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    I am all the way interested and dedicated to my channel/gfx. I enjoy nothing more than making videos and creating Gfx designs. Dreamscape is also at the top of that list. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to play Dreamscape and help out my fellow YouTubers, and Gfx designers! If you ever need help or advice etc. Pm me asap! :)


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  1. MonoBeast

    !!!#DSGANG lol woooooo !! thank you for this massive event!! Congratz to the winners!! Especially 1st place... that's the real winner right there boys lol
  2. MonoBeast

    Not a bad video my man! You makin them stacks!! Richer than even me.. :( Keep em coming, and btw why does your face cam go green? is that an effect you do or?
  3. MonoBeast

    Love the video man, doing tutorials very nice for the community. You did very well with your edits etc. Work on that mic volume though. And maybe edit the way your texts come into the video. Very good homie keep this up!
  4. MonoBeast

    Yes using non copyright music is key when streaming or making videos. This way you do not have strikes against your account. Also you can always take this live stream, cut it down and edit then repost.
  5. MonoBeast

    #1 - This isn't camtasia so there isn't a holding shift while resizing. #2 - You could add another layer and make it all black then adjust the opacity, however you would not get the same effect. #3 - A video would not be best for 2 reason. ---> They would have to skip around the video to find a certain step if they missed it. This way they can just scroll and see the steps on the thread. ---> Every move and step is made here. There would be no reason to revamp it with a commentary video. This is a "Basic" tutorial for a reason. I do appreciate your comments and suggestions and will revamp in the future to go more in depth. Thank you.
  6. To begin your Photoshop Thumbnail experience --> Click Here <-- and follow the full video tutorial to download it. STEP 1 - Thumbnail dimensions. First when you open photoshop you are going to follow these steps. - Click "File" - Select "New" Enter these dimensions "1280 wide x 720 Height" These are the dimensions of a YouTube Thumbnail. STEP 2 - Place Images Now once Step 1 is finished and you have a new project started. You will want to place your background. Follow these steps. - Click "File" - Select "Place..." - Place your image over the white/transparent background and press Enter key. As shown below: STEP 3 - PLACING LOGOS/IMAGES OVER IMAGE Step 2 is finished, now you can place other images over your background. Same steps as shown in "Step 2" ^^^^ - Click "File" - Select "Place..." - Size/move and place it where you would like, then click enter. STEP 4 - RASTERIZING IMAGES - Go to your layer tab and left click the layer - Then Click "Rasterize Layer" This step makes the image available for edits. STEP - 5 ADDING TEXT TO YOUR THUMBNAIL - Click on the "Text Tool" - Type your thumbnail title etc. This will make a new layer in the layers panel for each text you enter. As shown here: Then you can "Free transform" your image to suite your needs. As shown here: STEP 6 - ADDING FX EFFECT TO YOUR TEXT Not you will add a drop shadow and outline to your text. - Select your text layer and click "FX" - Click "Drop Shadow" - Click "Stroke" You can mess around with all of these settings and get it the way you would like. Now your text will stand out from the background. Easy to see and read, and looks attractive on YouTube. STEP 7 - ADDING A BRIGHT LOOK TO YOUR BACKGROUND Here you will see how to make your background pop out and seem brighter. - Make a new layer over your back ground. - Select your brush tool. - Select the color white - Go to brush settings and resize to your liking, and turn hardness to zero. - Click once or twice over the image where you want it brightened. - Go to layer panel and set it as "Overlay" As shown below: STEP 8 - ADDING A DARK EVENT AROUND YOUR THUMBNAIL This will darken the edges of your thumbnail and draw attention to the image your creating. This is best when making thumbnails. Same steps as step 7 - Make a new layer over your lighting layer - Select the brush tool - Resize and turn the hardness to zero - Select the color "Black" for your brush - Use [ Ctrl + - ] to zoom out and then Darken the edges As shown below: STEP 9 - SAVING YOUR IMAGE Once you have finished your thumbnail and your ready to save it follow these steps - Top left click "File" - Click "Save as" - Select format "PNG" - Then save to desktop or your chosen folder. Now you are done and ready to use. I hope this tutorial is easy to follow, and helps you when needing thumbnails. If you have questions please pm me via discord. If you would like to see more Photoshop Tutorials please comment below or request through discord pm. Thank you.
  7. MonoBeast

    Well 1st... You show no profolio. So as far as the "customer" is concerned this could possibly be a scam. Best thing to do is show your profolio ---> Here <--- Give them a taste of what you can do. Secondly your prices are way to high. I do very good graphics and i don't even charge that much. However i haven't seen your work. Goodluck with your Graphics shop.
  8. MonoBeast

    Yea not bad, simple design but quality. I like it keep going.
  9. The link not showing the video is because he posted it here before it was finished uploading and processing on youtube. Just a minor edit to fix. Very nice video, loved the fact you thought 4Tril was 4Q lol Hope to see more and more homie!
  10. MonoBeast

    Well done, definitely improving from your last video!! Keep it flowing man !!
  11. 1. You may apply only once every 3 weeks. 2. You need to be a member of the forums for at least 1 month before applying. 3. Must fill out the entire format, or the application will be auto-declined. 4. All applicants need to have a post count of at least 20 posts on the forums before applying. 5. You may NOT ask other players to support your application 1. You need to have 100 + subscribers on your Youtube Channel. 2. You need to have at least 15+ Dreamscape Related Videos. 3. An average of 100 views on your videos. 4. Produce 2-3 videos every week. Name - In-game Username - Age - YouTube Channel Name/Link - How long have you been apart of Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums) - In-Game Time (Screenshot/Proof) - How many Dreamscape related videos do you have? - How many videos do you upload a week? - In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve the Youtuber rank - What would you do if you received it? - Have you been banned/muted/jailed before? If so, for what? - What could you add to the Youtube/Media part of Dreamscape? - What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape Youtuber? - Do you meet the requirements for becoming a Youtuber? - For More Information Regarding to become a YOUTUBER, Personal Message:@MonoBeast on forums/discord or in game.
  12. MonoBeast

    Yes i agree with @Bellatrix I feel as if there is more behind these images. Definitely is nice to see these. Keep them coming please <3
  13. Great video man! Your getting much better with your videos. You capitalized on the use of transitions and full screening which makes the video 100% better! Had commentary on more than half of the video which i love to see. Keeps everyone interested. You just gotta work on that mic issue. During your video the mic sounded different 3 seperate times. Not a big issue, however once that's fixed it will definitely make this video much better! I look forward to seeing more from you homie! Make sure you pm me on discord MonoBeast Media Manager#8150