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  1. No Heroes

    I have mp5 & am pernix set (lucky golden scratch haha) so I guess I'll go to Shadow Kings for slow but more chance of dream clues.
  2. No Heroes

    Thanks! I'm also looking for more grindable monsters with my gear, doing the same one for a few days will probably get boring real quick. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello! Because of the buffed clue scrolls that came with the update, I had an idea to make a drop log to check the buffed loot of clues. I'll be posting the number of clues, amount of steps it had, and the loot. I'll be doing every clue possible List gets filled, don't worry. Ultimate goal would be to go to 1000 clues soon. EDIT: Also going to be adding kc's to see how long it takes for each clue 1. 5T (15 steps) 2. Royal sicle (3 steps) 3. Yellow converses (3 steps) 451 Vetion KC 4. 10 Mystery boxes (3 steps) 496 Vetion KC 5. Virtus set (3 steps) 502 Vetion KC 6. Assault rifle (3 steps) 674 Vetion KC 7. Magegray pet (8 steps) 717 Vetion KC Thanks 'Pikachu' for the rainbow boots & scarf <3 8. 10 Mystery boxes (3 steps) 776 Vetion KC 9. Hylian shield (3 steps) 860 Vetion KC 10. Invictus box (15 steps) 1097 Vetion KC 11. Dream Wing Boots (5 steps) 1272 Vetion KC 12. 50 Phoenix bones (3 steps) 1312 Vetion KC 13. Raichu egg (8 steps) 1486 Vetion KC 14. Hylian shield (3 steps) 1541 Vetion KC 15. Rasta whip (8 steps) 1788 Vetion KC 16. Flame torva set (5 steps) 1 Thugbob KC 17. Drygore offhand (u) (3steps) 3 Thugbob KC 18. Vanguard set (3 steps) 47 Flame King KC 19. Diamond phat (3 steps) 1919 Vetion KC 20. Hylian shield (3 steps) 1947 Vetion KC 21. Diamond phat (3 steps) 22. Black boater (3 steps) 2004 Vetion KC 23. Malevolent set (8 steps) 107 Shadow King KC 24. American pernix set (15 steps) 120 Shadow King KC
  4. No Heroes

    Sup guys New here since this week, decided to spend some time on this server while I was bored (read: I have exams and I like to procrastinate a lot) So, a bit about me: I'm 20 years old and I'm currently in my last bachelor year. I study Event and Project management. I like to play games (obviously) and the rest isn't really important :') As I've played on the server for a few days, it looked like there was a lack of guides. I'm thinking of making some myself to help some beginners. The first thing I always do is check the Forums, because I like efficiency whilst discovering all these customised items. If anyone sees me ingame, please don't hesitate to talk to me, I like to talk whilst grinding. No Heroes