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  1. Wheres my shoutout I'm your #1 hero and you don't give me one wow.
  2. RIP to 10k IRL cash if you come back you can always donate another 10k Will miss you though hopefully you come back one day :D
  3. Heres My entry: Goodluck everyone!
  4. Welcome Back @Squishy. Of course i know you. Glad to have you back.
  5. So My exam board give us 2 boxes to put the numbers of the questions in. Next thing you know theirs a question with 3 numbers. Where does the 3rd number go? even the Invigilators didn't know lool

    1. Hasty


      such a noob


  6. In-game name: JackName of the outfit: The Spearer Thanks for hosting this giveaway mate!
  7. I fuckin Powned you now u 'Dead'
  8. 21+29 = 50
  9. Welcome back mate, hopefully you stay this time haha.
  10. @Chuck [Owner] : You are doing a great job managing the staff team. I like the way you employ the best Developers to help Dreamscape grow and stay alive and make the server better. Also, i like the way you gave me a 2nd chance to be with Dreamscape shows that you believe people can change. Thanks! @Zeven [Owner] : I would say one of the most hard working staff member ever. Always online helping players, doing deals and genuinely doing a great job. It's amazing how much effort and time you put into the server making sure its always here. And your always active on forums showing us the News and Announcements that is new about the server. Thanks for your work and effort! @Stuart [Web Developer] : I admire your work because you know i love website developing! I'm not sure if you did the Forums or the homepage however you did a great job adding Website Security as well making sure our members accounts do not get leaked. Thank you for doing this! @alexdkk [Game Developer] : One of the best Developers i have ever met and he is so determined at what you do. You put so much time and effort into what you do making the updates bigger and better for the community to enjoy. Hopefully you don't leave Dreamscape ever because we need you to keep these updates going because your doing an amazing job! Thanks for making the server a better place! @Adrianped [Global Administrator] : You was a great staff member always was active Ingame and on Teamspeak but then you just left and got busy from school hopefully you can come back before someone replaces you because you was doing a good job. @Vince [Community Manager] : Great guy i love your work and determination in-game. I know you work certain hours but i like the way you do deals and help out the community In-game. Don't stop what your doing because your doing a smashing job and hopefully you won't leave at any stage. @Potentials [Donation Manager] : Such a great guy, i know you have been busy in real life recently but you do such an amazing job every time online. You even look for ways of doing events without ruining the economy which i think is great for making players stay and keeping the community alive. Thanks so much for putting in a lot of work into the server. @vl0ne [Gambling Manager] : Well what can i say known you for a while now and you recently just got promoted to Gambling Manager which i think you deserve because you put so much time and effort into Gambling in-game and do an amazing job. When you first became Helper i bet you didn't think you would get to a 'Manager' position but you definitely deserve it keep up the good work mate hopefully you get to a higher rank! @Dafire [Administrator] : I haven't seen you a lot recently however when you was active you did a great job with deals and making the community a nicer place. I know your busy with exams but it would be nice to see you every now and then just even if its for an hour. But thanks for making Dreamscape a better place! @Epok [Administrator] : Same as Dafire i guess you are busy In real life with other stuff but you were really active in-game before you left for your exams. Hopefully you come back at one point so we have you doing deals again and making the community a better place. @Mirage [Administrator] : Well what can i say always active, always doing deals and always helping the community. Just the definition of a perfect staff member and hopefully it will stay that way and you won't take major breaks like Epok and Dafire. You are always online everyday whether your in-game or Teamspeak. Thanks so much for Helping a lot in-game with all my troubles. @Half [Moderator] : You are doing such a great job In-game you are even online when you are at work which is great because it shows us that you have determination towards the server and i thank you for this. Also, you are always active in Teamspeak helping players and even In-game you are a great guy. Hopefully you will be promoted soon. @rallen [Ingame Helper] : I'm sorry i have nothing to write about you, i have never seen you in-game before so i'm not sure who you are sorry mate. @Iron Barrage [Ingame Helper] : Well. I love this guy hes so chill and is a great Helper In-game. Keep up the good work bro and hopefully you will be promoted very soon and become a bigger role to Dreamscape. Thanks for Helping me In-game. @Wtftw [Ingame Helper] : I love the way you help Ingame and how even you got demoted for a few days you still showed great determination to carry on helping no matter what happens. Thank you for being with Dreamscape you just show us great passion as to what you can do. Thanks for reading my Staff Feedback I really do hope you like it. #DSGANG
  11. Love the new price guide, however i do miss CRTL + F haha.
  12. When you delete your skype by accident and you feel dumb af *facepalm*