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  1. In-game Name: Audacious Yt Why you want the sets: I'd love to win the sets because I have a set goal for 10,000 partyhat sets. Extra Info[Optional]: Good luck everyone!
  2. @zodiac If you read my post, you would’ve seen I recommended a pk store. BG died because players only get 1T per win, and it was buggy starting out. Dreamscape won’t die, it will keep on growing, I feel like you’re right in some areas. I think we should reset some items that are worthless and mabye boost the stats and make the drop rate a bit harder.
  3. I mean, I guess so. Or you could donate.
  4. In dreamscape, there are countless amount of activities you can perform here. However, I think there are a bunch of areas that we could focus on. A couple of which that I would love to be awaken are these. I wish we would focus on a new gambling way that requires skill. I guess it could be called a minigame. 1. Duel Arena. I don't think that the duel arena has been given any time whatsoever.. Mabye it has, but it's not running. PvP combat to win bank is fun, not sure if it will ever be added in dreamscape though.. 2. The Wilderness. I assume that because of customs, these minigames were killed, but if we can do something to make it so that this is sparked back to life, I think we should.. One way I think we could spark these two things is: For the Wilderness/PKing, I think we should add a NPC that opens up a interface that has a variety of gear setups that players can come along and pick from. IF we do that, we could add a JUICY pk store. For the Duel Arena, we just need a anti-scam interface.. (not sure if we already have one).. I understand that we have dicing and flower poker. However, those are what they are. A "gamble"... I personally believe it would be a amazing adventure if dreamscape could add a minigame or another "gamble" so-to-speak, that involves skill. For instance: It could be a series of math equations. EXAMPLE: 12+5+10-7+12 = ? (" 32 ") Congratulations, Audacious, you win! Perhaps, it could be some sort of puzzle, where you have to flip pieces together to create something random. Perhaps there could be a race through a maze. The possibilities are endless. I understand that most likely I wasted my time on this suggestion, however, I enjoy throwing things out into the public. What do I have to lose? :D
  5. I could have created a video regarding this topic, which I could definitely do, and will do for my upcoming series, however, I thought I would create a guide for people that don't watch my videos. 1. To start out to get some starting cash and weapons, I would recommend that you thieve, located directly behind the bank at ::home. 2. After you acquire around 5t, (5000 1b tickets) I would head to ::market and purchase a ice katana. It's a decent starting weapon for the price. 3. Once you have a ice katana, wear your starter armor, and head over to ::mbox. Mboxes are approximately 30b each, and have a 1:15 chance drop rate. I would farm here for a while, you can always try bargaining the price to the max for maximization of profit. 4. Flame pernix and a assault rife upgraded is the best gear you can get with a small cashstack. I would farm mboxes until you can afford those items. Keep in mind you can have more then one account up, as long as they aren't in the same area. Be smart with that. 5. Once you get to this point, it's ganna be somewhat of a grind, it was for me, and it will be for you. There are a ton of bosses to choose from, I would go to shadow king, or magegray, and have a alternate account at thieving. Keep in mind that while you are doing this, to watch for giveaways. In discord, we have a ton of giveaways, and we also have a bunch of events going on in the forums. Check this area out. If you need help in-game, I'm usually always online, private message me on discord or add me in game @ Audacious yt or HC Audacious! This post will be updated later tonight. If not, tomorrow, currently working on a video for my new series. Feel free to check out my most recent video! Doing a 1Q Cash Giveaway, it's ending in the next video!
  6. I thought I entered.’ IGN: AUDACIOUS YT
  7. Good luck, everyone.
  8. Something that has been bothering me has been the quality of a variety of our items in dreamscape. I'm not picky/complaining, however, I think we have developers that are more then capable of doing so. I understand you guys don't want to dig into little things like "Max Cape/Comp Cape customization" which by the way, that's still a pending suggestion from 2017.. I can go into depth if really needed, but I don't believe I do.. 1 picture really explains the rest of the capes. I think we should fix our skill capes firstly:
  9. Welcome to my Goals/Achievements, here I will consistently update this to inform you all on all of the following: V0.1 Fixed Disgusting Layout. Added 2 more goals. Added Goal Specifications. Color Codes: Green = Completed! Orange = In the Process of completing. Red = Have't started. White = Achievement Dates. ------------------------------------------------------- Goals Soulflare drop. Youtuber Status. Max PvM gear set up. Kill 100,000 MageGray. Acquire 100Q bank/100Q Cash. Prestige 10 times. Collect 10,000 partyhat sets. 50Q Giveaway. (1q out of 50 given) 5000 Forum Posts/100 guides created. (Currently at 28 forum posts)
  10. A Really appreciate the suggestion bob.. I think i'm going for all of these.
  11. Forget skilling. We all know the fastest way to maxing is through lamps. Well, I created not only a video, but a thumbnail, that I believe is extremely useful, if you want to grind out a easy max cape. It's pretty self-explanatory, X2 Ring = Double XP ring which is obtainable by: 1. Mystery Boxes 2. Squeal of Fortune 3. Donating ________________________________ There are two ways of getting lamps. 1. ::starterboss ( F2P | Not Recommended ) 2. ::donorboss ( Donator + | Highly Recommended|
  12. I would like to enter. Good luck boys!
  13. offer = 700t
  14. So, as a youtuber, I want to be able to create different styles of videos, and honestly, I want to set some goals for my accounts: HC Audacious Audacious Yt ___________________________________ If you have any decent ideas for a youtube series/goals for me leave 'em in the comments below, and I'll definitely check them out! :D
  15. I think all of these item suggestions are unique, and that's what dreamscape is: Unique. Pretty cool concept. //Vouch\\