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  1. Well, that leaves @Potentials to being the only OG Staff Member. Phoenix, when you first started out i really didn't think you had what it took to be a Forum Moderator, but you have definitely proven me wrong. You've done a great job. Make sure you stay active ya Edward Elric freak.
  2. There is usually a more in depth aspect when doing Support tickets. Awhile ago (2 or so years) I was able to do Support Tickets. They're very tedious, and repetitive. There's also certain tickets that the owner himself has to do, that no one else is able to. Overall, Support Tickets do need to become a higher priority, but I do understand where the staff team is coming from with them.
  3. No I read that part, but I'm saying that there is an endless possibility of glitches or bugs that could come with this. As stated, it'd need to go through serious testing before being implemented, hence my view of it being a standstill.
  4. It's an interesting idea, but would have to be put through serious testing as the ability to spawn in boxes could harm the economy drastically. As long as this would only be accessed by YouTubers & Staff, I see no issue with it being added, although I'm not to keen on the idea. Neutral
  5. I wish I could justify spending that much on here, I'd love an Ownercape :L.
  6. Sad to see you leave mate. Good luck on your adventures, hopefully you'll decide to rejoin!
  7. Congrats on 400 subs mate. You deserve it, keep up the good work.
  8. I have the entire album bought :L.
  9. I like A Day To Remember as well. Welcome to DreamScape mate.
  10. So I'm very meh feeling about both of these, but here ya go.
  11. Sad to say that I've resigned from the News Team.

  12. Welcome back to DreamScape mate.
  13. Hey. This is my 2,000th post on the forums. Pretty cool I guess. Anyone think it's cool? I think it's cool.
  14. Welcome to DreamScape! I'm sure you're at the point where you don't need help, so just enjoy yourself!