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  1. hey dreamers , i play many hours a day, and it is clearly that many players need a price guide,i see people for example ask how much ice kat is worth, and 2 mins another one asks. now my suggestion is: couldnt we make a command for prices? like ::pc ice katana would be helpful rng
  2. same with peng bones! also a vouch
  3. vouch, would be helpful
  4. OGChroma HAS BEEN BANNED FOR: well because i just dont know you. love
  5. my vouch here! maybe then wilderness would be more used
  6. nice upgrade!! keep it going !! #weeeeew
  7. hi dreamers! as many maybe did notice, its my bday today. i gave away like 200t as it is max, to 4 new players:) that was half my bank xd but idc, just pixels! but maybe ill do more tomorrow. trying to grind hard myself! shoutout to all dreamers! i love this game and community! ill be on today, but not much! and Mark! i need ur drawing:P draw me a picture have fun all! joey
  8. thanks all i will stick:) dw night
  9. Thanks
  10. hey dreamers, i am angel jr, and i am new to this server i will be playing iron man mode, if anyone have some tips they are more then welcome! greetz