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  1. Let's get it!
  2. Personally, I feel as if should only show two ranks. Three in my opinion would be too much clutter in the chatbox. I definitely feel as if their should be an interface offering players to choose what they would like to show, such as Moderator:Extreme Donator. I think it'd be something new to RSPS (I've personally never seen, or heard of something like this). Would love to see how the development team would go about introducing this. Although not a huge update, would be a very unique one. Vouch
  3. Hell, why not. Not expecting to win anything, but I figure I'll try to get the video count up ;).
  4. RNGeesus is very upset with me for whatever reason.
  5. 'ello. Figured with the update to the Crystal Key chest a couple weeks back I'd make another opening video for them. Enjoy? Leave a like and subscribe for more!
  6. I'm happy to see this still around, back when RedDiamond started it nearly three years ago now. Been a ton of hosts for this event, tbh I think it's one of the best consistent events that DreamScape offers. Congratulations to all the winners.
  7. I don't entirely think we should remove spam though, as this "General Off-Topic" will just become an area for people to spam to get their post count. Just add another Section under Off-Topic instead of removing the Spam section. So yeah, I think it's a lot easier to just add another section instead of replacing another. Vouch?
  8. Welp, figured I'd try to re-start on my YouTube channel. There's a fairly long introduction as to why I haven't been posting in the beginning, so feel free to skip that by going to 6:52. I've said it before, but I'm going to try to stay active on YouTube again, whether it's doing RSPS content or not. Let me know what you think of the video. Enjoy? Leave a like and subscribe for more!
  9. That's what I was saying. lul
  10. pots go home you're drunk
  11. I understand completely with game and forums not being related, the term "quit" is used to mean that you are either going to maintain a very low to near no activity on the server, or that you are completely finished with it. As I said before, but I guess I will repeat and go into more detail with, the Graphic Designer is a community based position. This is not a staff position, but is a position that will be looked up to from normal community members. If one of these community ranked members were to make statements regarding themselves quitting, whether it be frequent or not, it's not a good reputation to have. Personally, as soon as someone says that they are quitting, they should be treated as if they started fresh. For example, let's say I quit today, I wouldn't be able to apply for the Forum Moderator position until I've been back for at least a month. So, in your case I do not believe that you should be eligible for the Graphic Designer position until you've been active for at least another two weeks. Again, I have absolutely no idea what the managements point of view is on this, as it's only mine. I could care less about whether or not you actually get the position, I'm just pointing out what I've seen. Once more, good luck on your application.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm an active member, but I do read a ton of the forum posts here. I'm positive that you just posted a thread like 4-5 days ago saying that you quit. For that reason alone I have to say that I don't support this application. Although Graphic Designers are not a staff position, they are a "higher" tiered position than a normal player, which means someone that has the desire to quit/leave the server should not have a position that can be seen as a role model. Good luck on your application. No Support
  13. Forum Username: Squishy Amount of Months: Somewhere around 30, to lazy to do the maths. Screenshot:
  14. Now, this was something brought up way back when I was still a Forum Administrator, and I'll explain my point of view on this. The reason that there is no Helper rank designated towards the forums is because there is near no permissions that this rank would have. The Helpers in game have very basic commands when it comes to punishments. This is the primary issue with adding a Forum Helper, it'd basically be a new rank designed for someone to post threads and possibly moderate the shout box. Giving this rank to many permissions would make it identical to the Forum Moderator rank. This is the overall basics of what a Forum Moderator can do; Check users information Move, Lock, and Delete Threads Moderate Shoutbox (Ban users, remove messages, etc.) Suspend accounts I'm sure there's been other things added into this, but it's been a fairly long time since I've been in a staff position here on DreamScape. Overall, making a Forums Helper rank would quite literally be a Forum Moderator without the ability to suspend someones account. There's almost no reason to add in another rank for one simple thing. I understand where you're coming from trying to make the forum side identical to the game side, but it just isn't something practical. In my opinion, someone striving to become a Forum Moderator should be doing things such as keeping shoutbox active, posting informative threads, replying to posts in efforts to keep everything active, announcing to players in game/discord to be sure to check out the forums. So, from my beliefs, the "helper" rank for the forums should just be the people interested in becoming a Forum Moderator on DreamScape. As I've said before, there is no purpose adding another rank to the forums.
  15. wadu hek. Why does it say you're banned, but you're posting? lmao.