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  1. There was no pause before the song started, I use a technique called fading which makes it so that the song fades off into silence rather than having a sharp end which makes it sound a bit weird, hence the few seconds of silence; music was actually playing if you turn it up fully just miniscule because of the fade off, and fade in to the next song. I appreciate the criticism nonetheless :).
  2. The song faded off to make it sound smooth, hence the few seconds of silence
  3. Brand new video boys OPENING the brand new WARFARE boxes! Giveaway instructions pinned in comments as per usual. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. Honestly, what is my luck..? Giveaway instructions pinned in comment section as per usual! GOOD LUCK!
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    Pizza, pizza & pizza.
  6. Jordan RSPS

    I think the creator of the thread is actually going to win, so I suggest everyone else gives up!
  7. Hey boys! It's the start of a new series idea of mine, in which we aim to become the richest solely by gambling! Giveaway instructions pinned in the comments for those interested! GOOD LUCK!!
  8. Hey boys, back with another awesome video! For those who are getting bored of openings, I'll be back to uploading awesome fun-filled videos such as my series, etc (A-levels are tough atm :( ) Giveaway instructions pinned in comments for those interested GOOD LUCK!!
  9. Hey lads! Back with another video, today we compared both golden and rare scratch cards.. And without giving spoilers, WE GOT SOMETHING HUGE! Giveaway instructions pinned in comments for those interested! GOOD LUCK!!
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    What a tune
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    Oh no way, lemme try it out ilovelargepenis123 6969
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    I will claim the throne.. \o/
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    Who Can Post Last? Rules of the game: Members post as often as possible, the last person to post on this thread before it gets forgotten, closed or deleted - Wins! GOOD LUCK!
  14. Hey guys! I want to get to know everyone more and want to get into the community more so I am just going to introduce myself to those who don't know me Here's some of the basics about me: Name - Jordan Age - 18 Location - UK (Wales) Hobbies - YouTube, Gaming, Sports, Cars I also watch TV series such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, etc., etc. I used to play this server back in 2014 under the name of 'Jordan Beatz' in which I did YouTube videos and such, I believe I was one of the first YouTubers back then until I decided to depart and take a break. I also played for a bit in 2016, and now I'm back again under the name of 'Jordan' (Jordan Beatz had to be changed due to its length) and hopefully here for an eventful, and fun time! For those who don't know, I have a YouTube channel named 'JordanRSPS' - In which I post videos and such recording my endeavours on DreamScape, check it out if you haven't already But yeah this is just a little introduction so you guys can get to know me, I hope I see you all around!