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  1. You can always do ::empty and it will empty the things you don't want in your inventory so don't put your good items in the inventory when emptying.
  2. Doesn't deserve it, not active at all but gz. Take it as an unwanted gift.
  3. Layout: Name: Nationality: Age: Penis size (must be 12inch+ or your not black): Thanks.
  4. I was thinking in this new minigame aka Battlegrounds. We should implement in maybe duos so that two of you can team up and fight the other teams. I reckon it would be more fun if you was to team up because i know @pkmilan and @FloppyTech1 want it so they can keep advertising #ROT. So if this was to happen maybe you can become the next duo to win and there could be a leader boards etc where every month or so the duo that wins gets a prize or something. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  5. Vouch because he's very trusted I watch him at dicezone racking up the monies and giving good pay-outs and hasn't scammed once this is why he deserves the Vouch.
  6. Wheres my shoutout I'm your #1 hero and you don't give me one wow.
  7. RIP to 10k IRL cash if you come back you can always donate another 10k Will miss you though hopefully you come back one day :D
  8. Heres My entry: Goodluck everyone!
  9. Welcome Back @Squishy. Of course i know you. Glad to have you back.
  10. So My exam board give us 2 boxes to put the numbers of the questions in. Next thing you know theirs a question with 3 numbers. Where does the 3rd number go? even the Invigilators didn't know lool

    1. Hasty


      such a noob


  11. I would've vouched for you but why post a Forum post your quitting because you were cleaned? You shouldn't of done that so No Vouch from me mate.
  12. In-game name: JackName of the outfit: The Spearer Thanks for hosting this giveaway mate!