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  1. love it
  2. [Woodcutting] *New woodcutting pet [gives 25% xp bonus and 10% more nests per hour] *FIX extreme island magics so they give 1 ptn per! *Skilling necklace (similar to collectors) that collects all items from skilling. [logs,ore,fish,nests] -id suggest this cost around the same as collectors. *ADD more area's to cut / close to bank. ***Woodcutting is currently decent money making due to birds nest. PROFIT IS AROUND 10T PER HOUR AT 1T PER NEST (4) [Mining] *What is profitable about mining? *i suggest we add some sort of drop to mining like there is for woodcutting. [same rate for row (i) drop. perhaps a geode? *new mining pet. [25 and 10% more "geode"] PROFIT IS VERY LOW? [Fishing] *same idea applies here with others. *"big fish" can be turned in for birds nest *pet *new areas *a profitable fish to sell to blackmarket dealer? *new fishing pet pelican. same stats as above pets. PROFIT IS VERY LOW? [Thieving] *new stall for players at 150 thieving? perhaps a extra 5 100m tickets? *Revamp donators island, super dungeon and extreme. *donators,supers,and extreme's should have stall at the designated island's/dungeon. - perhaps each thieve gives 1 donator/super/extreme point or more gold per. *a new thieving npc. [something in wild?] - everything at ardy is weaksauce. *thieving pet that give more xp/more cash per grab. [25% chance of double grab? stacks with dream thieve potion] PROFIT IS AROUND 3.8/4T PER HOUR, DOUBLE THIS WITH DREAM THIEVE (4) (8) (24 HRS) let me know what you guy's think more suggestions will be added, hope to hear from you.