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  1. nerd. I'm not really active on here anymore, but I feel as if I should reply to this cause it's you. sup boi.
  2. Right click on your project canvas, go to project settings, change quality to 1280x720. Go to each clip, line them up with the borders (yellow snap), then hold shift and drag the other edge to snap with the yellow lines. Hoping this makes sense as I just woke up so I'm tired as hell.
  3. Lul how did I win something? I haven't done anything for like 3 weeks lol. Anyways, congratulations to everyone.
  4. http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/home Yeah no there is something for this.
  5. For the love of god do this. It's annoying seeing 5x topics about Yvez doing someones loan. Make it so that clan threads don't pop up pls. 100% Support
  6. Just saying, you explained your render and background within the background. Recommendations for you wanting a render added in, is to find one of your liking, especially if you're going to be specific with it. Also, filling out majority of the information you put under background into Other Information would be the best, i.e. DreamScape Logo, Twitter Icon. Adding in "required" placements for these things can mess up someones design process, or at least it'd mess up mine. I recommend giving a little more leniency with what you're requesting. Also, I'll try to do this request if I have any spare time.
  7. Whoops, just remember it being a Dragunov, guess I forget it was a different name. Anyways, I have to agree with @Licky about everything he's said, no use for it.
  8. There already is a sniper rifle in the game, it's called the Dragunov. Was an old item from a minigame known as Zombies, but that minigame was removed. I'm sure a majority of the people who have Dragunovs are either banned or have quit, but there already is a sniper within the game.
  9. Very much so agree with this. These forums are just about to hit three years old, meaning just about three years of content is on here. If they were to implement something like this, it would have to be something like followed. 1 - 100 - Bronze 101 - 200 - Iron 201 - 300 - Steel 301 - 400 - Black 401 - 500 - Mithril 501 - 600 - Adamant 601 - 700 - Runite 701 - 800 - Dragon 801 - 900 - Barrows 901 - 1,000 - Nex Anyways, this is a very basic idea that 99% of base level RSPS forums have. I don't believe this should be implemented, and if it is, it needs to be something custom alongside of the feel for DreamScape (i.e. using Flame Torva, Emperor Armour, Icy Glaive, etc.). Again, I don't like this idea, but if it were to be implemented, those are my thoughts about it. No Support
  10. Everyone hits their point where they resign, many people expected this. Once resigning from one spot, you usually resign from the rest.
  11. Of course, send me a message whenever you see me online.
  12. I was joking, lol. Everyone takes everything waaaay to seriously.
  13. Video was great, but when you were talking it was waay to quiet. I'd recommend either talking louder or increasing the volume on your voice, because the music scared the hell out of me once it started. Nonetheless, good video. Am looking forward to more content.
  14. Got another Road to 100T episode for everyone, next one may be a bit until it comes out. Will try to get the next one out within the next week though. Enjoy the video? Leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more.
  15. Oh poor staff, got roped into doing the newspaper cause I resigned lol. Good paper guys, not sure how I feel about the new sections though.