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    happens with specific pets like rick / - VOUCH - \
  2. Username: Hc Campyder Total In-Game Time: As of 06/05/2018 (6th of may 2018) https://gyazo.com/9ca18e2839d1ac02e7eeab1a0c63916c Timezone: Eu west (Amsterdam) Payouts (Screenshots): Got non as i have no rank in the cc will talk about that more later in the thread. Bank (Screenshots): Nothing special at the moment but will be merching while i'm TD. Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I feel like i should be chosen to be a trusted dicer becouse im a really active player. Also alot of ppl do know me from discord (when im online in game im online in discord). I love to dice myself and the thrill you get from being able to lose it all or win bank is a nice thing to have from time to time. Now about my rank at the moment i have no rank as you read earlier. I'm willing to take a trial week or something like that to proof that im trustworthy and not a random guy Why do you want to be a trusted dicer? I want to be a trusted dicer because im almost allways in game when I do not have school. And sometimes i dont see a TD online or in dicezone atleast. Also i love the dicing community people do clean eachother but also help eachother out when in need, But that is dreamscape. Love the community and would like to do something for it to. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: I would first listen to the person that has told me about the scammer and listen to his side of the story and make notes of it. After i have listened to his side im going to the other side so the said scammer and do the same. Once i heard both sides of the story i will take it to the staff and decide together what we shall do. If said scammer was scamming and admits it and gives the items back to me i will refund them to the reporter. If said scammer did not admit and did not scam i will say im sorry but i cant give you a refund. If there is no videoproof I cannot do anything about someone that is scammed. But if there is videoproof bowwow and me will be watching and judge it together. Please leave your reactions down below Thanks in advance yours sincerely Hc Campyder
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    I suggest opening a private discord channel for #BOBSPLAN.
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    I support this as the max limit right now is only 200t (wich is nothing to almost everyone in game). The max limit of 5q will help to get vargas used again i think (even if there will be a 10% tax) Also the 10% tax will delete some cash from the game/
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    Ign: Hc Campyder In game rank: Extreme donator Thanks in advance Hc Campyder
  6. Hc Campyder

    NAME/IN-GAME NAME: Main IGN: Hc campyder Host IGN: Bj Table AGE: 19 TIME PLAYED IN GAME: 14:18:2 HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF BENEFITING #BOBSPLAN: Im an idiot that fools around alot ROUGH BANK ESTIMATE: around 1q right now DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FITTING IN WITH THE MOST EXECUTIVE CLAN MOVEMENT ON DREAMSCAPE?: I See myself as a loyal member and a proud follower of #BOBSPLAN