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  1. 0xBAADF00D

    Wow! That is absolutely amazing. I also love the quality of the pictures. You do know you can publish pictures like these on stock photo websites, and earn residual income from them, right? You should definitely consider doing that.
  2. 0xBAADF00D

    I think you mean Jardon... God damn I love that girl in your pics. Forgot her name.
  3. 0xBAADF00D

    Nobody will beat me. You can bet on it, bet on it, beeeet ooon iiiit.
  4. 0xBAADF00D

    Definitely. HTTPS is absolutely essential, especially for the forums. HTTPS will also improve the website's google rankings, so there is literally no reason not to do it.
  5. 0xBAADF00D

    I love creepypasta myself, and I have a few favorites that I really love: https://www.creepypasta.com/gateway-of-the-mind/ https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/3f3te1/my_brother_died_when_i_was_a_child_he_kept/ Last one is a nosleep story, but it's great! I can't for the life of me find one of my all-time favorites. The plot is basically that a group of students is doing an experiment where they temporarily kill themselves to experience what's on the other side. When they come back, creepiness ensues. If someone knows the name of it, I'd love it if you could tell me!
  6. 0xBAADF00D

    I have already witnessed most of these art pieces, and they are all great. The second to last one is my favorite. I really think SOTW on here would be an awesome idea, and I would most definitely join.
  7. 0xBAADF00D

    Consider it done. I will win.
  8. 0xBAADF00D

    Hehe, you're not the first, so don't worry about that. :p Thanks man. ^^
  9. 0xBAADF00D

    Welcome to the server, mate! I see we have similar interests. I'd love to meet ingame and chat! Enjoy your stay.
  10. 0xBAADF00D

    Man, she was hot back in the day. :p
  11. 0xBAADF00D


    I know that feeling. Dreamscape is looking really good though, so I am staying. See you around, mate. Make me a sig.
  12. 0xBAADF00D

    I have already seen these before, but yeah, I really like both of them. Definitely better than anything I could do for sure. My favorite is the second one, however. The vibrant colors are just beautiful.
  13. 0xBAADF00D

    I am mostly focused on retro games (old Mario and Sonic games for example) because they are pretty easy to RE and modify. Other than that, I RE relatively modern Sonic games (Sonic Adventure series, Sonic heroes, etc.) and other platformers. I am looking to RE modern games as well, but seeing as I do not have any consoles or a computer capable of running the newer games, it is going to be hard. I might post projects on the forums in the off-topic section eventually, but I doubt anybody would be interested. :p Hey mate! I doubt it. See you around. <3 Jk, I will make you a signature as soon as inspiration hits me. ^^ "until then enjoy your stay" - Haha, what does that mean? Are you implying I won't enjoy my stay afterwards? Hahaha, jk. Thanks though. And yes, you got that right haha!
  14. 0xBAADF00D

    Hey guys. I'm 0xBAADF00D, or if you like: 3131961357. I'm a nerd through and through. I enjoy programming, reverse engineering, modding games, etc. I also enjoy making graphics, but I suck at it. Maybe some of you GFX gurus can teach me a thing or two about Photoshop. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!