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  1. nice accurate list man, way to put mad description in it aswell!
  2. thanks for all the hard guys. the emotes on the executive cape is out of this world!!!!!
  3. LOVING the buy x option K3. thanks for the work @staffteam
  4. Username Evak Total In-Game Time: 26:8:51 Timezone: Central time zone Payouts: Bank: Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I believe that i am a very trusted/loyal player to the Dreamscape community. i am outgoing and a team player. i get along with all the trusted dicers and i feel like i would fit in perfectly with the everyone in my team! i play every day 7+ hours a day + im on discord when im offline to catch up with the community! If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: this tends to happen sometimes, first i would recommend that everyone records their dicing sessions for this reason! i would listen to both sides of the story, let my fellow trusted dicers and gambling manager know about the situation and take advice on how to handle the situation!
  5. username: evak rank: sponsor :proof
  6. accurate awards, great job!
  7. nice event! goodluck to all!