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  1. Yo yo thanks for this sexy giveaway bro <3 <3 IGN: Mayham hc
  2. Yo nut to those bug fixes and new pets. YUH YUH YEEET!!!!! Lovin it fam.
  3. New sexy capes? Green and purple? Don't mind if I do. Could use a lil variation to capes instead of white glass wings. Fashionscape here I come. VOUCH!
  4. Damn dude. Surprised you didn't get a plate lmao. But kudos on the loot.
  5. Aye welcome man. Hope you have a good time.
  6. oh yeahh boii. finna play dreamscape tonight!!!!
  7. Thank you my good man.
  8. I definitely missed a lot. That sounds like a badass weapon. Who/what drops it?
  9. Just feel like sharing some songs. I don't own them of course.
  10. Looking for some homies to play on Xbone with. Some games I play with are Borderlands 2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, COD infinite warfare, Black ops 3, Black ops 2, Warframe, Dark souls 3 (both dlcs), Overwatch, Happy wars, Destiny 2, I'd lowkey be down to play Minecraft if we had 4 or more people, Fortnite battle royal. That's about it. I might be forgetting some but meh. XBOX GT: DizkoDeath
  11. Wow. Now I definitely need to play this a lot more. Just been playin Xbox lately. But the battlegrounds update has for sure caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing whoever in-game O>O
  12. Its ya boi Mac. What's everyone up to O.o

    1. YCGamez


      Whats gooddd. Good to see you!

    2. Macmayham


      Yoooo! I hella remember you. I been doin good man. What about you?

    3. YCGamez
  13. Nice man. I need to get back on an try to test my luck.
  14. Lucky!!! I legit need your luck mang.