi (Bleach) Kisuke(Bleach) Byakuya (Bleach) Zangetsu(Bleach) Meliodas X Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins) Any feedback is welcomed These were drawn with Charcoal Pencils and shaded with Charcoal. Kind Regards, Phoenix
  6. Absolutely love you kept that short and sweet welcome back mate!
  7. My god is the return of the legends? Welcome back, old friend! I really hope you decide to stay and chill!
  8. It;s lovely the animation is smooth personally I love red but I'd have changed the eye color to black to complement the whites and reds. But that's my own opinion!
  9. Welcome back @Vince ! Glad to see you back
  10. Can we get some bad puns going? (only 1 per person ;) )


    A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game.

    1. Blueoptic


      I F<3 BEANS

    2. Potentials


      How bout some bad 'buns' XD

    3. amonn


      yesterday a clown held the door open for me, i thought it was a nice jester 

  11. Howdy! I'm doing good myself, Thanks for asking Very glad you're enjoying the server! If you ever need help feel free to message me or any staff member.
  12. Congratulations mate you deserve it!
  13. #ForumsGang

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  14. as @Wonder stated here and as I said in the other post people will see it as spam and as such should be merged into one thread. Kind Regards, Phoenix